launches their traditional sports betting option

Posted on April 26, 2021 - Last Updated on July 10, 2023
winnersbet-sports-betting, the online esports betting operator, has announced that they are expanding their services to offer a new range of betting and entertainment opportunities. They have launched their new traditional sports betting option that will allow their users to not only bet on popular esports betting games, but also bet on the likes of football, basketball, and soccer.

The new offering

They have already offered a smaller range of traditional sports betting opportunities in the past. Before the launch, they already featured 40 sports titles and over 200 popular sporting events for both pre-match and live betting. Now that they have fully launched the new feature, they have expanded beyond esports events and esports betting to become a fully featured online sportsbook.

According to the team behind their expansion into traditional sports betting, they are not stopping here. They have plans to continue to grow and expand the betting opportunities for their users. They claim that they want to offer their users exactly what they want. In a sense, they want their customers to dictate the future of their company.

They will be relying on customer feedback to decide what’s next when they are implementing future features. So, if you are a customer of, you should expect to have plenty of opportunities to provide feedback and suggestions that could potentially influence the future of your betting site.

Comment from COO COO Savak Limbuwala spoke about their new traditional sports betting product in a statement from the company:

“Although we remain an esports-focused brand, we fully understand that many of our customers also enjoy more traditional sports as well. In order to deliver on our aim to provide an unrivaled user experience, we are completing our product set with traditional sports betting after having launched with esports and recently having added casino games as well.

“It is very rewarding to reach this initial launch milestone and while we are all very pleased with what we’ve built here, there is so much more to come, and we look forward to users taking this journey with us.”

The future of is only one of four products offered by the WIN company. They also offer, an esports media platform that offers esports news, live scores and schedules, and a database with thousands of player and team entries. They have their Winners League, which is their own competitive esports league. Finally, they also offer, an affiliate network that offers reviews and information to fans looking for betting sites.

Despite their range of products, it is clear that and esports is their main focus. They began as an esports-only enterprise but as they expanded and grew, their focus changed, and they are slowly turning into a general sportsbook. This will be a good thing for their bottom line but for fans of esports betting who prefer to take their business to sites that focus on esports may be a little disappointed. Hopefully keeps their esports focus in the years ahead.

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