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skillz-esports-betting-reviewAre you ready for a completely different type of esports betting experience? If you’re someone that values skill over luck and relishes the challenge of playing for cash prizes, we’ve got the answer. Known as and fusing the best bits of esports, online casinos and mobile gaming, this platform is a truly unique proposition.

Going live in 2012 and bringing more than 20,000 developers together under one platform, Skillz now home to 30 million gamers. Even with a mind-boggling number of customers, this operator is always willing to welcome fresh talent. If this review piques your interest, you can use our sign-up link to unlock a host of bonuses, including a $10 first deposit reward.

On top of this, you’ll be able to compete for $60 million in monthly prizes. However, before you do that, we need to give you the lowdown on what this operator is all about. So, without further ado, here’s our Skillz esports review.


On the surface, is an esports tournament and betting platform. However, in reality, it’s much more than that. Using patented technology, this platform has become a proverbial hub for all things competitive. Rated at one of the fastest-growing companies in the US by Inc. 500, Skillz distributes more than $60 million in prize money each money.

It does this through a site that rewards players based on skill rather than luck. In essence, takes the best bits of the casino industry – namely the prize money and gaming options – and fuses it with esports. This creates a system whereby players can compete against each other in games such 2048 Super Solitaire, 13 Cards Tournament, Jewel Blitz and Tac Tac Way. Then in the same way it is in the casino world, the winners take home a prize. However, and this is the important bit, skill is the major determining factor in the outcome of a contest, not luck.

To create a diverse platform capable of hosting more than 3.5 million tournaments each day, Skillz is open-source. Developers can create their own games, link them to the network and benefit from a wealth of sophisticated back-end technology and support. At the time of writing this review, more than 20,000 developers had games listed on the site.

To ensure everything is kept together in one neat package, Skillz works to uphold the following principles across its network:


If you’ve ever used an online casino site, you’ll feel comfortable with what has to offer. Like the best online casinos, you can download the app, log in and scroll through a lobby full of games. To make it easy to find what you’re looking for, there are category headings. Then, once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can hit the “get” button, download the relevant mobile app and find an opponent.

As we’ve said, Skillz has a patented algorithm that matches players. The idea behind this technology is that gamers of similar skill levels are pitted against each other. When players are evenly matched, the outcome is less predictable and, therefore, everyone has more fun. When you’re playing for cash prizes, it’s important not to feel like you’re being hustled by someone better than you. ensures this doesn’t happen.

© Skillz

Yes. The beauty of Skillz over online casino gaming sites is that luck doesn’t dominate. With that being the case, what you’re doing isn’t considered as gambling. The benefit for all concerned is that Skillz doesn’t have to worry about local gambling laws.

This doesn’t mean the company has free-reign to do as it pleases. Because real money is changing hands, it has to uphold certain standards with regards to safety, fairness and financial security. However, in general, this platform is legal in virtually every country around the world. As long as you’re aged 18+ and own a mobile device, you can join the party.

The only people that can’t play for real money are those in the following US states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, LA, MT, SC, SD, and TN. In those states, play money games are available but cash tournaments have been disabled to comply with local regulations. Additionally, if you’re in Indiana or Maine, you won’t be able to play cash tournaments that involve card games.


If you want, you can play Skillz games for free. In fact, what’s neat about this platform is that you don’t even have to create an account to join the action. Once you download a game, you can use a virtual identity and take on other free-play players. However, if you’re interested in making a few dollars, you’ll need to make a deposit. We’ll explain how to do that later. For now, let’s explain how you play.

© Skillz

1. Find a Game and Download It

First off, is a meeting place. By that we mean it doesn’t actually host any games. Instead, you go there, scroll through its list of options and then you click “get.” This directs you to your native app store (iOS and Android). From there, you can install the game.

2. Sign-Up and Deposit via the App

To create an account, you’ll need to do it via the app you’ve just installed. Basically, you can follow our Skillz sign-up link, choose your first game and then complete the registration process within that game.

The same goes for making payments, collecting bonuses and withdrawing your winnings. Everything you do happens inside an app. Skillz provides THE back-end technology into which developers plug-in their games. Once a mobile game is linked to the network, it’s open for business in the sense that it’s possible for you to compete against opponents and win prizes.

