Leading Crypto Casino Sites in 2024


The Best Crypto Casinos on the Web Right Now

With cryptocurrency becoming more popular every day, the fresh phenomenon of the crypto casino is taking over. In recent years, cryptocurrency casinos have grown rapidly in popularity and overall coverage. There are several benefits to using a crypto casino as opposed to a traditional online casino, and we’ll look at those advantages in this guide.

If you’re new to the world of crypto betting and want to learn more about cryptocurrency casinos, you’re most definitely in the right place.

Ultimately, a crypto casino is a regular casino that operates using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Typically, you’ll find the same games on these platforms that you would on any other online casino, and the experience is mostly the same. However, there are a few caveats to using a crypto casino, and it’s advised to read through a guide (like this one) before you get started.

Without further ado, let’s learn about all the best crypto casinos out there today.

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Best Crypto Casino Sites

1. BitCasino.io

bitcasino io account

BitCasino has long boasted the status of being the first-ever Bitcoin-licensed casino online. By now, BitCasino has grown immeasurably to become known as one of the best destinations to start betting with Bitcoin. It has expanded its offering to accept deposits and withdrawals in a range of cryptocurrencies, using secure platforms such as Metamask to support the casino. It’s a safe, reputable, and widely appreciated platform that comes equipped with a plentiful selection of casino games.

Outside of that offering, there’s also an exclusive esports betting option on BitCasino’s platform. It’s a rather unique arrangement, as few online casinos offer betting options in the same area – typically, these offerings will be separated across the platform. If you’d like to learn a lot more about this platform, you can check out our full BitCasino.io review.

Pros: Strong focus on cryptocurrency, esports betting included.

Cons: Limited offers and promotions, limited support options.

2. CobraCasino


There are many critics out there giving CobraCasino remarkably high and positive reviews. This is a platform that looks and feels modern and welcoming, and it boasts a considerable stack of games for bettors to enjoy. It’s a relatively new website, but that hasn’t stopped it from quickly becoming one of the best online crypto casino options out there today. There’s an attractive welcome bonus on offer and it accepts both fiat and cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.

As a crypto casino, CobraCasino has it all, from slots to crypto live casino games and traditional table games. If you’re a new bettor, you’ll quickly feel at home using CobraCasino, and there are very few drawbacks to taking advantage of this platform. To learn more, you can check out our comprehensive CobraCasino review.

Pros: Massive selection of games, can use multiple currency types.

Cons: Smaller, newer platform with fewer reviews than competitors.

3. Stake

stake crypto casino

At first glance, the Stake crypto casino might seem relatively bland. It lacks the fancy graphics or the broad colour palette of its competitors, but under the hood is a tried and tested and well-equipped online casino. However, there are reasons behind the simplicity of the platform – it’s mobile-friendly and easy for new users to get to grips with it. If you’re a fresh bettor looking for your first crypto casino, Stake could be a brilliant place to get started.

While it lacks the features of an advanced Bitcoin live casino, for example, what it does offer is beautifully simple. If you’re hunting around for a platform to simply play games on using cryptocurrency, then this is the one for you. It’s no-frills, but it works. If you’d like to learn more, check out our in-depth Stake casino review.

Pros: Great support function, good range of games.

Cons: Very basic appearance, several geographic restrictions.

4. Casinozer

casinozer casino

Casinozer is a platform that screams the digital revolution. It’s an esports platform at heart but features an advanced and in-depth casino that bettors can fund using cryptocurrency. From the moment you log into your account on Casinozer, you’re treated to gorgeous visuals and slick branding. There’s a game present on Casinozer called Aviator, a unique third-party game that is a fan favourite amongst online casino gamblers.

In the main casino section, you’ll find a range of games to explore and enjoy. There’s a wide selection, from crypto poker to traditional slots, and from virtual football to iconic table games. It’s a diverse and popular platform that has very few weak spots, and it’s definitely one of the best crypto casinos online today. To learn more, take a look at our full Casinozer review.

Pros: Esports and crypto-focused platform, fantastic design.

Cons: Weaker bonuses compared to competitors, not the best license (offshore).

5. BitStarz

bitstarz crypto casino site

BitStarz is, reportedly, an award-winning casino, offering a range of games to bettors from many regions of the world. It’s a relatively new platform, like CobraCasino, but it has already made waves in the crypto casino community, picking up top reviews across the board. According to users, BitStarz is a reputable, safe, and reliable platform, and above all else, it’s genuinely fun to use. It looks great on the surface and has an extensive catalogue of games for bettors to enjoy.

Furthermore, BitStarz does, of course, accept cryptocurrency as a deposit and withdrawal option. It’s one of the best crypto casinos online, it boasts a great affiliate scheme, and there are beneficial bonuses and promotions to stick your teeth into. Ultimately, if you need to learn more about the platform, check out our full BitStarz review.

Pros: Good bonuses, great affiliate scheme, crypto-focused.

Cons: Lots of geographical restrictions.

