Rain Net Worth: How does FaZe Rain make money?

Published: Oct 18, 2022 - Last Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Rain, or FaZe Rain, is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world and so you’re probably keen to know what Rain’s net worth is. So we’ve set up this handy guide that shows you how Rain makes his money from everything from his Call of Duty gameplay videos to his competing in esports tournaments with FaZe Clan. So take a look below to see what FaZe Rain’s net worth is.

Net Worth$3 million
Real NameNordan Shat
Date of Birth29 May 1996
Twitch Followers539,000
YouTube Subscribers5.36 million

faze rain net worth

Who is Rain?

Rain is a guy called Nordan Shat, who’s become famous for posting many gaming-related videos on YouTube. He is based in Los Angeles and is primarily known for playing Call of Duty and his awesome trick shots. As his fame spread, Rain became increasingly watched for his reaction and challenge videos.

Rain showed that he had the skills necessary to compete with the best, and so he was snapped up by the hugely popular esports team, FaZe Clan. This should have meant that Rain’s net worth could have rivalled the net worth of FaZe rug.

However, while there’s always a healthy audience for Rain’s vlogs, he has had a few problems with substance abuse and mental health in recent years. He had to leave the FaZe house and even spent several months in a wheelchair. Thankfully it looks like Rain is recovering well.

How does Rain make money?

Like most of the highest-paid gamers, Rain makes his money from various sources. Here’s a quick overview of how Rain’s net worth is generated:

YouTube revenues

Rain has clocked up well over one billion views on YouTube since he set up his channel in 2010. While it’s hard to estimate what his current earnings will be from YouTube, it’s fair to say that he should be earning thousands of dollars each month due to his popular gaming videos. Not bad for a bunch of videos about Call of Duty and vaping.

Esports team ownership

While Rain was booted out of FaZe Clan, he should still have made some money from the esports organisation. After all, he owned shares in the company, and this is one of the biggest esports teams in the world.

Sponsorship deals

Rain has also signed some pretty impressive sponsorship deals in his time. These have seen him linking up with major brands like G Fuel and FanDuel, which will have certainly added to Rain’s net worth.

Check back for more about Rain’s net worth

Rain is clearly a hugely popular YouTuber, and he’s made a fair amount of money in his time. While he’s still far from approaching anything like PewDiePie’s net worth, this young content creator still has massive potential in him. So keep it here to see where Rain’s net worth goes next!

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