BLAST Premier Betting | A Betting Guide For The 2021 Season

Posted on February 4, 2021 - Last Updated on September 3, 2021

blast premier betsBLAST Premier is a professional CS:GO esports league launched in 2020. It is a direct successor to the BLAST Pro Series and represents one of the highlights of the CS:GO calendar year. The series itself is split into two different seasons, Spring and Fall, which feature a multitude of different tournaments. Each season lasts for roughly four months, ending with the respective season’s Finals. At the end of each year, the top teams from the season battle it out in the BLAST Premier World Finals. The league also features twelve partner teams that constitute the bulk of its participants.

Although primarily based on two specific regions (Europe and North America), the league has expanded as of late to include the emerging South America and MENA scenes.

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BLAST Premier betting is one of the biggest sources of revenue in the CS:GO calendar year, as the sheer size of the event, coupled with its massive following result in a betting bonanza for the duration of each respective BLAST event.

BLAST Premier Events

There are four different events yearly, with three of them being seasonal and the final one being the Global Finals. The first two events of the season feature big prize pools but mostly serve as a qualifier for the respective season’s Finals.

BLAST Premier 2021 Schedule

Event Dates
BLAST Premier Spring GroupsFeb 4 - Feb 14
BLAST Premier Spring ShowdownApril 13 - April 18
BLAST Premier Spring FinalJune 15 - June 20
BLAST Premier Fall GroupsAug 26 - Sep 5
BLAST Premier Fall ShowdownOct 12 - Oct 17
BLAST Premier Fall FinalNov 23 - Nov 28
BLAST Premier World FinalDec 14 - Dec 19

BLAST Premier Groups

The BLAST Groups are two seasonal events that are exclusive to partnered teams. The tournament features a $150.000 prize pool, with a total of twelve teams participating. Teams are split into three different groups out of which the top two teams advance to the BLAST Premier Finals, while the bottom two teams are sent to the gauntlet of the BLAST Premier Showdown.

The quality of teams participating is notably high, as the bulk of the best teams in the world are partnered with BLAST.

BLAST Premier Showdown

BLAST Premier Showdown are another two seasonal events and are the first tournament in the series where non-partnered teams are allowed to participate. Both invited teams and those that go through the gauntlet of the regional qualifiers are pitted against the bottom teams from Premier Groups

The tournament features a total of sixteen teams and a $162,500 prize pool, and because of the nature of it, can prove to be a big springboard for teams on their quest for the top. Pitted in a single-elimination bracket, only the two top teams advance further to the BLAST Premier Finals.

The nature of the tournament also means that there always are a number of upsets, so keep an eye out on BLAST Premier betting for those sweet underdog wins and value bets.

BLAST Premier Betting 2021
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BLAST Premier Finals

The BLAST Premier Finals are a set of seasonal events that represent the pinnacle of both the Spring and Fall seasons. After one of the toughest qualifying processes in esports, eight teams battle it out for a $425,000 prize pool and a spot at the coveted World Finals.

When it comes to CS:GO betting, the Premier Finals are one of the biggest events in the CS:GO calendar. Teams always tend to bring their A-game (unless we’re talking about Team Liquid), so every match either comes out as a war of wits or a classic bloodbath.

BLAST Premier World Final

The BLAST Premier World Final is the crown jewel of every CS:GO season, and each spot in the tournament is highly coveted. Featuring a $1,000,000 prize pool, and near-TI level bragging rights, it is THE place to be for every top CS:GO team. Apart from the two teams that qualify through the seasonal finals, winners of other prestigious non-BLAST Premier events and the top three teams from BLAST Premier Global Leaderboard earn the right to participate.

The BLAST Premier World Finals almost always give us the highest level of Counter-Strike play in a calendar year, as not even the creme de la cream aren’t guaranteed a spot at the event.

BLAST Premier Betting

When it comes to betting on the BLAST Premier series, we cannot emphasize the effect it has on the esports betting market. Fairytale stories are made at these events, while other teams can completely fall the pecking order and ultimately implode.

In this segment, we will discuss our favorite types of bets, and why they suit this event in particular.

1. Betting on match winners

This is pretty self-explanatory and is the most common way of betting on esports matches. But when it comes to BLAST Premier betting, odds don’t always tell the true tale. Underdog victories happen daily, so those value bets can come out as safe as betting on favorites in certain cases.

If you understand the style of play each team uses, their map picks, and take into account each team’s current form, odds in the range 2.50/+150 can be viewed as a shoo-in. If betting on favorites is the way to go for you, then look no further.

2. Betting on correct scores

Are you feeling lucky? Did you do all your homework and think NiP can take both Nuke and Inferno off of Astralis? Or do you think that the odds on Na’Vi are just too low in a series where everybody expects them to steamroll through their opponent?

Betting on the correct score can actually net you a healthier profit, and in a best-of-three series, a clean sweep isn’t that far from being possible. Although risky, betting on a specific scoreline is a great chance to improve your odds, or just go for that healthy value bet.

3. Betting on map totals

Betting on map totals is almost always going to give a good odd ratio, and a good return on your investment if you do your homework right. Analyzing each team’s map pool, their picks and bans, and ultimately how the teams stack up against one another can be safer than betting on an outright winner.

For us, betting on map totals mostly comes in when every sign points to the game being a full-length series. When two favorites are matched up against one another, the series goes the full distance more often than not, leaving space for a safe bet with really good returns.


BLAST Premier 2021 So Far

BLAST Premier Spring Groups

The BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021 marked the change of the guard in the CS:GO competitive landscape.

In Group A, Ninjas in Pyjamas pulled two huge upsets over the likes of Astralis and BIG to qualify for the Spring Finals, defying the CSGO odds pitted against them. Ultimately BIG came out on top of Group A after defeating NiP in the Grand Finals, but not before ending Astralis’ hopes of an easy seed in the Lower Bracket.

Group B continued with the upsets as we said goodbye to both French powerhouses. Group favorites  Team Vitality were shown an early exit after their losses to Complexity and Evil Geniuses, while G2 Esports lasted a round longer before getting eliminated by EG. With the French teams out of the picture, Complexity went on to win Group B with a clean victory over Evil Geniuses.

Group C went pretty much as expected unless we factor in FaZe Clan’s two clean sweeps over Team Liquid. Na’Vi dominated the group for the most part while Brazilian hopefuls MIBR are still trying to find their footing. In the end, Na’Vi bested FaZe for the second time during the tournament, with both teams punching a ticket for the Spring Finals.

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