CDL Championship 2021 Predictions

Posted on August 16, 2021

Call of Duty has been one of the most popular esports platforms for more than a decade. It boasts a following of millions of fans from around the world, and it features some of the biggest names in esports history. In 2013, the first-ever Call of Duty Championship was held, played on Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This inaugural event was astounding, but today, we’re here to discuss the CDL Championship 2021 predictions.

Since 2013, the Call of Duty Championship has evolved and adapted to an ever-changing landscape. Every year, the Championship is played on a different title, with 2021’s iteration taking place on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. This competition is the most valuable Call of Duty tournament in existence, boasting a prize pool of more than $5 million. Ultimately, the grand winners are crowned the champions of the world, and the players in question win a coveted ‘ring’.

Without further ado, let’s break down the competition and discuss the CDL Championship 2021 predictions.

CDL Championship 2021 Format

In 2019, the event was known as the Call of Duty World League. In 2020, it evolved to become the Call of Duty League – thus changing the official title to the Call of Duty League Championship. Although it bears a different name, the premise of the CDL Championship has mostly remained the same over a series of years.

There’s a regular competition that takes place among a number of gifted and skilled teams, which ultimately determines who competes in the Championship. This regular season spans several months, and throughout it, teams acquire points that determine their ranking when the CDL Championship rolls around.

Unfortunately, for the bottom-most four teams in the Call of Duty League table, the dream ends before they can reach the CDL Championship 2021. However, for the eight top teams, a double-elimination Bo5 tournament commences, with a $2.5 million prize pot up for grabs.

It couldn’t be more simple – teams competing in the loser’s bracket can only lose once before they’re removed from the competition. If a team is competing in the winner’s bracket, they have a slight ‘cushion’, as they can lose one match before falling down into the loser’s bracket. When it all comes to a close, it’ll be the winner of the loser’s bracket, versus the victor of the winner’s bracket – this makes up the Grand Final.

CDL Championship 2021 Schedule

Image Credit: Twitter (Call of Duty League)

The CDL Championship 2021 predictions are made much easier when you understand the upcoming schedule. This year, the action will commence on the 19th of August, and it’ll run through to the Grand Final on the 22nd of August. It’s a rapid-fire weekend that promises to be massively exciting for fans the world over. It’s also a particularly tasty schedule for Call of Duty League betting.

Here’s the confirmed schedule so far, with more matches being arranged following the result of these particular fixtures:

Thursday, August 19th

15:00 EST: Minnesota Rokkr vs. Dallas Empire

16:30 EST: New York Subliners vs. OpTic Chicago

18:00 EST: TBD vs. Los Angeles Thieves

19:30 EST: TBD vs. Florida Mutineers

Friday, August 20th

15:00 EST: TBD vs. Toronto Ultra

16:30 EST: TBD vs. Atlanta FaZe

As the competition unravels, the play will become more exhilarating and intense. After all, the grand prize is an eye-watering sum of money – $1.2 million to the ultimate victor. However, for the CDL Championship 2021 season, nobody walks away empty-handed. Here’s the breakdown:

1st Place: $1.2m

2nd Place: $650k

3rd Place: $300k

4th Place: $150k

5th-6th: $75k

7th-8th: $25k

CDL Championship 2021 Preview

There are eight teams competing to be crowned the best Call of Duty competitors in the world. When it comes to CDL Championship 2021 predictions, it might seem easy at first to guess who that might be. However, the CDL 2021 season has been unpredictable, and a few twists have arisen in the closing weeks of the competition.

Throughout the regular season, the play was periodically punctuated by Major Tournaments. These events boasted considerable prize pools and massive gains for those who reigned supreme. In the 2021 CDL season, there were five Majors, with the winner’s structure looking something like this:

Major 1: Atlanta FaZe

Major 2: Toronto Ultra

Major 3: Atlanta FaZe

Major 4: Atlanta FaZe

Major 5: Minnesota Rokkr

Now, on paper, it might seem as though Atlanta FaZe has this competition exactly where it wants it. However, that might not necessarily be the case, as you can never tell what upsets are waiting just around the corner. In Major Five, Atlanta FaZe’s dreams were dashed by the lowest team in the CDL table, Seattle Surge. Minnesota Rokkr, a team that had remained fairly docile throughout the season, stormed irrevocably to a massive victory.

