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Published: Jan 24, 2024 - Last Updated: Feb 17, 2024

People choose to bet on CS2 on Betway because they’re familiar with the name. They see it flash and linger on their screens as they watch CS2 tournaments, primarily those series organised by BLAST—a valued partner since 2019.

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This familiarity blossoms into trust. When visiting CS2 bettors become full-time customers. Along the transition, versatile markets, fair odds, ample events, and handy features—all of which will be touched on shortly—serve as key elements that push aside doubts and make way for an enjoyable CS2 betting experience.

Betway CS2 Betting Markets

Here are some of the most popular Counter-Strike betting markets you’ll find on Betway:

WinnerAlso known as Match Winner or Series Winner, Winner is the most straightforward market of all: pick the team you think will win the series, and that’s it. If it’s a best-of-three (BO3), your chosen team must win 2 games. If it’s a best-of-five (BO5), 3 games.

Nothing else has to be taken into account. It all boils down to whichever team wins.

Because Winner is the principal market, the best CS2 betting sites are normally judged and compared by the odds they offer here, Betway included.
Map WinnerMap Winner is a more flexible market that lets you bet on a team on a particular map. If that team wins that map, your betting slip turns green. This means that in a traditional BO3, you can place up to 3 Map Winner bets, assuming both teams manage to score (1-1), and a third map comes as the decider.

In Betway esports, like in other CS betting sites, this market is heavily influenced by map picks. Since teams can actively choose among the 7 available maps in CS2’s competitive map pool, they can prepare strategies specifically for that map and gain an advantage, therefore tilting the odds towards their favour.
Map HandicapIn a matchup with an obvious favourite and underdog, Map Handicap narrows the difference in strength by essentially taking and giving points to the teams.

You can choose to bet on the favourite with a -1.5 handicap, meaning they start the series at a disadvantage and must win by 2 maps for your bet to succeed.

On the other hand, you can decide to put your money on the underdog with a +1.5 handicap instead, where they get a +1.5 head start and must only win 1 map for your bet to come through.

Betway's CS2 betting markets include the reverse handicap, which means you can play this the other way by betting on favourites with a +1.5 handicap (the favourite must win only 1 round) or by betting on underdogs with a -1.5 disadvantage (the underdog must win 2 rounds).

There’s more to be said when the total number of games in a series increases, but this is CS2 handicap betting explained in a nutshell.
Round HandicapRound Handicap shares the concepts of Map Handicap but applies it to round-level, giving you significantly more options to place your bet on.

In this handicap market, you can choose how much advantage or disadvantage you can foist on a team. The earlier it is in the game, the more points you can take or give. For example, betting on an underdog at +8.5 in Round 5 means your bet will come through if they lose by less than 9 rounds.

Of course, this is an extreme example, and it comes with a small return. A clear underdog is expected to lose by less than 9 rounds. Turn +8.5 to -8.5, and the same small return becomes a rain of wealth.

If you’re a high-roller who thrives in high-risk, high-reward situations, this market might just be the bearer of your biggest win on Betway.
Pistol Round WinnerMany simplistic bettors prefer the Pistol Round Winner market due to its freshness. Here, players start with the same money in the bag, which means the same opportunities: a pistol and some utilities.

The odds in this market tend to be equal, although keep in mind that the map pick benefit and the overall reputation of the teams are still in play.
First/Second Half WinnerA CS2 half is made up of 12 rounds, and the team who wins 8 of those wins the half. This market can be a good way to hedge your odds when you’re backing underdogs since they only have to hold their end up for 24 rounds instead of the whole game.

During the second half, you’ll find the option to choose “Draw” instead of a winner. This is because the teams can proceed to overtime at Round 30 when the second half is considered a tie.
Correct Map ScoreAnother minimalistic CS2 gambling market, Correct Map Score, lists all the possible outcomes of a series. In a BO3, for instance, one team can either win with a lost map (2-1) or without losing once at all (2-0).

What makes this different from betting on the same team for two maps? Commitment. Unlike putting 2 Map Winners together, you only get the boon here once the series is finished and the overall score matches your prediction.

This isn’t a losing deal. Betway CS2 rewards this commitment by adding up to or more than 2.00 on top of what you would have otherwise won had you taken the indecisive path.

Betway CS2 Live Betting

The growing popularity of live betting among punters adds pressure to traditional esports bookies that fail to adapt to modern demands. Betway isn’t one of them.

betway cs2 betting live

At Betway, the CS2 in-play markets are nearly as potent as the pre-match markets. Other than the common ones just discussed here, you can further modify your betting slip to your desired specification by placing bets in markets such as:

What makes Betway CS2 legit? A wide-ranging market provision, both in-play and pre-market, is one of the answers. The only downside lies in the site’s lack of live stream feature, although this is easily solved by simply opening a new tab and heading to Twitch or YouTube directly.

As a side note, you can use the Betway app to bet on ongoing CS2 matches while on the move.

betway cs2 legit?

Betway CS2 Betting Tips

  1. Compare Betway CS2 Betting Markets to Others: Betting odds may change like digits on a stock exchange, but it has been the practice of many esports bookkeepers to have at least one signature market where they can be slightly more generous than their competitors. This signature market helps attract a particular type of bettors that will guarantee a bookie some audience. That said, some Betway CS2 betting markets have an edge over their ilk. For instance, Betway Match Winner odds tend to expand gradually to extreme territories when one team begins to snowball. As a result, this makes Betway CS2 the go-to betting site for punters who are good at predicting comebacks. As new markets get updated, always identify the ones where you can bet on with leverage. Even if that leverage is subtle, it can’t hurt your chances.
  2. Visit Stats Providers: The house always wins, but it doesn’t mean you can’t follow suit and use the same numbers they’re using to put together a logical betting slip. Checking stats providers before making a bet will grant you the big picture of a certain event or matchup. By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the participating teams and asking which of them are on the rise and which are on the decline, you can separate yourself from the fold and increase your chance of finding exploitable markets. Unfortunately, despite a good case for having the best Counter-Strike betting app, Betway doesn’t have a statistics feature for their esports at the moment.
  3. Read Tournament Reviews: With a volley of opinions at your fingertips, calculating how a full-fledged war among the best CS2 teams will end has never been easier and more fun. Because the truth is, every CS tournament comes with a review nowadays. Somewhere out there, a betting site, a news company, and an esports blogger are all eyeing the same event with the same intention: predict the outcome. Even Betway has a dedicated blog that caters to CS2 punters, especially those betting on their platform. It will be to your advantage to hear what they have to say.

Making Payments on Betway CS2

When it comes to payments, is Betway CS2 legit? After all, you have to cash in your luck in the end.

To answer, Betway lets you deposit funds and liquidate your winnings with plenty of payment methods including:

Before you use any of these methods to create an account at Betway, make sure to know if you can activate a welcome bonus or a joining promo. CS2 betting sites trying to outsell their competitors may offer one or several new customers.

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