Top 10 Best Valorant Teams

Best Teams around the world for 2022


Valorant has become one of the most popular first-person shooters today, to a degree where even the most hardened CSGO veterans are considering swapping games. Valorant has achieved such success in record time, and despite still being relatively young, the game’s esports scene has developed into something massive with the release of Valorant Champions Tour.

With the Valorant scene thriving, we’re seeing more and more Valorant teams come into the spotlight. This time, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best Valorant teams from all around the world.

Top 10 Valorant Valorant Teams in 2022

We’ll base our top 10 list of best Valorant teams in the world according to the overall power rankings of each team as well as their current success in the Valorant Champions Tour. The teams will be listed in order, starting from top to bottom.

1. Acend



Acend came seemingly out of nowhere in late March of 2021 and immediately won the European Stage 1 Masters. The former Raise Your Edge Gaming lineup became the new Acend, and together they quickly started dominating the European region.

What’s quite fascinating is the fact that this squad managed to do so much in such a short period of time. Later on, they began their ascent in the EMEA region and ended their season by becoming the first World Champions after winning Valorant Champions in December of 2021.

They’re still the best Valorant team around and boast some of the best Valorant players.

2. Gambit Esports

best Valorant teams gambit esports

Gambit Esports is a Russian esports organisation that has achieved great results in CS:GO and other popular esports titles. In late 2020 they formed their Valorant team and slowly started making their way to the top of the CIS region.

They are the CIS Stage 1 Masters and have also won several other Valorant Champions Tour events in their region. What really put them on the map was their recent success in the EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs where they won 1st place and secured a spot in VCT Stage 3 Masters in Berlin, and then followed that by winning the final Masters event in Berlin.

They made it to the grand finals in Valorant Champions where they almost won against Acend. They continue their dominant run in Valorant Champions Tour 2022, and we can certainly expect great things from them in this year.

3. Sentinels

Best Valorant Team Sentinels


The number three spot belongs to the NA champions – Sentinels. This is by far the best Valorant team in North America, even right now, both in terms of success in the Valorant Champions Tour and in terms of playstyle.

Sentinels have everything that a successful Valorant team needs. Not only is their 5-man roster filled with incredible players who all operate at a high level individually, but when put together in a match they move like one unit. Their versatility is unmatched, and their tactics in battle are incredibly deadly. TenZ and SicK are backed up by ShahZaM, and together they form a scary hunting party. Dapr and zombs keep the backline safe and ensure nobody gets through.

These are some of the best Valorant players and they make sure to prove it in every Valorant esports tournament they participate in.

4. 100 Thieves



The First Strike – North America champions are one of the best Valorant teams in North America. They have an incredible lineup led by Hiko, who is also one of the most popular Valorant streamers. Asuna alone is a monster carry, while Hiko is an experienced Sova main who helps set up plays for his team.

Despite being an incredibly strong team, 100 Thieves have been living in the shadow of Sentinels, unable to surpass them for three consecutive stages of the Valorant Champions Tour in NA.

They still occupy a high spot in the Valorant team rankings 2022 despite relatively poor early performance in VCT 2022. However, they have the potential to be the best squad in the world and should not be underestimated.

5. Vision Strikers

Vision Strikers

This Korean powerhouse is one of the best Valorant teams in the world. They have an impressive record and have been dominating their region from the very beginning.

The one time they failed to win a tournament was during the Korea Stage 2 Challengers where they finished 3rd-4th, causing them to miss the VCT Masters – Reykjavík. This was the first time that different Valorant regions would meet, and Vision Strikers didn’t make the cut.

Since then, Vision Strikers made several appearances in the global VCT tournaments and left their mark on the world.

6. G2 Esports

Best Valorant Teams G2 esports

G2 Esports was once hailed as the best Valorant team in the world, but since then they have fallen off greatly. Valorant Champions Tour predictions were not kind to them, and for the first two stages, they haven’t really accomplished much.

Everything changed when G2 replaced pretty much the entirety of its roster, leaving only mixwell as the last member of the original lineup. Since then, G2 has achieved great results in Valorant Champions Tour.

They are looking quite strong right now and have great potential. This roster is still getting into proper shape, and once they do, they’ll certainly put on quite a show.

7. Team Liquid

esports organizations

Team Liquid is one of the strongest Valorant teams in Europe. ScreaM and the squad are quite capable, which was evident by their past results. Liquid won EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals and then the Europe Stage 3 Challengers 2, showing that they have the champion potential. During Masters in Reykjavík, they placed 4th, which is quite respectable.

By the end of the previous year, Liquid established itself as one of the best Valorant teams and finished 3rd-4th in the Valorant Champions 2021.

With the rise of Acend and G2’s comeback, this squad is now facing bigger challenges in Europe. Still, Team Liquid is an excellent team who have managed to win even when all the Valorant betting odds were against them, so we’re confident they’ll continue to stay high on the rankings.

8. Team Vikings

Team Vikings Best Valorant teams

Team Vikings are one of the best Valorant teams in the Brazilian region. They have won the Brazil Stage 1 Masters, Brazil Stage 2 Challengers Finals, and even made an appearance in the VCT Masters – Reykjavík last year. They have a lot of experience under their belt and have shown to be a capable Valorant squad.

They made an appearance in the Valorant Champions, but their run was cut short. It’s unfortunate but doesn’t really diminish all the past success that Team Vikings accomplished. They are still an excellent team and deserve a spot in our list.

9. OpTic Gaming



OpTic Gaming is the same ex-Team Envy squad that was recently rebranded.

They have a great lineup and interesting playstyle, but they can’t seem to continue winning consistently like teams such as Sentinels. If they want to make it to the very top, they’ll have to do exactly that.

An overall solid team that can easily be considered as top 3 in NA. In terms of global ranking we’re giving them a respectable number 9.

10. XSET

Best Valorant Teams XSET

Here comes another team from North America, and it’s XSET. Everything about this team screams unique, from the playstyle to the Agent picks, and it’s this uniqueness that earned them the final spot on our list.

Although they are yet to win a major Valorant tournament, they’ve earned the respect of their NA peers. Constantly hovering close to the top, but never quite making it all the way to the end.

Still, they are a constant threat and incredibly capable when they put their minds to it. We believe they have the potential to be one of the best Valorant teams 2022.