Crypto Poker Guide

Play at the Best Crypto Poker Sites in 2022

Card games tend to be one of the most popular and most entertaining ways to do it when it comes to gambling. Of all the card games available, poker has to be the most popular card game, and it makes no surprise that its popularity is just as significant in the world of crypto betting.

If you are here it means that you are interested in playing crypto poker, and in fact we are here to explain everything you need to know and where to find the best crypto poker sites.

Crypto poker has been around for quite some time since the first Bitcoin craze in the earlier 2010s.

Of course, since then, cryptocurrency has evolved even further. With it, so did all the crypto poker sites where people used their Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency to play this incredibly popular game. While there are all kinds of poker, the most popular type when it comes to crypto poker is Texas Hold’em. This is probably because of its popularity, as well as its simplicity.

Texas Hold’em poker is a straightforward game to pick up, but it can be hard to master, especially when it is played online, where reading your opponents is more difficult as you will not be able to see the expressions they would make in real life.

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How to Play Poker with Crypto and Bitcoins

1. Sign up for an exchange

In order to gamble in a crypto casino, you will first need to get some Bitcoin, and the easiest way to do that is to sign up for an exchange. There are various sites where you can turn fiat currency like USD into Bitcoin, but the easiest way to do it is to probably just ask your friend if he can send you some Bitcoin so you can skip the whole exchange and buy the cryptocurrency part.

Signing up for an exchange can be a bit of a tedious process, as certain exchange platforms, at least the better ones, will require you to go through a couple of steps to prove you are who you say you are by giving them your ID, passport, or driving license.

2. Purchase cryptocurrency

Once you register on an exchange site, you will have an option to purchase all kinds of cryptocurrency, but if you are planning to play poker on a Bitcoin live casino site or one of the other best crypto poker sites we are going to list later in the article, you are best off buying Bitcoin and nothing else.

Purchasing crypto on an exchange platform can be done in the most common ways that one would make online purchases. This includes the use of credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, or a direct deposit from the bank account (ACH).

As you fund your crypto exchange with fiat currency, you will immediately be able to purchase Bitcoin (or some other cryptocurrency if the poker site that you are interested in does not accept Bitcoin but something else).

3. Get a cryptocurrency wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is pretty much your headquarters of operation when it comes to anything related to crypto. These wallets are used to store all kinds of coins, and just like the variety of coins, there are different crypto wallets.

Some crypto wallets have an advantage with some features over others, but the most important thing when creating a crypto wallet is that it is compatible with the poker site you are interested in. Sometimes a poker site may accept cryptocurrency, but they will not accept it from a specific wallet. It is infrequent but worth checking out and confirming that the wallet of your choice is a viable option.

4. Transfer the coins to your wallet

Once you set up a wallet of your choice, all you have to do is send the Bitcoin from the exchange platform where you purchased it to your wallet. Today, this is a straightforward process, as most exchanges and wallets provide a QR code that you can scan, which will do most of the work for you.

5. Sign up on the online poker site and make a deposit in crypto

Once you get a wallet with bitcoin, you should sign up at an online poker site that accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. Of course, you can also sign up on the site before you actually get some Bitcoin. Most online crypto betting sites will accept Bitcoin as a form of deposit for you to play poker.


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Best Crypto Poker Sites

There are various crypto betting sites where you can play poker with Bitcoin. We are going to list some of the better ones along with the features that they provide to their users. Picking out any of these sites is a good idea for playing poker with crypto.

1. BetOnline

Overall, this is probably one of the best places to check out if you are interested in playing some poker with Bitcoins. The site has been online since 1991, and as you can see, they have been following all the trends when it comes to making deposits.

One of the best things when it comes to BetOnline is just how easy it is to make a deposit with Bitcoin. Not only that you can deposit with ease, but if you happen to be unlucky and actually run out of Bitcoin on the platform, you can use the site’s exchange to purchase more Bitcoin right away.

Another good thing about BetOnline is that you do not need to have a cryptocurrency wallet in order to store bitcoin, as the platform can do It for you. Naturally, we personally recommend still using a wallet that has some kind of authentication like a secret word before you can access it, but if you do not plan to gamble with big amounts of Bitcoin and you just want to see how poker with crypto feels, this is fantastic.

There are various tournaments that you can participate in when playing poker, where the “One Million Windfall” is probably the most exciting one as it is a special version of Sit and Go where you can quickly turn a small number of Bitcoin into a heft amount in mere minutes.

2. Cloudbet

If you are looking for a crypto casino where you can enjoy poker along with some sports and esports betting, then Cloudbet is the place for you. It is a modern crypto betting platform where you can not only use Bitcoin to make a deposit but many other kinds of cryptocurrency as well. The list of available cryptocurrencies is constantly being updated, which is something that every crypto enthusiast will appreciate. At the moment, you can make a deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many others.

For those who love playing live casino crypto games instead of the boring virtual ones, Cloudbet features over 60 tables where you can play some of the most popular casino games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and many others. Having a live dealer feels much better when compared to a computer dealing cards, as it makes the game feel less robotic.

The only con of this site is that while it offers a wide variety of betting, the number of poker-type games is a bit limited when compared to a site like BetOnline. Of course, if you are looking to play Hold’em and sometimes venture into other casino games with your Bitcoin, then this is the site for you.

3. Ignition Casino

When it comes to the variety of poker games that you can play by using Bitcoin, then Ignition Casino is the best place to be. You can find various daily tournaments along with a hefty yearly tournament where you can try your chances at winning a huge million-dollar bounty.

Whether you are a fan of video poker or live dealer games, Ignition Casino has you covered in both. The tables range from as small buy-ins as $5 to bigger ones like $3,000, which is still a smaller amount for some of you high-rollers out there.

The downside of this site is that it accepts only Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, which is completely fine, as it is generally the main crypto option for online crypto casinos, so you will not have to do much converting unless you own some particular uncommon crypto coin.


You absolutely can. All you need to do is find a place that accepts crypto as a form of payment when you are making a deposit and turning it into chips. There are various websites where you can do this online, but finding an in-person event that will accept crypto as payment is a bit rare, even today.

In order to play Bitcoin poker, all you have to do is acquire some Bitcoins and transfer them from your wallet onto the online poker site, which will accept them as a deposit method. We listed some of the best sites for playing crypto poker, so feel free to check those out.

Whether Bitcoin poker is legal depends on the country or state you live in. In most cases, it is entirely legal because cryptocurrencies are not officially allowed or prohibited.