Best Apex Legends Tournaments


When Apex Legends came out of nowhere during the battle royale craze, everyone was pleasantly surprised. A lot of games tried to dethrone Fortnite, the game that was dominating the genre for quite some time, but Apex Legends was certainly the one that managed to pull it off, as it is by far the best battle royale game even today.

Of course, when a game is so popular, it is only understandable that there are a lot of tournaments for it, and for Apex Legends, that is very true. While we would love to talk about all the events revolving around Apex Legends, we will focus only on the best Apex Legends tournaments out there.

Apex Legends Global Series

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It should come as no surprise that the biggest tournament that Apex Legends has to offer is the one that EA and Respawn Entertainment themselves sponsor. The prize pool for this incredible tournament is $2,000,000, which is by far the biggest prize pool when compared to other Apex Legends tournaments.

The tournament features 40 best of the best teams that have proven themselves through various qualifiers that this event requires them to go through. Like most bigger tournaments, there are three different stages to this event:

Group Stage

In this stage, the 40 teams are split into four even groups. Each group plays each other, so in total, each team plays 18 games. Once the games are played out, teams are sent to the Bracket Stage. It is important to note that the top ten performing teams are moved to winner’s bracket round 2, the next 20 are moved to winner’s bracket round 1, and the bottom ten teams in the group stage move on to the loser’s bracket round 1. So no one is out just yet.

Image Credits | EA

Bracket stage and the Finals

When it comes to the Bracket stage, things get a bit complicated when it comes to who moves on to the next part of the esports tournament and how, so it is best to check the official rules for this one. However, for the finals, only twenty tournaments will compete, and Finals use a unique point system.

The ones who performed better in the Bracket stage start off with more points, and the first team to hit 50 points is eligible to win the tournament by winning the match. Once again, checking out the official rules is the best option if you are looking for all of those juicy details on how the points are awarded.

Chipotle Challenger Series

While this tournament is not as nearly as big as the one sponsored by the publisher and the developer of the game, the prize pool of $30,00 is good enough to bring in a decent number of players.

The event features 20 teams, and while anyone can participate, in order to attend the main event, it is necessary to get top four in one of the four qualifiers or to be one of the four teams that get an invitation.