3. One Account, Thousands of Games

This set-up means you can log into your Skillz account via any connected app. Again, is the central hub. All of your details, account balances, results and achievements are stored within this database. Then, when you install a Skillz mobile app, your activity is tracked and recorded by the central hub. From there, this information is accessible via an app connected to the Skillz network.

4. Real Tournaments and Real Cash Prizes

That’s the technical bit out of the way. In practice, once you’ve installed a game on your mobile, you can buy into real money competitions using cash. Entry fees start from $0.60 but will scale up depending on the type of competition and your skill level.

In other words, more you stand to win, the more the game will cost. However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to play for real cash. What’s more, as we’ll explain in later sections, you can use bonuses and something known as Ticketz to reduce your costs.


Even though is known as an esports platform, it might not be what you’re used to. Instead of the MMOs and first-person shooters you see professionals playing, Skillz’s games are more recreational. In essence, this operator has tapped into the multi-billion-dollar mobile gaming market and found a way to make it competitive.

As we’ve already said, Skillz has an open-source platform, so developers from all genres can become part of the network. For you, this means there are literally thousands of games to choose from. Regardless of how experienced you are or the type of games you enjoy, there will be something you love. For example, during our review, we tried Pool Payday and Dunk A Lot.

These sports games require you to pot balls or make shots in order to score points. If you outpoint your opponent, you win the game and, therefore, some prize money. To reiterate a point we made earlier, you’ll always be matched with something with similar abilities. Skillz features smart algorithms that match players based on multitude of factors. Therefore, the games you play should be fair and competitive.

© Skillz

Only Install What You Like

The other beautiful thing about this platform is that you can choose what to install. If you join an online casino site, you often don’t have any say in what the app contains. In other words, you sign-up, download the casino app and accept whatever games it contains.

At, you get to be selective. Because games are downloaded individually, you can be as focused or as broad as you like. That, for us, is a real selling point because you get to play exactly what you want, whenever you want.

We can’t list every game Skillz offers simply because there are thousands to choose from. However, to give you an idea of what lies in store when you follow our sign-up link, here are some of the main categories:


Before we get into bonuses and promotions, we first need to talk about Ticketz. In simple terms, Ticketz are type of onsite currency that can be used to purchase bonuses and prizes. Ticketz are also used to determine your VIP status which, in turn, determines your multiplier. Whenever you play for free or real money, you’ll earn Ticketz. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you get credit for playing.

Ticketz are separate from your buy-in. So, if you pay $1 to enter a tournament, that cost is deducted from your cash balance. If you win a real money tournament, the prize is also credited to your balance in cash. Alongside any cash buy-ins and prizes, you’ll also earn Ticketz. For those of you that are familiar with the online casino world, Ticketz are like loyalty points i.e. you get them each time your active.


Ticketz credits are the main way to get something extra from However, it’s also possible to pick up bonus cash. These bonuses can’t be withdrawn. However, they can be used to offset the cost of buying into a real money tournament. When you’ve got an active bonus, 10% of it will be used to cover the cost of a buy-in.

For example, if a tournament costs $2 and you have a $10 bonus, $0.20 would be deducted from your bonus. The remaining $1.80 would be taken from your real money balance. If your real money balance can’t cover 90% of the buy-in, more will be taken from your bonus. However, under normal conditions, the 90:10 rule applies.

To sum up, the way to get added value at Skillz is to earn Ticketz and bonuses. The former can be used to buy prizes and bonuses. The latter will help you offset the cost of entering tournaments.

© Skillz


Skillz doesn’t have a standard welcome bonus. Instead, it runs time-limited and personalized offers. For example, during our review, we were able to get $10 by creating an account and purchasing credits. However, this was a time-limited offer, so we can’t say for sure that it will be the same when you join.

If you’re used to online casino bonuses worth hundreds, the size of the welcome bonus might be slightly disappointing. But, it’s important to remember that this is a very different proposition to any online casino out there. Indeed, when you play online casino games, you need a little bit of luck if you want to make a profit. Therefore, bonuses are much more important.

