DreamLeague Season 14 Predictions

Posted on January 17, 2021 - Last Updated on April 22, 2021

With the DPC league system set in stone, DreamLeague has emerged as the premier battleground for Europe’s finest teams. Spread into the Upper and Lower division, some of the best European teams will battle it out for a total 280,000$ prize pool and a spot at the Major playoffs while others will fight for promotion and against relegation.

With the European Dota 2 scene emerging as arguably the world’s best (and most competitive) in the last year’s COVID stricken season, the DreamLeague Season 14 is looking poised to provide thrilling matches that will have you on the edges of your seats, and who knows, maybe a Cinderella story here and there.

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As mentioned before, the league will be spread into the upper and lower divisions. The top teams from the upper-division will duke it out for 205,000$, with the eventual winners qualifying for the Major Playoffs, runners-up earning a place in the Major Group Stage while the third and fourth place will have to settle for a Major Wild Card.

It should be noted that the bottom two teams from the upper-division will be relegated to Season 2’s lower division, thereby hindering their chances to qualify for The International.

The Lower Division, although less prestigious, is looking as even as it gets. Although the league features a 75,000$ pool, it could prove to be a springboard for teams heading forward, as the two top-ranking teams will earn themselves a spot in Season 2’s upper-division. The bottom two teams will be eliminated from the league system entirely.

With the Dota 2 ecosystem finally recuperating from last season, the new and improved league system promises to give up-and-coming teams a chance to defy the odds and achieve success as they’ve never had before.

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Meet the teams

With a wide array of teams, ranging from former TI champs to brand new pubstacks in the mix, DreamLeague is looking like the perfect mishmash of everything a tournament needs to achieve epic status in Dota 2’s competitive history.

As the tournament features a wide array of teams of different calibers, let’s see how they stack up against each other in our official power rankings.

Upper Division

1. Team Secret

Team Secret broke countless records during the first half of the covid stricken 2020 season. Although the team faltered as the season progressed, culminating in a (by their standards) disappointing 5-6th place finish at EPIC League, Secret still is a force to be reckoned with.

2. OG

OG is hands down the ultimate paradox in competitive Dota 2. While OG plays the group stages with what at times seems to be minimal effort, they’re nearly unstoppable when it comes to big game matches. Expect OG to once again have a slow start to their group stage, and blow away the competition as the tournament progresses forward.

3. Team Liquid

Always seen as a fringe top-three team in the European scene, Liquid has evidently got their bearings together as of late. Once known for their hot and cold play, Liquid has seemingly found its rhythm, backed by its top-four finishes in their last three tournaments in a row. The team has a tendency to underperform during the group stages of tournaments but have also played their hearts out when it mattered the most.

4. Vikin.gg

Vikin.gg was, alongside Virtus Pro, the biggest surprise of last season. Arising from relative anonymity, the international stack has climbed to the very top of European Dota, culminating in a third-place finish at EPIC League. With the team making no changes to its roster, it could finally be time for Vikin.gg to cement its place among Europe’s finest.

5. Team Nigma

Kuroky’s boys had a lackluster second half of 2020 which saw them fall out of Europe’s top-three for the first time since the roster came into fruition. After falling out of Epic League in the first round playoffs, Nigma did bounce back with a third-place finish at OGA Dota PIT Season 4, but are still a far cry from the team that once dominated international Dota.

6. Alliance

Although showing hints of brilliance, Alliance is a roster that’s still a tier below Europe’s finest. The team dominated the tier 2 scene in Epic League’s Division 2, but left a lot to be desired when faced against premier competition. We can never count Alliance out, but their odds are looking fairly slim against the top teams heading into DreamLeague Season 14.

7. Chicken Fighters

The former Ninjas in Pjyamas roster has also had a rough past season, culminating in NIP shutting down its Dota 2 division due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Truth be told, Chicken Fighters are a below average squad compared to Europe’s cream of the crop. They will most likely be battling to avoid relegation.

8. mudgolems

Mudgolems emerged as Europe’s best unsigned stack during the latter half of last year, but the departures of Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara and Duško “BoraNija” Boranijašević has raised questions about team synergy. Although Leon “Nine” Kirilin and Malthe “Biver” Winther are ample substitutes, mudgolems barely made it to the Upper Divison, and are more than likely stuck in the same boat as Chicken Fighters.

DreamLeague Season 14 – Our predictions

OG is looking primed to take the first tournament of the year, and are the heavy favorites in our eyes. If Team Secret can recover from its slump, they could be on equal footing with OG, but only time will tell.

OG Dota 2

Vikin.gg look as a good value bet, and the biggest dark horse heading into the tournament. The team has proven time and time again that they’ve got what it takes to duke it out with Europe’s very best and come out on top.

And finally, it seems as though only a miracle could save Chicken Fighters and mudgolems from avoiding relegation, as both teams are looking severely outclassed by the rest of the competitors.

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