Call of Duty World League Betting Tips & Strategy Guide

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Published: Aug 9, 2019 - Last Updated: Apr 15, 2024

The Call of Duty World League was discontinued in 2019 – For the latest info on CoD’s greatest event have a look here: Call of Duty League

Few esports events can compare to the Call of Duty World League! Created by the game’s publisher Activision, this competition launched in 2016 and remained a staple of professional CoD ever since. Activision is constantly raising the bar with format improvements, new Call of Duty game releases, and progressively growing prize pools.

The 2019 Call of Duty World League (or CWL) is played on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for PlayStation 4. It also features a total of $6 million in prize money spread out among different events, including a $2 million Call of Duty Championship in August. Moreover, the competition is set to switch to the franchising model with a set number of permanent high-level teams. Combine that with renowned esports brands like Envy and Splyce, and it’s hard to find a better environment for gambling!

Of course, jumping into the CoD scene headfirst can be overwhelming. The pro circuit is vast, and there are hundreds of players fighting for the right to win the ultimate Call of Duty competition. Which is exactly why we created an in-depth Call of Duty World League betting guide with the top teams and betting strategies for this event!

Call of Duty World League 2019 Betting Sites

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Visit Pinnacle to find the best available odds for the CoD World Cup 2019, or click on the table below.

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Call of Duty World League Format

Before we get to betting on Call of Duty World League, you need to learn a couple of things about this competition.  For starters, the CWL is split into Pro League and Championship. And your experience can be very different depending on which of the two you choose to follow.

CWL Pro League

The CWL Pro League is a global Call of Duty league organized and hosted by Activision, MLG, and Treyarch. The league starts with 16 professional CoD teams being split into two divisions of eight. Each team has to play two best-of-five matches against teams in its own division and a single match against teams in the other division, so the Call of Duty World League schedule is packed with high-level matches.

The CWL Pro League rewards teams with extra CWL Pro Points and monetary bonuses for winning their games, ensuring that players have all the incentives they need to bring out their A-game over the course of a five-month regular season.

Once everyone has played their games, the top-4 teams in each division advance to the CWL Playoffs. Meanwhile, the bottom-4 lineups clash with each other in the CWL Playoffs Play-In for the two remaining playoffs spots. There’s a lot on the line here, as the losers get eliminated from the competition, so every match turns into a do-or-die moment.

Still, it’s only in the playoffs that CWL Pro League truly reaches its peak. Only the top-10 CoD teams can make it this far, and every single one of them is capable of displaying incredible synergy and pulling off spectacular outplays. On top of that, the playoffs follow a double elimination format, so even if a team drops a series, it can still run it back through the loser’s bracket. The grand final turns the action up to eleven, as the two remaining teams battle each other for the trophy and a chunk of the 7-figure prize pool. And it’s this mixture of high stakes and high-level gameplay that makes the Pro League Finals into one of the best times for betting on Call of Duty World League.

CWL Championship

The CWL Pro League might be impressive, but it’s still not the pinnacle of CoD esports. Enter the CWL Championship, an annual Call of Duty tournament created for the sole purpose of determining the strongest team in the world. All 16 CWL Pro League teams are invited to this event. They’re joined by the top 16 amateur CoD teams that made it through the grueling CWL Finals Open Bracket.

Gfinity Call Of Duty World 2017
© Gfinity | UK Call of Duty World League 2017

The tournament kicks off with the round-robin group stage. All participants are split into groups of four, but only the top-2 teams can make it to the next stage. This turns every best-of-five into a battle to the death, as each team is looking to get as many wins as possible to secure a bye to the knockout stage. It also opens up countless betting opportunities, and you can expect to find good Call of Duty World League odds for this part of the event.

Once the dust settles, it’s time for the knockout stage. Just like the Pro League, the CWL Championship utilizes a double elimination bracket. The stakes are much higher, though, and no one wants to end up in the loser’s bracket before the final few rounds of the knockout stage. The CWL Championship comes to an explosive conclusion with the grand finals that can take up to three best-of-five series to resolve. And when you consider that the last team standing claims the title of the World Champions, it’s easy to see why the CWL Championship holds a special place in our Call of Duty World League betting guide!

