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Published: Jan 8, 2022 - Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024

Although it’s a more niche area where esports betting is concerned, Twitch betting offers exciting opportunities to bettors. If you’re watching a particular streamer, you might be able to place a Twitch bet, wagering for or against their performance in a game. In this guide, we’ll walk you through Twitch betting, letting you know how it works and explain how you could make real money through Twitch bets.

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While it’s a far cry from traditional esports betting, it’s ultimately just as simple to understand. In fact, it could be considered easier to understand, as the markets are less diverse, and there are far fewer things to consider. If you’re taking a break from betting on big esports tournaments, maybe throwing down a few Twitch bets could make for an interesting change of pace.

Currently, it is relatively difficult to find Twitch betting markets. There are very few esports betting sites that offer such wagers, but in all honesty, that just makes Twitch betting that much easier. Ultimately, there’s every expectation for this vertical to grow in popularity. We’ll give you the top information you need to succeed on a Twitch bet or two.

What is Twitch Betting?

In the short term, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Twitch betting is the practice of betting on a Twitch streamer, those that are specifically playing competitive titles. Theoretically, this practice could also cover YouTube and Facebook streamers, but Twitch is the most commonly covered platform right now. However, there are a few caveats and twists that make Twitch betting a much less common practice than traditional esports betting.

Fortnite is one of the most common Twitch betting titles. (Image Credit: NickEh30 on Twitch)

For instance, everyday esports bets work through typical methods. If there’s an esports fixture taking place, the bookmaker will put forward odds, bets will be placed, and at the end of the fixture (or during, for in-play bets), the scores will be tallied and bets paid out or lost. But, when you’re betting on streamers, you’re often taking advantage of a sophisticated AI that monitors the gameplay and determines the odds and results accordingly.

While the AI powering the Twitch betting system is elegant, there can be no room for error. Therefore, the markets are kept relatively straightforward and plain, almost always offering odds on whether the streamer will win or lose a given match. Like in-play esports markets, though, the odds will be refreshed and updated continuously, as the AI analyses the gameplay of a streamer.

At the moment, the ability to place a Twitch bet is restricted to a select number of esports titles. If you look hard enough when trying to figure out how to make a bet on Twitch, you’ll find titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, CSGO, and League of Legends. At the end of the day, Twitch bets are an easy way to potentially make a little money while enjoying the content put out by your favourite streamers.

Typically, the most competitive titles are open to Twitch betting opportunities. So, if you’re a fan of the top VALORANT streamers, for example, you’ll almost certainly find a way to bet on them.

Why Should You Start Betting on Streamers?

Let’s face it – you’re watching some of the highest-paid Twitch streamers out there because they’re entertaining. What if you could not only watch them and enjoy their content but also make a little money while doing so? For the most part, Twitch betting interfaces offered by these esports betting sites integrate seamlessly with the streams themselves. First and foremost, you’re right at the centre of it all, placing bets while watching and interacting with the streamer.

Up until now, you may have been relying on the best Twitch streamers for entertainment and perhaps some in-game tips and tricks. Now, you can also attempt to make a real-world profit by learning how to bet on streamers’ games.

twitch-betting-cover offers some of the best Twitch betting opportunities.

Currently, the most common title that pops up for Twitch betting opportunities is Fortnite. In recent years, Fortnite betting has taken a backseat to the likes of Apex, CSGO, League of Legends, and Dota, but it’s still a popular and enjoyable title. There are plenty of markets to be found online, and right now, it’s one of the most popular titles for placing Twitch bets.

While it’s still a fresh and relatively new practice, there are opportunities to take advantage of some excellent odds. These wagers differ from traditional esports, with odds being formulated in a different manner than typical, in-person esports tournaments. For instance, you won’t fight anything close to the depth and complexity of the markets offered for a huge tournament like Dota 2’s The International.

Also, while esports tournaments make for fantastic and enjoyable betting opportunities, they are finite. At some point, they’ll have to end, and when that happens, the markets will also close. When you’re learning how to make a bet on Twitch streamers, you’ll notice one clear fact – there are always streamers streaming. Therefore, should this vertical grow out and become more popular, there will always be markets available.

If you eventually fall in love with Twitch betting, you’ll have everything you need, whenever you need it, and you’ll be head-over-hells trying to bet on streamers’ games.

Why You Should Be Cautious About Betting on Twitch

Technically, streamer-focused betting could easily be open to rigging. In the past, issues concerning match-fixing have struck down even the most professional of players, with regulation being a constant issue. If someone is streaming from their home, there’s very little in the way of monitoring that can be applied, and outside influences are easily able to surface.

For instance, if a streamer was to go live on Fortnite, and the Twitch betting system picked them up, a scenario can take place. In this scenario, the Twitch streamer could badly, picking up several losses. Then, when the odds of them winning are boosted because of the poor performance, they can place a bet on themselves to win, play at their best, and reap the rewards.

Streamers are able to cheat effectively from home, being able to hide it from viewers. (Image Credit: Reddit)

It’s also much easier to cheat in a home environment than in a competitive setting, adding further fuel to the fire where this issue is concerned.

This is why you should only use fully licensed, regulated, and secure betting sites when trying out some Twitch bets. Currently, the pool to pick from is remarkably small, with several changes having occurred inside this space in recent years.

How To Bet on Twitch With Channel Points

For quite a while now, Twitch has offered viewers the ability to bet on certain ‘predictions’ using Channel Points. When it comes to betting on Twitch, this is a safe, risk-free way to gamble, interact with a streamer and that streamer’s community, and potentially win more Channel Points. It’s a relatively simple process that is kicked off by the streamer or one of the streamer’s mods bringing up a prediction that any chat participant can bet on.

When betting with Twitch Channel Points, a viewer will wager as many points as they want on one particular option. For example, the best COD streamers out there might throw up a prediction angled at whether or not they’ll win their next Warzone game. This market opens up, the viewers wager their Channel Points, and when the next match is over, for better or worse, the results are revealed.

If you’ve made the right bet, you’ll receive a reward in Channel Points – if you were wrong, you’ll lose the points you wagered. It’s that simple. It’s popular among all types of creators, from Fortnite streamers to FIFA players, and it’s a fun way to invite engagement from the chat.

How To Bet On Twitch Streamers

Once upon a time, the likes of Unikrn and Rivalry offered in-depth streamer betting options. However, owing to a closure of the Unikrn platform and a change in direction from Rivalry, these services no longer exist.

Thankfully, it doesn’t end there, as offers a fantastic alternative to those platforms. With, you can place wagers on streamers playing games – commonly Fortnite – live, determining the outcome and placing a bet as and when you so desire. It’s a constantly chopping and changing service, and in some cases, you never know which streamer will pop up next.


Go To

As we’ve already explained, these platforms are relatively simple to use, and they offer dramatically few markets. With, you’re almost always going to bet on whether the Twitch streamer will win their current match-up. Fortunately, the process for Twitch betting is identical to traditional betting. When you sign up to, you’ll need to complete your account, deposit some funds, and then you’re free to start betting.

If you’re not familiar with this platform, take the time to read our comprehensive review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is betting on Twitch allowed?

While Twitch doesn’t host any kind of betting, lots of esports betting sites let you bet on gaming contests that are being shown on the streaming platform.

How do I bet on Twitch streams?

You can sign up to any of our featured esports betting sites and from here you can go to the live betting page, watch the Twitch stream and then bet on the action.

Where can I place bets on Twitch Streamers?

Lots of online betting sites now let you bet on Twitch streamers. Our favourites include brands such as Rivalry and GG.Bet, although more are available
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