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Posted on June 13, 2023

The Call of Duty League Championship is one of the biggest esports tournaments around today, boasting a massive prize pool worth $2,380,000. As an esports title, Call of Duty remains remarkably popular, boasting millions of fans from all around the world and featuring some of the biggest names in esports history. It boasts a legacy that stretches back more than ten years, with a world championship event taking place every year. Today, we’re here to look at this year’s tournament, breaking down the CDL Championship betting predictions.

Without a doubt, this is the most valuable tournament in Call of Duty esports. If you’re a fan of COD betting, you’ll simply need to read through these top CDL Championship betting predictions. For this tournament, you’re best off placing bets with GG.BET, without a doubt.

CDL Championship 2023 Format

For the top eight teams in the Call of Duty League, victory awaits at the end of an intense, double-elimination, best-of-five tournament, with a massive $2,380,000 prize waiting for the ultimate winner.

If you’re new to esports betting, you couldn’t hope for an easier tournament to understand. It all begins with the ‘top bracket’, where all teams play their opening fixture. At this point, every losing side will drop down into the ‘lower bracket’, where they’ll have one final chance to redeem themselves. If they lose again, they’re ejected from the competition, but provided one team keeps winning, they’ll eventually make it back to the Grand Final.

At the final event, it’ll be the winner of the lower bracket versus the winner of the top bracket, fighting it out to decide who will be crowned the victor.

CDL Championship 2023 Schedule

CDL Championship Betting 2023

Taking place over one exciting weekend, the predictions are short and sweet for this event. Running across 15th and 18th June, only 8 teams are participating in this incredible Call of Duty League betting opportunity – this simplicity makes it a great opportunity.

Here are the confirmed fixtures so far, with more matches being arranged following the result of these particular fixtures:

Thursday, June 15th – Winners Round 1

  • New York Subliners vs Minnesota Rokkr (21:00 CEST)
  • Atlanta FaZe vs Seattle Surge (22:30 CEST)

Friday, June 16th – Winners Round 1

  • OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach (00:00 CEST)
  • Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Thieves (01:30 CEST)

Following the opening fixtures, the board will be set and the teams primed for the fight of their lives. It’s an intense tournament from start to finish, and more people will tune in to this event than any other Call of Duty tournament throughout the rest of the year. Ultimately, there’s a massive $2.38m prize pool on the line, and fortunately for the competitors, nobody will walk away empty-handed. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1st Place: $1,000,000
  • 2nd Place: $660,000
  • 3rd Place: $320,000
  • 4th Place: $160,000
  • 5th-6th: $80,000
  • 7th-8th: $40,000

CDL Championship Betting Preview

CDL Championship 2023
Image Credits: CDL

At the Call of Duty League Championship tournament, there will be eight teams competing to be crowned the ultimate victor. When it comes to CDL Championship 2023 predictions, it might seem easy at first to guess who that might be. However, the CDL 2023 season has been remarkable unpredictable, and in some ways, it has been the most balanced season we’ve seen for many years.

As always, the regular season was periodically punctuated by Major tournaments. These events carried with them considerable prize pools, with teams attending LAN events to play out an entire event on a grand stage in front of thousands of fans. In the 2023 CDL season, there were five Majors, each of which was won by a different team:

  • Major 1: New York Subliners
  • Major 2: Atlanta FaZe
  • Major 3: Toronto Ultra
  • Major 4: Los Angeles Thieves
  • Major 5: New York Subliners

While performances at Majors are important, they weren’t the only part of the season. Each Stage involves online qualifier matches where teams earned CDL Points.

It’s thanks to these CDL Points that teams earned one of the eight coveted spots at CDL Champs this season.

Overall, a general takeaway is that predictions have been tough this year, considering how competitive the scene is – at any time it seems that six teams are competing for the title.

