PUBG Tournaments in 2022

PUBG is often considered the founding father of the battle royale genre. In recent years, the platform’s esports landscape has dwindled somewhat, but it’s still a valuable and exhilarating title. Every year, the best PUBG teams in the world fight on the grandest stages, securing millions of dollars in prize money. Today, we’re here to look at the PUBG tournament schedule for 2022, highlighting the best esports tournaments for your bets.

For 2022, there are four massive PUBG tournaments taking place, as well as a host of smaller events. There are also PUBG Mobile tournaments in the schedule, often accompanying the core PUBG events. Let’s break into the list and discuss the tournaments with the greatest potential.

Revealing the Roadmap

Before the end of 2021, the PUBG 2022 Esports Roadmap was revealed by the developers. It promised a packed schedule, comprised of the main PUBG tournaments throughout the year. When it comes to PUBG betting, these tournaments are packed with opportunities to make a little money.

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Firstly, fans of PUBG have been promised a grand return to form for the PUBG Continental Series. Last seen in October of 2021, the ‘PCS’ will undergo two seasons in 2022, with events being spread out all around the world. When it comes to PUBG tournaments, the PCS is one of the greatest, bringing with it a multi-million dollar prize pool. In April and September, four regions will compete in this tournament.

In between the PCS seasons sits the PNC, otherwise known as the PUBG Nations Cup. This prestigious tournament hasn’t been seen since 2019 when Russia secured the title and the $100k grand prize. This battle between nations is fought by 16 of the world’s best PUBG teams, and it’s a massively exciting esports tournament.

Finally, towards the end of 2022, there’s the PUBG Global Championship. This is arguably the grandest PUBG tournament in history, and in 2021, it came equipped with a staggering prize pool worth $4.3 million. It’s the perfect end to a full year of PUBG tournaments.

Moving on to Mobile

While the core PUBG experience is still relatively popular, the PUBG Mobile variant also receives a lot of attention. For every PUBG core tournament, there tends to be a PUBG Mobile tournament to back it up. However, there’s one PUBG Mobile tournament in the 2022 calendar that would have been unique, and that’s the 2022 Asian Games. At this event, hosted in China, Asian nations were to compete in a wide range of traditional sports.

However, as of May 2022, the Asian Games have been delayed until 2023.

Image Credit: China Daily

It’s akin to an Olympic Games event, but in 2023, esports is taking pride of place as a ‘medal category’. There will be opportunities for the best PUBG players in Asia to represent their country on an epic stage.

Alongside the PUBG Global Championship is the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, which takes on a slightly different format. This PUBG tournament is split up into two regions: East and West, with both coming together for the Grand Final stage. In January of 2022, we’ll see the Grand Final event for the 2021 Championship, with the 2022 season starting later on in the year. When it comes to PUBG Mobile betting, no tournament offers the coverage and opportunities that the PMGC does.

Many of the top PUBG Mobile tournaments are held in and around Asia. If you want to bet on PUBG tournaments live, then you’ll be best off waiting for the Global Championship to arrive, as many of the Asian tournaments are restricted when it comes to bets. For instance, in 2021, there were four seasons of the ‘Peacekeeper Elite League’, which boasted around $10 million in prize money. However, these tournaments were hosted exclusively within China, where esports betting is strictly forbidden.

Make the Most of your PUBG Bets

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In 2022, there’s no doubt that the PUBG schedule is dense, but how will the dwindling popularity of the game impact that fact? Recently, the internet has been wondering whether PUBG is dying, but right now, there’s no real answer to that question. If anything, the lucrative esports roadmap could help revive the platform and restore grandeur to the prolific battle royale title.

When it comes to making money from PUBG bets, you’ll need to identify the best esports betting site for your money. However, don’t limit yourself to just one, as it’s a great piece of advice to ‘diversify your portfolio’. If you place wagers with multiple platforms, you can take advantage of a mix of welcome offers and bonuses.

Ultimately, platforms like or Luckbox will offer you fantastic odds and markets for every PUBG tournament in the schedule.