How to Watch the Esports World Cup – Live Stream, Sites & More

Published: Jul 1, 2024

Watching a vast and thrilling esports festival such as the Esports World Cup may seem like a challenge for newcomers, which is why we’ve used our expertise to devise this guide on how to watch the Esports World Cup. Featuring sites, streams and more, don’t miss a minute of this record-breaking festival.

Esports World Cup Live Broadcast

EWC has 22 Esports Tournaments scheduled to take place between June 28th and August 25th, each one being broadcast to the entire world in a multitude of languages ripe for EWC betting.

Beyond the typical platforms of Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, the Esports World Cup Foundation has confirmed a partnership with DAZN. As a renowned sports streaming and entertainment platform, it’s also covering the eight weeks of action non-exclusively.

Here’s a list of the sites to consider for the Main Esports World Cup English broadcast:

EWC Hub – Secondary Streams

Over the eight weeks, there are multiple instances in which tournaments are overlapping or ongoing simultaneously. Therefore, we highly recommend being familiar with the Esports World Cup schedule.

Bearing this in mind, several secondary streams are available, categorized in terms of Qualifiers, Gold, Black and White. The following is a list of Twitch English broadcasts for these secondary streams:

The use of these streams depends entirely on the schedule.

How to Watch the Esports World Cup - Streams, Sites & More
Image Credits: DAZN EWC

Multiple Languages – Global Status

Of course, English is only one of many languages. If you fancy checking out other languages, here’s a list of all of the available Twitch broadcasts:

Esports World Cup Co-Streaming

In addition, beyond the official Esports World Cup channels, the esports festival has also opened its doors for co-streaming.

Any community streamer has the opportunity to watch along and entertain their viewers.

Match Highlights – TikTok And More

As the EWC announces more and more partners, TikTok has been revealed as a media partner, providing a quick way to skim through all the epic highlights.

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