Betting on Call of Duty World League: Choosing the Right Site

Alright, so you’ve learned your way around Call of Duty World League. Now what? The simple answer is that you need to find a betting site. A good esportsbook can act as a solid foundation for your wagers, but a bad one can chip away at your bankroll before you even place your first bet. We’ve already outlined the best operators in terms of odds at the top of our Call of Duty World League betting guide, but here are a couple of other sites if you want to consider other factors.

1. Most Well-Rounded: Betway

If you’re looking for the most versatile platform, you can’t go wrong with Betway: read our Betway review for more insights. This esportsbook greets its customers with a €30 free bet bonus, which is a perfect welcome bonus for anyone that wants to try their hand at exports betting without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. Moreover, Betway is renowned for its market variety and tournament coverage, so you should have no issues betting on most matches in the Call of Duty World League schedule.

2. Best For Live Betting: ArcaneBet

Another option to consider is ArcaneBet. This site made a name for itself as an esports-focused platform, and its 100% deposit bonus up to €100 is one of the best welcome offers you could get. The design is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the broad live betting section will satisfy even the pickiest gamblers. Combine that with extensive CoD coverage, and ArcaneBet deserves a special place in our Call of Duty World League betting guide. Read more about this esportsbook on our ArcaneBet review.

Get up to €200 Bonus with ArcaneBet

3. Best For Odds: Pinnacle

Pinnacle isn’t a fancy bookmaker. It lacks many important features like 24/7 customer service, live betting options, and welcome bonuses. Yet, few esportsbooks can keep up with its odds. Pinnacle is renowned for its ability to continuously deliver excellent odds to its customers. And while not every single offer you find here will be the best one on the market, you can certainly find generous Call of Duty World League odds on this platform. Everything you need to know about Pinnacle for esports, you’ll find it here in our Pinnacle review.

Call of Duty World League Betting Tips

Knowing the best Call of Duty betting sites is great, but that’s not enough to turn you into a winning bettor. This is where a gambling strategy comes in. Every veteran gambler knows that you need to follow a certain process to become successful in the long run. And while some steps of this process depend on the person, there are 3 universal Call of Duty betting tips you can follow to improve your game right now.

1. Do Your Homework

Behind every successful CoD bet, there is information. Whether it’s team playstyles, player tendencies, or innovative tactics, you need to know your way around the pro scene if you want to make educated gambling decisions. And that means following the discussion on the competitive CoD subreddit, keeping up with head-to-head records on the CoD esports wiki, and staying up to date with the stats at The data is already out there. You only need to find the right way to use it.

2. Widen Your Options

Having the most relevant data is great for identifying the strongest teams, but that isn’t always enough to make a winning wager. After all, betting on heavy favorites often means that your Call of Duty World League odds will be so low that it’s not worth the risk. At times like these, you need to widen your options. Sure, an outright match winner bet might not bring you a great return on your investment, but you can easily work around that by finding a better deal among other markets. Or, better yet, take advantage of live betting.

Even the best teams in the world can drop a game in a Bo5 series, but the odds will be much higher when they’re down 0-1. And betting on them in these spots can be very profitable in the long run. These are just a couple of ways to extract more value by thinking outside of the box, and there are many more out there.

3. Reflect on Your Errors

No gambling strategy is ideal. Even the most veteran gamblers can falter because they didn’t read the situation well. The best way to combat this is to analyze your betting history. Ask yourself why you made particular wagers and whether you let emotions get involved in the process. There’s nothing wrong with betting on Splyce if they’re your favorite team, but don’t be surprised if you end up losing money in the process. A long-term winner needs to be cool, calm and collected. And it’s this kind of analytical thinking that you should take away from our Call of Duty World League betting guide.

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