Prepaid Visa Online Gambling and Esports


If you have ever wondered about prepaid Visa online gambling in relation to esports, this short guide should be interesting. We’ll take a little bit of time here to fill in some details about what esports is, and how you can bet on it. We will also take a look at some of the issues around prepaid Visa betting and how you can get your hands on a prepaid Visa card. You can also pick up a few tips about how to find the best prepaid VISA esports betting sites, and how to bet successfully at them.

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What is esports?

Esports is competitive video gaming, which sounds nice and simple. In reality, the concept has become an international phenomenon, with millions of dollars spent on sponsorship and in prize money every year. Many esports players have become world-famous names, whose impact has become cultural rather than merely sporting.

The growth of esports betting

Obviously, humans being what they are, the growth of esports as an entertainment phenomenon has meant that more and more people want to bet on it. Betting has become an integral part of the sports industry over the last century, and it is no surprise that punters have seen plenty of esports betting opportunities.

Esports games

There are a number of video games that have become staples of the esports scene. When you are indulging in a bit of prepaid Visa online gambling these are the games that you are likely to see the most markets offered on. Obviously, as time goes on, more games are released, and they often become part of the esports scene as they grow in popularity. The number of Fortnite events is growing, for example.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Usually referred to as CS:GO, this multiplayer battle game gives players the chance to compete in teams to capture military objectives. Teams usually consist of four players, and there are two teams in a typical match.

Dota 2
Defense of the Ancients 2 is a game which is set in a universe similar to Warcraft. Teams of players compete to control heroes, destroy opposition bases and complete other combat-related tasks.

League of Legends
Another game based on the Warcraft universe, LoL features teams of players who control champions and have to destroy the opposition team’s Nexus, or base.

NBA 2k
This basketball game has started to make a real impression on the esports scene in recent years. The credibility of the competition is enhanced by the fact that the esports teams who compete are owned by NBA basketball clubs, like the Cavs Legion GC who have a relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Famous esports teams, tournaments, and players

As with any other sport, the teams and players are what makes esports what it is. Many of the top teams and players have large followings that go far beyond people who enjoy prepaid Visa online gambling.

There are plenty of players and teams for CS:GO betting when you are using your prepaid Visa. As you can read on our Bet365 review and other bookies will carry markets for matches involving teams like Liquid, with their star players nitr0, NAF, Stewie2k and Twitzz, or Astralis, with their players dupreeh, device and magisk. Big CS:GO tournaments include DreamHack, Star Series and the Intel Extreme Masters.

To get started with LoL betting events, look out for tournaments like the IPL Open, Big League and the SGC Open. Famous teams include 100 Thieves, who feature players such as Amazing, aphramoo, Bang and Soligo.

Dota 2
When it comes to defending the ancients, some of the biggest tournaments to bet on include the ESL One, the Adrenaline Cyber League and the MegaFon Winter Clash. You can back teams like PSG.LGD, who are linked to the Paris Saint Germain football club. Their iconic players include Ame, Chalice and Fye.

Esports Betting Sites in Germany

What is a prepaid Visa card?

Prepaid cards function in a very similar way to normal credit and debit cards. The significant difference is that you load money onto the card before it can be used to pay for anything. It is not linked directly to your bank account, like a debit card is. It also does not ‘lend’ you money in the same way that a credit card does. Once your card has been loaded up with funds, you can use it for prepaid Visa betting.

How to get a prepaid Visa card

You can find a range of options for obtaining a prepaid Visa card at Visa’s own website. There are other options available too. Once you have chosen a card, you need to provide some registration details and choose a way of funding the card. Different options are available depending upon which company is offering the card. Not all cards that carry a Visa logo are distributed by Visa themselves – some prepaid cards are available from other bodies, such as retail outlets and trade unions.

It is worth checking what fees, if any, are charged for you to use a prepaid card. Many prepaid cards charge their users a monthly administration fee, so it is a very good idea to see what the rates are like. Comparison websites can be a good way of checking these fees.
You also need to check that your card is valid for international use if you are planning on using bookmakers which are based outside your country of residence. Some cards may state that they are only valid for use in one country. Avoid this type of card if possible.

Good bookies for esports prepaid Visa online gambling

While the number of bookies offering esports markets has increased over the last couple of years or so, many bookies still carry only a limited range of markets when it comes to esports. There are some mainstream bookies where you can find a decent range of markets, though.
If you are using prepaid visa, Bet365 is one UK bookie which has some good esports markets available. Betway is another, with their commitment to esports being shown by their sponsorship of the Ninjas in Pyjamas team. There are also bookies who specialize in esports, and these are often based offshore.
So, if you want to bet using prepaid visa, Bet365, Betway, 10Bet, and Bet-at-Home are some of the mainstream bookies you can use. If you are looking for specialist esports bookies for your prepaid Visa betting, companies like Vulkanbet, Thunderpick, and are well worth a look. Pinnacle is another option.

Tips for esports betting with a prepaid VISA

Whatever type of betting you are indulging in, whether it is prepaid Visa online gambling at Visa betting sites or not, there are some principles it is important to remember. Here are three things that you need to keep in mind at all time when you are using prepaid Visa gambling sites.

1. Never get greedy

Greed is the enemy of the successful punter. When you start to get greedy the signs are often subtle. You might start wagering in £10 bets rather than £5 bets, for example, or start to back selections with ever-longer odds as you search for even bigger wins. This can soon see your losses start to mount up.

Once losses start to mount up you can soon end up trapped in a really negative cycle, where your losses increase so you place bigger bets at longer odds to ‘chase your losses’ and recover some money. This strategy hardly ever works and more often leads to disaster, as you continue to lose money that is never recovered. If you feel greed starting to influence your betting decisions it is probably a good time to stop and do something else.

2. Place several small bets rather than one or two big ones

While placing long odds bets with large stakes often seems like a good idea to inexperienced punters, betting veterans know that that a series of small bets can often bring greater rewards. Placing a series of small bets is also more entertaining, as you can follow several matches and look out for different results, rather than just waiting on one outcome. If you’re using Visa betting sites, your chances of taking home more winnings are increased by placing a series of small bets, rather than just relying on one big bet to bring in your winnings.

3. Never use betting to solve financial problems

This might seem obvious, but betting and gambling will not solve any financial issues you may be experiencing in your life. Indeed, if you are experiencing financial problems, any prepaid Visa betting that you may get up to will probably make the situation worse. If your problems are desperate then you need to seek help from elsewhere. If they have been caused by gambling then most bookmakers have information in their help sections about independent bodies that you can contact for help, advice, and support.


If you’re planning on using your prepaid visa at Bet365, Vulkanbet, Betway or any of the other bookies who offer plenty of esports markets, good luck! When you need some tips, hints or advice about your esports betting, make sure you come back to We have all the latest news and advice you need when it comes to esports betting. We look forward to seeing you here again soon!