Best Valorant Teams in 2023: The Top 15 Valorant Pro Teams in the World

Valorant has become one of the most popular first-person shooters today, to a degree where even the most hardened CS:GO veterans are considering swapping games. Valorant has achieved such success in record time, and despite still being relatively new, the game’s esports scene has developed into something massive with the release of the Valorant Champions Tour. With the Valorant scene thriving, we’re seeing more and more Valorant teams come into the spotlight. Here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Valorant teams from all around the world.

Which are the top Valorant teams in 2023?

As Valorant Champions Tour 2023 gathers all the hype from its viewer and player base, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Valorant teams, from last year’s Champions to today’s favorites. Knowing who the best teams in Valorant are is important if you want to bet on Valorant because it can help them make more informed decisions about which team to bet on and potentially lead to more successful outcomes.

We’ll base our top 15 list of best Valorant teams in the world according to the overall power rankings of each team as well as their current success in the Valorant Champions Tour. The teams will be listed in order, starting from the bottom and working our way to the best Valorant team.

The biggest leagues of the professional VALORANT tournament scene – EMEA, Pacific and Americas – have concluded. After months of battles, both the champions and the teams that will participate in the first Masters event of the year, Masters Tokyo, have been announced. After the first Split, the list of the best VALORANT teams also saw some notable changes.

15. Leviatán

levitian top valorant teams

A late entrant to the fray compared to their rivals on the professional scene, Leviatán earned a spot in VCT 2023: Americas after ending KRÜ Esports’ dominance in LATAM in 2022. After losing their two key players Melser and keznit to KRU, they added Nozwerr and Mazino.

The transfers brought a positive response in the first phase of the league, with the first Leviatán topping the league with 3 wins in 4 games. However, the Chilean players couldn’t keep it up. Especially towards the end of the regular season, they started to decline and this decline led to their elimination in the playoffs without winning a game.

14. ZETA Division

zeta division top valorant team

Japan has a special place in the VALORANT scene. The passion of players and audiences in the region for the game was at its peak last year. ZETA DIVISION was the biggest contributor to this, thanks to its good performance in global tournaments. After qualifying for the Pacific League with their results, ZETA was unable to make a dent in their strong rivals.

After finishing the regular season in the middle of the league, it lost to Team Secret and T1 and said goodbye to the playoffs early.

13. Team Vitality

Indian esports teams Vitality

Team Vitality, which ranked high in the pre-season lists of the best VALORANT teams, has not been as successful as predicted. The European team, which inspires confidence with the players it has, especially with the technical team it has assembled, has not been able to get the consecutive wins it needed.

After winning and losing their way through, they managed to find a place in the VCT 2023: EMEA Qualifying Stage. However, two quick defeats ended the season.

12. Gen.G Esports


Gen.G Esports’ journey is similar to T1’s. The organization, which moved its presence from North America to the Pacific after the partnership system, chose to build an all-Korean roster. They made transfers from leading organizations in the region such as DRX VS and Northeption.

The roster started VCT 2023: Pacific with four straight wins. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the momentum going and lost 7 of their next 8 games, missing out on Masters Tokyo.

11. Evil Geniuses

evil geniuses best lol teams

Evil Geniuses’ inclusion in the list of the best VALORANT teams is a comeback story. The organization had a very bad start to VCT 2023: Americas, with 4 losses in the first 5 games of the league. EG needed a miracle and they took a step forward by hiring zecK as head coach.

The team’s reaction to this change was very positive. They managed to win 3 out of the 4 games they played afterwards and made it to the playoffs, albeit by the skin of their teeth. The confidence they gained helped them here and they beat NRG and Cloud9 to finish third in the league and qualify for Masters Tokyo.

10. T1

T1 Best LoL Teams

Although based in Korea, T1 VALORANT had spent its adventure in North America. With the partnership system, it returned to its homeland. T1, which completely changed its roster and entered the league with a roster consisting mostly of the region’s leading players, managed to become the third-best team in the league, even though it fell behind Paper Rex and DRX VS.

Sayaplayer, who became everyone’s favorite with his play at The Guard, managed to maintain his high-level performance with his new team and carried his team to Masters Tokyo.

9. FUT Esports

FUT Esports

FUT Esports, who closed last season by winning the VRL 2022: Finals, became the unexpected star of the EMEA league. The Turkish representative, who closed the transfer season with only one reinforcement to their roster, showed promise with their play in LOCK/IN.

They started EMEA with three wins in four games and made a big step towards playoffs at the beginning of the season. They stumbled in the middle of the league, losing three in a row, but managed to secure a spot in the playoffs. Returning to their early-season form in the knockout stage, FUT defeated Giants, Vitality and Na’Vi to earn a ticket to Masters Tokyo.

