Bitcoin Cash Gambling Guide – Try Bitcoin Cash Betting!


Welcome to our guide to Bitcoin Cash gambling. We’re here to show you why BCH might be a great option for funding your bets on anything from esports and sports to casino games. Bitcoin Cash might be unfairly overlooked when it comes to crypto gambling, but we believe that it offers you a great way to play. So keep reading this guide to see what Bitcoin Cash gambling is all about!

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What is Bitcoin Cash gambling?

Bitcoin Cash gambling means using this cryptocurrency as stakes for doing things like betting on sports and esports. You can also use Bitcoin Cash as stakes for wagering at some of the best crypto casino sites.

Bitcoin Cash or BCH was introduced in 2017 as an alternative to Bitcoin. It was created by some Bitcoin developers in a bid to increase the block size of the original cryptocurrency. As such, a hard fork took place in Bitcoin’s blockchain that meant that the original Bitcoin kept going, while the new Bitcoin Cash was created.

Interestingly, Bitcoin Cash has also experienced its own hard fork since then, with Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) being created. While neither of these cryptos have caught up with the sheer size and popularity of Bitcoin, they offer you some interesting alternatives for crypto gambling.

How to get Bitcoin Cash

You can buy Bitcoin Cash from a variety of different crypto exchanges. Here, you should be able to make a payment in a regular fiat currency via a credit or debit card and you’ll get Bitcoin Cash in return.

From here, your Bitcoin Cash can either be stored in a wallet at the exchange that you bought it from, or you could keep it in your own crypto wallet. It’s usually best to have your own wallet, and you can download software ewallets that you store on your computer, or use a cold wallet which keeps your crypto assets separate from the internet for increased security.

Bitcoin Cash Gambling

How to start Bitcoin Cash sports betting

It’s so easy to start betting with Bitcoin Cash. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to a crypto exchange and buy BCH
  2. Sign up for one of our reviewed Bitcoin Cash betting sites (see for example our review)
  3. Make a deposit at the betting site from your crypto wallet
  4. Your deposit will be added in a few minutes, and now you can start betting!

If you’re looking for a reliable platform for crypto sports betting with Bitcoin Cash, our Thunderpick review has found that it’s a top choice for players.

Advantages of Bitcoin Cash betting

There are plenty of reasons why more and more people now use Bitcoin Cash for online gambling. Here are some of the biggest reasons for switching to BCH:

  • Faster processing speeds: Bitcoin Cash has larger blocks than Bitcoin meaning that its processing times are much faster.
  • Cost effective: Faster processing times means that its on-chain transaction fees are lower and most BCH transactions will cost less than one penny.

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Disadvantages of Bitcoin Cash gambling

While Bitcoin Cash betting is great fun, this crypto still has a few problems to overcome. Here are some reasons why BCH gambling might not be so good:

  • Low adoption rates: BCH is relatively unpopular compared to BTC and so you’ll get a smaller choice of betting sites if you decide to use Bitcoin Cash.
  • Volatility: Bitcoin Cash suffers just as much volatility as other cryptos and this means that your BCH deposits today might be worth a fraction of what they were yesterday.

Helping you find the best Bitcoin Cash betting sites

The majority of crypto gambling sites now accept Bitcoin Cash, although you might have to look a little harder to find sites who’ll take Bitcoin Cash SV payments. Thankfully we’ve been searching high and low for betting sites who take BCH so that you can find the perfect site for this altcoin.

Don’t forget that the BC.Game crypto gambling platform even has some awesome bonuses that you can use for esports betting with BCH and so much more. So check out our betting site comparison for the perfect way to play with Bitcoin Cash!

Alternatives to Bitcoin Cash gambling

Obviously, Bitcoin Cash isn’t the only way that you can enjoy betting with crypto. This is why we’re profiling all top cryptos to see which ones work best for online gambling. So if you don’t want to use BCH, consider the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or even Binance Coin.

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All you need to know about Bitcoin Cash gambling

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide to Bitcoin Cash gambling and you should know that we have similar guides dedicated to Bitcoin gambling, Ethereum betting and so on.

By now you’ll understand that there are many big reasons why Bitcoin Cash is being taken up for crypto gambling, and so we can expect to see more betting sites accepting BCH payments in the future. So watch this space to see the best sites for Bitcoin Cash gambling!

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