Enhanced Odds: What You Should Know About Enhanced Betting Odds

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Published: Aug 4, 2022 - Last Updated: Mar 1, 2024

Every experienced gambler knows that when you are making a wager, you should not be greedy when it comes to odds, especially if you are using a bet builder to accumulate a big bonus. It is much better to go for smaller odds where the chances of winning are bigger because even if you are not gaining a big income from this, you will still earn a lot in the long run, whereas bigger odds can be quite risky. However, there are moments when bets that usually have smaller odds and increased odds of winning are increased by the bookmaker. In these situations, you can take advantage of the moment and bet what you would usually bet, but gain even more income. Enhanced odds are usually a fantastic deal, but sometimes they can be a double-edged sword, and you will find out if you keep reading.

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What are enhanced betting odds?

To discuss enhanced odds, it is important to know what they are. The simplest way to put it is that a bookmaker artificially increases the odds for a specific selection. For example, let’s say you are betting on a League of Legends match, where C9 is favoured to beat TSM with odds of 1:5. Inexperienced gamblers might take the odds of betting on TSM, but since we all know TSM does not stand a chance, betting on C9 is the correct play, and with a five dollar bet, you would earn six dollars when C9 wins.

With an enhanced bet, this is where even if the statistics of C9 winning are still the same, the bookmakers will make the odds 10:1, which seems like a crazy good bet to make, and it is. However, there are always some rules when it comes to making this bet, which usually relates to betting on something else or having a betting limit. This kind of bet is also quite rare, and it is usually there to give hope to those who have gambled and lost, but it can appear as a limited event to you exclusively for some other reason.

Enhanced Odds

Why do bookies offer enhanced odds?

On pretty much all esports betting sites, there are enhanced odds from time to time, and you may be wondering why bookies make these offers when it seems like they would lose money. Well, the main reason why bookies offer enhanced betting odds is due to marketing. Look at it this way, if you were to scout for sites to bet at, would you rather go to a site that has mediocre odds or one where you have both mediocre odds and a few fantastic odds that stands out from others?  With that in mind, you should consider that there are certain rules to their bets.

Some general rules that may apply to enhance odds

1. Limited availability

In most cases, odds that are enhanced by the bookies are available only to new customers to the site and not to the ones that are already gambling on it. Of course, sometimes, even if you already have, let’s say, a bet365 account, you might be given enhanced CS2 odds if you happen to be on an unlucky streak, so you would keep on betting.

Another form of limited availability is through country restrictions. Sometimes bookies will restrict certain countries from abusing the enhanced odds for some reason, so it is suggested to look if your country is eligible before registering on the site.

2. Exclusive to certain deposit methods

Sometimes better odds are available only if you use a certain deposit method. For example, in some cases, Neteller and Skrill are excluded from better odds on most sites when you sign up.

3. Maximum bet limit

Considering that these odds are fantastic, you should not be surprised that there is a maximum bet limit as well as a minimum stake limit. Always check these two, as the maximum bet can be $10, while the minimum bet can be $5.

4. Payment may differentiate

Something very important to know when you are taking advantage of these better odds is to check how you are going to be paid out. Sometimes, you will be betting with real money, but instead of winning an increased amount of real money back, you will be given free bet tokens instead. While in theory, they can have the same value if you keep on betting, cash rewards are always better since you can withdraw them from your account.

5. Be quick when you see enhanced odds!

Lastly, it is very important to grab the opportunity as soon as you see improved odds. Even if you are not a specialist when it comes to LoL betting or Call of Duty odds on a daily basis, betting on enhanced odds will almost end up in a win, so there is no reason not to take the opportunity while it is there, and it is usually not there for long!

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