How To Get Started at a Crypto Casino

Choosing The Right Casino

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that the platform you’re using is safe, reliable, and reputable. To that end, take advantage of review platforms like TrustPilot, and independent casino review websites like EsportsBets.com. If you can verify that the platform has good licensure and a positive online reputation, you’re one step closer to finding your perfect crypto casino. It’s also important to remember that first impressions are important, and if you don’t like the look of the platform, then you’re well within your rights to simply leave.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When you’re attempting to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency funds, you’ll need to follow a few more steps than with traditional currency funding. For instance, to deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, you’ll need a wallet to hold your crypto funds and a marketplace to buy, trade, and sell those funds before and after you place bets. There are many out there, but the top-tier platforms include the likes of Coinbase and Binance.

Crypto Casino Bonus Offers

If you’re totally new to the world of betting, you might not know about bonus offers. If there’s one thing world-class crypto betting sites will do well, it’s the promotions and offers that they use to entice new users. On a crypto casino platform, you can typically find a range of bonuses that include free spins and free bets. In some cases, there will be sizeable deposit bonuses, which tend to match and boost your first deposit as a new user on that platform.

Find all you need to know in our Crypto Casino Bonus guide.

Customer Support

Ultimately, not everything will always go as you plan or intend. If you’re ever struggling with a platform, a clear sign of a reputable service is the customer support options that are available. Typically, if you’re having issues with deposits, withdrawals, or the games themselves, you’ll be able to reach out to a customer support option. This could include an email or a contact us form, or a live chat service.

Advantages of Crypto Casinos



When you enter the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, you will hear the term ‘decentralisation’ a lot. This is the concept of being detached from a centralised governing body, meaning that a platform can operate more freely and with fewer restrictions. There are many crypto casinos operating on a decentralised model, which in itself boasts advantages. For instance, a decentralised platform isn’t bound by geographical restrictions, meaning you can use that crypto casino from any territory in the world.


As the blockchain is inherently anonymous, you can bet without the worry that your identity will be tracked. It’s a grey area in terms of fintech, with the aspect of true anonymity boasting both dis- and advantages in the world of betting. It’s both a good and a bad thing that a platform essentially loses the ability to identify exactly who is placing bets. Ultimately, if you want your betting activity to remain anonymous, a crypto casino is the perfect place to operate.

Rapid Payouts and Higher Limits

While there are typically holding periods for withdrawals in traditional currency format, cryptocurrency withdrawals are often instant. They can be withdrawn and deposited in your off-platform wallet in a matter of seconds, such is the power of the blockchain. If you’re betting with traditional currency, you may need to worry about delays imposed by the platform and your bank, meaning the money you win won’t be accessible for a few days. This isn’t the case with cryptocurrency. Furthermore, there are usually higher limits when it comes to how much you are allowed to withdraw at one time.

Disadvantages of Crypto Casinos


Really, there’s only one main concern when we’re talking about crypto casinos, and that’s the inherent volatility of cryptocurrency. It’s a fast-moving world out there, and the value of a particular currency can change within hours. When you make a deposit with freshly-purchased Bitcoin, the market could crash and the value of the currency could plummet. Therefore, when you withdraw winnings, you could be taking out a lower value than what you put in the first place.

Although, it could go the other way, and you could make even more money, should the value of Bitcoin rise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crypto Casinos Safe?

For the most part, crypto casinos are totally safe – but it does depend on the platform you’re using. We’ve addressed only making use of reputable, prolific platforms to avoid any difficulties arising, and that’s definitely something we will repeat here. There are many highly-reviewed crypto casinos out there that boast positive licensure and clear, defined support options. These platforms are completely safe.

Are Crypto Casinos Legal?

Crypto casinos are legal, both in the decentralised and centralised forms. If you’re gambling with the former option, you’ll find that they’re typically unbound by any regulatory body and subject to fewer laws, but they’re still inherently legal. With the latter option, you’re using a platform that will typically be registered, regulated, and strictly licensed, so of course, that option is also totally legal.

What Games do Crypto Casinos Offer?

Traditionally, all crypto casinos will offer the same games, usually from top-tier industry developers. While some offer a more unique service, this is typically bound to the highest-tier, most popular cryptocurrency casinos on the market. For instance, Casinozer and the Aviator minigame. On any given crypto casino, you’ll find table games, live casino games, and slots.

What Can I do If I Don't Have Cryptocurrencies?

If you don’t have any cryptocurrency in your possession, you can sign up to a platform like Coinbase and begin trading cryptocurrency. It’s a relatively simple process that involves depositing fiat currency like USD or GBP, selecting the cryptocurrency you want to buy, and having it delivered to the wallet of your choice. If you use Coinbase, it’s all in one convenient location, and you’ll be the proud owner of cryptocurrency funds within a matter of minutes.

Is It True That Wagering with Crypto Requires Higher Wagers?

It will usually cost more or less the same to bet with crypto as it will to bet with traditional currency. However, for some crypto casinos and crypto betting sites, there will be minimum wager requirements depending on the cryptocurrency that you use. Furthermore, there may be minimum deposit requirements and the requirement to wager a certain amount before you can withdraw your winnings.
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