From the season, two teams stand out:

  • New York Subliners – the only team to win two Majors this season, a feat no team has managed in the past season.
  • FaZe Clan – the only team to make it to every Major Sunday, being the most consistent team in the league.
  • Los Angeles Thieves – the same team which won CDL Champs – your defending champions

While four teams couldn’t make it after not accumulating enough points by Major 5, eight managed. Here are the eight teams that have made it to COD Champs this year, ranked by their CDL Points:

Regular Season RankingFranchiseCDL Points
#1Atlanta FaZe385
#2 OpTic Texas320
#3New York Subliners320
#4 Toronto Ultra305
#5Los Angeles Thieves285
#6Minnesota Rokkr220
#7Boston Breach 190
#8Seattle Surge190

For a safe bet, it’s worth still backing Atlanta FaZe, but OpTic Texas are also frontrunners for the grand prize. However, as with any Call of Duty tournament, you can’t count out the underdogs, which in this case would be the Boston Breach and Seattle Surge according to the Call of Duty odds.

CDL Championship Odds

When it comes to Call of Duty betting, no event is bigger than the CDL Championship 2023. For this tournament, we’re massively recommending the use of GG.BET for all your Call of Duty League betting needs, as it truly is a one-stop shop for the tournament.

According to GG.BET the outright winner odds, on 13th July 2023, looked a little something like this:

TeamOutright Odds by GG.Bet
Atlanta FaZe3.0
OpTic Texas4.25
Toronto Ultra4.5
New York Subliners5.5
Los Angeles Thieves6.0
Boston Breach 26.0
Seattle Surge34.0
Minnesota Rokkr51.0

When you’re betting with GG.BET, you’ll have the opportunity to pick many more markets outside of simple outright winners. For instance, there will be match-focused markets like map counts, first blood, and player-specific specials. It’s a diverse platform that boasts many advantages to bettors.  If you’re interested in making a little money on the CDL Championship, GG.BET really is one of the best esports betting sites on the market.

CDL Championship Betting Predictions

CDL Championship 2023
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Honestly, it could go either way among the eight teams featured in the roster. Let’s discuss the potential chances for each of the CDL Championship teams involved:

  • Atlanta FaZe has proven once again that they are the best team in the league, regardless of whether fans agree or not. With a new leader, this FaZe team looks to be in their best form after improving on all of their game modes, while many would describe his loss at Stage V Major to be a blunder rather than them falling short.
  • OpTic Texas boasts some of the best Call of Duty players in the world, however they’ve never really shown up this year, placing second twice at Majors so far. With a rollercoaster roster, this is their last opportunity to redeem their season.
  • Boston Breach continue their attempt to improve their young roster, but a number of questionable roster changes has confused the community. Signing a rookie at the last opportunity before CDL Championship, nobody knows how this team ranks right now.
  • Seattle Surge are perhaps the worst team heading to CoD Championship 2023, considering that they’ve only beaten one team offline in 2023 – they’re expected to finish last unless their star players can turn things around.
  • LA Thieves are feared and respected, but they’re not in the same place as last season. Yes, this team has proven to have the potential, breaking the notorious ‘Champs Curse’, but individual performances will make or break their chances at CDL Champs this year.
  • Toronto Ultra are one of the most exciting prospects of 2023. After making an impressionable roster change in the beginning of the season, Ultra have remained ultra, with their two rookies taking over the competitive season in their debut seasons.
  • New York Subliners have been suggested to be the best Call of Duty team in the world after winning the Stage V Major. Historically, the team that wins the final regular season Major tends to win CDL Championship – can New York Subliners rise up to the opportunity?
  • Minnesota Rokkr made it to CDL Champs thanks to their impressive Stage V performance, but how far can they go as the lowest seed? As the darkhorse of the competition, Rokkr is very tough to predict here, but will likely not make it too deep.

Regardless of which team you’re backing, consider placing your wagers on GG.BET. It’s a top-tier betting platform that hosts markets for the best COD tournaments, and that includes the Call of Duty League Championship. It’s as simple as signing up on the platform, funding your betting wallet, and placing some wagers.

How To Watch The CDL Championship 2023

As with the entire Call of Duty League tournament, the CDL Championship will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch:

  • Watch the Call of Duty League Championship Live – YouTube –
  • Watch the Call of Duty League Championship Live – Twitch –

The competition commences on the 15th June, and by the end of the 18th of June, the 2023 World Champion will be crowned.

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