Best Valorant Teams in 2024: The Top 10 Valorant Pro Teams in the World

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Published: Apr 1, 2024 - Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024

Valorant has become one of the most popular first-person shooters today, with the best Valorant teams cementing themselves in the history books. Valorant has achieved such success in record time, and despite still being relatively new, the game’s esports scene has developed into something massive with the release of the Valorant Champions Tour. With the Valorant scene thriving, we’re seeing more and more Valorant teams come into the spotlight. Here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Valorant teams from all around the world.

Which are the top Valorant teams in 2024?

Moreover, if you want to bet on Valorant, we have to take a look at both the history of teams and any recent roster changes.

In addition, it’s essential to be familiar with what the VALORANT tournament structure for 2024 looks like, with teams divided into regional partner leagues ahead of international tournaments.

We’re basing our top 10 list of best Valorant teams in the world with our own subjective criteria for the ongoing 2024 VALORANT season. As the season progresses, this list will be updated accordingly.

10. Team Liquid

team liquid
Image Credits: Team Liquid

Heading into 2023, Team Liquid were looking like a top team. Following a rough start, they managed to conquer the VCT EMEA League with a super win over Fnatic.

Yet, the team faltered at Champions with a very disappointing 13-16th VALORANT Champions 2023 finish.

Considering this finish, the roster has rebuilt itself, bringing on established talent such as “Enzo” and “Mistic” – players who have been on Fnatic.

9. T1

T1 Best LoL Teams
Image Credits: T1

Compard to FUT Esports, T1 has a very similar storyline over in the Pacific League.

Following a third place finish at VCT Pacific, and top 10 finishes internationally, the roster is hoping to improve in 2024.

To do so, they’ve signed more talent from Asia, together with a curious Tier 2 signing of North American Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo. If “Sayaplayer” shows up for 2024, this team could be deadly.

8. Natus Vincere

valorant pro team navi
Image Credits: Natus Vincere

High expectations and dreams surrounded the Natus Vincere roster once it was assembled ahead of the 2023 VCT roster.

Following a promising start to the season, and finishing 4th at the EMEA League, Na’Vi bombed out at the two international tournaments.

Specifically, considering the incredible talent on this team, placing 9-12th at Champions and Masters Tokyo was a bitter disappointment.

Now, in the season, they reformed the most of the former FunPlus Phoenix roster by signing “ardiis”.

7. NRG

best valorant teams
Image Credits; NRG

North American VALORANT fans were absolutely deflated after NRG’s embarrassment at VALORANT Champions. Not only did they lose to Bilibili Gaming, an unknown team from China, they did so twice in a row!

So despite finishing 2nd at the VCT Americas League and 4th at VCT Masters Tokyo, they finished the season with a bitter taste.

To rebuild, they’ve signed two players from the Evil Geniuses World Championship roster, Ethan and Demon1 together with Marved from Sentinels. This team looks good on paper – could be great.

6. EDward Gaming – Best VALORANT Teams 2024

Edward GamingBest VALORANT Teams 2024
Image Credits; EDward Gaming

The surprise of the 2023 season was definitely EDward Gaming.

After opening the doors to China, EDward Gaming proved Riot Games’ faith in the region. 

Of note, their 5-6th finish at VCT Masters Tokyo was the first episode which blew the community away, as the team demonstrated their incredible skill and teamwork.

Repeating this performance at VALORANT Champions, the promising team has stuck together for 2024 and are still deadly, repeating their performance with a 5-6th finish at VCT Masters Madrid.


loud best valorant teams
Image Credits: LOUD

Last season, this dominant team finished on top of the VCT 2023 Americas League and third at VALORANT Champions 2023.

In the off-season, despite a good performance, the team was seemingly flooded with dram – resulting in their incredible duelist, Erick “aspas” Santos, parting ways with the organization.

In his stead, Gabriel “qck” Lima joined and helped them earn a spot at VCT Masters Madrid, where they ended up placing fourth while experimenting with a strange composition involving Phoenix and Skye.

Luckily, individual performances helped push this team forward.

4. Paper Rex

paper rex valorant team
Image Credits; Paper Rex

Historically the best VALORANT team in the Pacific region, Paper Rex tend to fall short on the international stage.

Yet, they were bested at VCT Pacific by their new rivals, Gen.G Esports. Despite acknowledging their underperformance, they still managed to pull off a respectable 4th place finish at VCT Masters Madrid, falling only to Sentinels in 3-2 fashion.

Now, with the return of Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie to the roster, the excitement is through the roof.

3. Fnatic

top valorant team fnatic
Image Credits: Fnatic

All season long, Fnatic dominated the international competition in the 2023 season.

While they had a rough start to 2024, the format of VCT Kickoff was tough to begin with – one loss and Fnatic’s absence from the international stage was a massive shock to the world.

Despite missing out on the first international tournament, we simply can’t count this team out as one of the best teams in the world – they have a whole season to remind everyone of their former dominance.

2. Gen.G Esports

Which are the top Valorant teams in 2024?
Image Credits: Gen.G

Another surprise on this list after the opening action at VCT 2024 Masters Madrid is Gen.G Esports.

Back in September, after a respectable 4th place finish at VCT Pacific League 2023, missing out on Champions was a breaking point.

Moreover, the organization rebuilt the roster, building it around Kim “Meteor” Tae-o. Following this change, the team had an astounding turnaround,

After winning the VCT Pacific Kickoff, this underrated team went on to place second at VCT Masters Madrid, one of the best VALORANT teams.

1. Sentinels

Which are the top Valorant teams in 2024?
Image Credits: Sentinels

As the fan-favourite organization from North America, Sentinels are always favoured at every event simply based on hype.

However, this time around, the hype was real. Despite some confusing roster changes in the off-season, such as benching World Champion “pANcada” and signing Tier 2 professional “johnqt”, this roster rose to stardom.

After dominating the Americas region, they went on to conquer the world at VCT 2024 Masters Madrid with confidence.

They are the best VALORANT team are right now.

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