As we enter the CDL Championship 2021 weekend, we’re left with a considerable dilemma. To put it simply, every single team competing has a fantastic chance of picking up the ultimate prize. While Dallas Empire is the reigning champion in the Call of Duty League, every other team is vying for that crown.

Across four days of intense competition, we’ll see FaZe, OpTic Chicago, Mutineers, Dallas, LA Thieves, Rokkr, NYSL, and Ultra fight desperately for the Championship. Since 2013, only Dallas Empire and OpTic have claimed a World Championship victory.

CDL Championship 2021 Odds

When it comes to Call of Duty betting, no event is bigger than the CDL Championship 2021. With that in mind, an experienced esports bettor stands to win a princely sum of money – provided their wagers are accurate. In the CDL Championship 2021 event, only one team will walk away with that grand prize… Who will it be?

According to the likes of Betway, Bet365, and, Atlanta FaZe is the favourite team to win. There are odds circulating of around 1.95 for FaZe to win. At the other end of the spectrum sits the Florida Mutineers, the underdog, outsider team with odds of 67.00 to win.

Bizarrely, Dallas Empire, the reigning champion, is a mid-table side in the competition. The odds of Dallas Empire winning the CDL Championship 2021 are floating around 9.00 to win. It’s quite a comedown for the team that was just a year ago crowned a world champion side.

When the tournament launches, there will be many more esports betting markets made available. If you’re interested in making a little money on the CDL Championship, track down one of the best esports betting sites and place a few wagers.

CDL Championship 2021 Predictions

Image Credit: Call of Duty League

Honestly, it could go either way among the eight teams featured in the roster. Let’s discuss the potential chances for each team involved:

Atlanta FaZe has been dominant through the regular season but fell remarkably short in the final Major.

Toronto Ultra was one of just three teams to claim a Major and has remained fairly consistent since.

OpTic Chicago has had a very inconsistent season, exhibiting some massive flaws, but the team has pulled it together ahead of the CDL Championship 2021 event.

Dallas Empire started strong and gave Atlanta FaZe a run for its money, but some late-season roster changes presented internal issues that led to a lack in performance.

Florida Mutineers is probably the weakest team on the table, and it enters the CDL Championship 2021 as the lowest-ranked side in the CDL standings. That being said, there is a potential for this team to pull off a huge upset.

LA Thieves was brand new to the CDL this season, and honestly, it hasn’t wowed audiences on a regular basis. It’s a mid-table side that could express a little dominance, but it’s unlikely.

Minnesota Rokkr took the world by storm when it devastated the competition in the final Major Tournament. That kind of morale boost, motivation, and momentum is unmatched, and it could carry the team into another victory.

New York Subliners entered the CDL 2021 season as a broken team, and quickly became a contender for the top three. However, a lacklustre performance in the closing weeks has sowed a little doubt among Subliners fans.

Ultimately, it seems extremely likely that Atlanta FaZe will win the CDL Championship 2021 event. This year, the team has put up one of the greatest win/loss records in Call of Duty history, and the roster is utterly superb. If Atlanta FaZe puts up a good enough fight, it’ll need to play just three matches to grab a victory. When the competition opens, it’ll be a bout against either NYSL or OpTic Chicago, both of whom have already been dominated by Atlanta FaZe.

How To Watch The CDL Championship 2021

As with the entire Call of Duty League tournament, the CDL Championship will be streamed live on YouTube. It has been the official home for the CDL since February, and the action will be made free and available for all from start to finish.

Watch the Call of Duty League Championship Live.

The competition commences on the 16th of August, and by the end of the 22nd of August, the 2021 world champion will be crowned.

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