At, it’s all about skill, experience and a dash of good fortune. Because you’re not forced to rely on lady luck, you don’t need as much financial help. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t want anything extra. Everyone loves a freebie. Because of this, Skillz does offer a small reward for new players.


In the same way the Skillz welcome bonus will vary depending on when you join, the same goes for bonuses. The best way to describe the promo system at this site is random and personalized. Basically, once you create an account and start playing for real money, the promotions team will send you offers based on the types of games you play. These rewards will either be Ticketz or bonuses.

Another way to get more from Skillz – other than playing games or via promotions – is to win trophies. Once you complete an achievement, such as winning three cash games (a Hat Trick), you’ll receive a trophy. This trophy can be anything from Ticketz to bonuses or real cash.

Finally, Ticketz are also your ticket to VIP rewards. In tandem with personalized rewards, you can earn something extra by climbing the VIP ladder. In total, there are six rungs to this ladder and, the higher you climb, the better your multiplier becomes.


Everyone starts at Level 1 (Bronze). As you earn Ticketz, you’ll move up the ranks and improve your status. At each new level, you’ll unlock a bigger multiplier. This multiplier increases the number of Ticketz you earn after a tournament. Why is that important? Simple: the more Ticketz you earn, the more prizes and bonuses you can unlock.

For example, as a Bronze player, your multiplier will be 1X. In other words, you’ll receive the face value of however many Ticketz you earn. If you reach Level 6 (Black), anything you earn will be multiplied by 6X.

In this sense, Skillz VIP is like a traditional online casino loyalty scheme i.e. the more you play, the better the rewards become:

*Your balance resets at the end of every month. However, once you reach a new tier, you maintain that position the following month.


As we’ve already noted in this review, you earn Ticketz regardless of if you win or lose. Naturally, it’s better to win because you’ll earn more tickets and climb the ladder faster. However, the beauty of Skillz is that you’ll also get credit for being active. This makes the VIP scheme ideal for everyone.

Once you’ve collected enough tickets, you can spend them in the store. These “prizes” range from stickers to cars! The promo team is constantly adding new prizes to the list, so you’ll always have an incentive to be active.

As you’d expect, the more valuable a prize is, the more it costs. At the lowest level, you can get purchase a virtual sticker for 1,000 Tickets. Moving up the prize board, $5 in bonus cash will cost 80,000 Ticketz, while a Magic Bullet blender will cost 800,000. At the very top of the shop, you can buy a speedboat for 816 million Ticketz or go wild and get a Porsche Boxster for 1.74 billion!

Even if the prospect of collecting that many Ticketz is unrealistic, the fact you can play for a Porsche is fantastic. In comparative terms, this system is vastly superior to anything we’ve seen in esports betting or online casino gaming. What’s more, it’s a testament to the popularity and prowess of Skillz.


The final thing you need to know about is how to make deposits and withdrawals. If you’re happy to play for virtual credits, that’s fine. However, if you want to get the most out of this unique platform, real money games are where it’s at.

As a legal and registered business, Skillz uses the highest levels of protection when it comes to payments. Alongside SSL encryption software, you’ll be able to use your credit card or PayPal to deposit as little as $2.

To make a purchase, click on the trolly icon inside any Skillz-connected app. From there, you select your deposit amount ($2, $5, $10, $15 or $30), choose a payment method, and enter your details. Once the transaction has been authorized, the credits can be used to enter tournaments.

To make a withdrawal, click on your balance, enter the amount to cashout and confirm the transaction. In general, requests will be processed within 24 hours, which means you should receive your money within a few days.

OVERALL: SKILLZ.COM OFFERS A UNIQUE GAMING EXPERIENCE is a network like no other. Taking the best bits of esports, mobile gaming, and the casino industry and fusing them into one, the team at Skillz HQ have created something truly unique. Naturally, when you do something different, things can get confusing. That was certainly the case when we put together this Skillz review.

© Skillz

Because it falls outside of the norm, we had to wrap our heads around the system before we could get in and start playing. However, we hope our hard work means you don’t have to go through the same process. Yes, it may still take a little time to get comfortable with how things work. But, once you are comfortable, we think you’ll love what has to offer.


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