Apex Ranks: How Ranking and Matchmaking Work

Published: Jul 7, 2024 - Last Updated: Jul 8, 2024

What are the Apex Legends ranks and does ranked mode work? Playing ranked is the key mode if you want to test your metal against players of your skillset and gradually work your way up there to go up against the very best. The Apex ranks aren’t the easiest to understand at first though.

As with any game, Ranked mode has a lot to take into consideration, especially if you’re trying to break down every factor that impacts your rank and performance. Just like deciding who the stronger team is for Apex Legends betting though, there’s factors you can focus on to better climb in Apex ranked.

If you want to make sure you’re climbing up the Apex ranks as quickly as possible, then this is all you’ll need to do.

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How Does the Apex Legends Ranking System Work?

Ranking systems in most games are similar on the surface. They’re the dedicated space to go up against those of the same skill level. Often, the details can be pretty different though. Each game has its own little eccentricities in how it measures your skill level in a game.

In Apex, the Ranked mode is available to everyone who goes above level 20 in-game. Once you’re through that point, you can jump right in.

Once you’re in the ranks, you can start to play in this dedicated game mode. It’s essentially a different playlist where everyone involved has a rank assigned. You’ll be matchmade with others who are at a similar skill level in-game.

The Ranked mode is divided up into seasons, just like the ALGS. At the end of each season there’s a Rank reset. You’ll get rewards depending on how far into matchmaking you made it through.

How Does Apex Ranks Matchmaking work?

Matchmaking in the Apex Legends ranked mode is determined by Ranked Points or RP. This is the metric that the game uses to determine where in the ranks you sit. You’ll be placed into a game with those around your skill level.

This is a Battle Royale though. This means there’s a lot of players that need to be in every game, so the spread for matches of Apex Legends Ranked can be tricky. You’ll be sorted largely into groups around your Apex Legends rank, but you’ll have to tolerate a bit of deviation depending on how busy the servers are at that moment.

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All Apex Ranks Explained

Apex Legends has quite a few ranks, each is divided up into divisions. As you gain RP, you’ll be moved up the ranks! Although, you’ll need to gain more RP to go up ranks depending on how high up the rankings you get.

These are all of the Apex Ranks:

RankDivisionsRP Needed to Rank UpRP Cost
Master Apex PredatorTop 750 players in the worldN/A100

The first level here is the Rookie tier, which works a bit differently. This is where player get started and isn’t really a full rank. There aren’t any rewards for this tier, so you’ll have to push through it before you get through to the good stuff.

The final tier here is also the RP cost. Once you’re in a higher tier, you’ll need to spend RP if you want to enter a game. Essentially, this means a bad performance will really set you back, not just not move you forward. The best Apex Legends players have to bet on earning enough RP to make the games worthwhile.

Rank Resets

You’ll first get assigned Ranked Points when you jump in, starting at 1 RP. After you get a position for playing in the mode, your former Apex ranks will factor into your next rank after the reset. There are two rank resets, one is a full reset and the other is called Ranked Splits in Apex. These second ones aren’t full resets, since they split up your total RP.

The first reset of the season takes you back to 1. However, the split partway through the season will reset it to a partial amount of your RP.

Apex Ranks Rewards

Ranked isn’t just for bragging rights in Apex. You can also unlock exclusive cosmetics. Each season, you get cosmetics items which show-off what rank you got too. These are different from season to season. They can include items like an animated badge depending on where you get to.

It’s not quite on the scale of prizes in Apex Legends tournaments. It’s great to get an item to back up your pride over your rank in-game though.

Crossplay and Ranked

Apex Legends features crossplay, so you can compete across all the different platforms that the game is on. How does this affect Apex ranks though? Your rank is specific to your platform.

If you’re playing on PC, your rank doesn’t carry over to console and vice versa. Ranked play is more competitive and doesn’t involve cross play for the most part, that’s more for having fun in pubs. When you’re playing in the Apex Ranks, you’ll need to stick to one platform. Or if you do want to switch, you have to start again with your Ranked journey.

apex ranks
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How to Rise Up the Apex Ranks

Ranking up in Apex Legends is determined by your performance in the game. As a Battle Royale though, there are certain things you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re trying to rise up the ranks. These are the factors that decide your rank:

The game’s ranked system uses all of these factors. There are a few things it doesn’t consider though. Heals and revives don’t count. Even if you’re a fantastic support player, it doesn’t help. Although, you’ll still get the benefit of a higher placement so playing support still has its value. Just don’t rely on revives alone to get you up the ranks.

Tips to Climb the Ranks

The Apex Ranks aren’t too complicated, play well and you’ll rise up. Ultimately, it’s a measure of your skill, as you get better at playing the game, you’ll go upwards through the ranks too.

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