8. Cloud9

Cloud9 entered the 2023 season with a bang by transferring stars like Yay and Zellsis. He made a name for himself with his transfers and everyone’s expectations for the team reached the highest level. But after a poor result in the LOCK/IN tournament, Yay and the team’s in-game leader vanity unexpectedly parted ways. The departure of the bow after a high transfer fee took everyone by surprise.

As VCT 2023: Americas kicked off, it became clear that these decisions were the right ones. Cloud9 made it to the playoffs as the runner-up, losing only 1 game in the regular season. However, due to two losses in the playoffs, they missed Masters: Tokyo.

7. Natus Vincere

valorant pro team navi

Natus Vincere has a similar story to NRG. The longtime FunPlus Phoenix squad left ardiis at the beginning of 2023 and headed to Na’Vi. They filled the vacant Duelist role with the Turkish Duelist cNed, who was recognized as one of the best players in 2021.

Na’Vi, which seemed unstoppable on paper, could not settle the dynamics within the team. Despite this, they made it to the playoffs but had to settle for fourth place after losing to FUT Esports. If they manage to solve the problems within the roster, they can push up the VALORANT Pro Teams list.

6. NRG

OpTic Gaming, the most successful organization of 2022, had to disband its team after not being accepted into the partnership system. The disbanded bone squad lost Marved and yay and moved to NRG Esports. They started the season by filling the missing pieces with s0m and ardiis.

The squad, which played a game dependent on yay and Marved in the old period, managed to throw itself into the playoffs, even if it stumbled a little with the new structure. In the playoffs, they were able to capitalize on their experience, avoiding the lower bracket and finishing second in VCT 2023: Americas.

5. Team Liquid

team liquid

Like many teams, Liquid made serious changes to their roster before the start of 2023. Getting rid of longtime stars like ScreaM, the organization transferred Gambit Esports stars Redgar and nAts, and Sayf from Guild Esports, expanding the team’s talent pool and increasing its tournament experience.

As a result of so many changes, the team struggled to find their rhythm at the beginning of the season. They still haven’t given 100% performance, but even that was enough for them to become champions in VCT 2023: EMEA.

4. DRX

drx valorant

One of the two candidates to win VCT 2023: Pacific was DRX VS. The South Korean representative had already established a reign in their region from the beginning of the VALORANT stage. It was a question mark whether they would be able to carry this across the Pacific.

With 1 loss in the regular season, they showed that they are the best team in this league. When it came to the playoffs, they couldn’t sustain their performance and had to settle for second place with two losses against Paper Rex. Still, the quality of the roster, the experience and the cohesion of the team make them top of our list of the best VALORANT teams.

3. Paper Rex

paper rex valorant team

The 2022 season was a successful one for Paper Rex. The organization, which built a young, talented and promising roster, placed second in the 2022 Masters Copenhagen and fourth in the 2022 Masters Reykjavik. Although they didn’t get what they wanted at the year-end tournament VALORANT Champions 2022, Paper Rex was one of the teams that made an ambitious start to 2023.

Two losses at the start of the season raised questions about Paper Rex. Some thought they would lose their place with the strengthening of the Pacific league, but they managed to dispel all doubts by reaching the championship at the end of the season.

2. Fnatic

top valorant team fnatic

Fnatic is undoubtedly the most in-form team of 2023. Entering the new season with Leo and Chronicle transfers, the European giant has managed to build a squad that intimidates its opponents. The fact that the roster did not have any adaptation problems brought with it a long winning streak. They started the year with third-party tournament victories, followed by the championship in the first international tournament of the year, LOCK/IN.

Carrying their momentum into the VCT 2023: EMEA league, Fnatic never lost a series until the finals. However, after winning the Masters Tokyo ticket, they lost to Team Liquid in the EMEA Final and lost first place. Nevertheless, they proved that they are among the best VALORANT teams at the moment with their performance.


loud best valorant teams

LOUD lost two important members of their roster to rival Sentinels as they entered the 2023 season. Sacy, the team’s captain, and pANcada, the region’s best Controller, have stepped into a fresh adventure before the new season. The Brazilian representative preferred to fill the missing areas with Brazilian players again.

Ninjas in Pyjamas’ cauanzin and TBK Esports’ tuyz joined LOUD. In the pre-season, the roster didn’t look as strong as before, and prominent names made their predictions accordingly. However, the reigning VALORANT Champions 2022 champions picked up where they left off with a revamped roster and managed to win the VCT 2023: Americas with only one loss.

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