CSGO Betting Apps

CSGO betting is taking the world by storm, and it has been doing so for several years. In the world of esports betting, CSGO makes up the biggest portion of bets wagered on almost every platform. While there are many esports platforms out there – League of Legends, Dota 2, Rainbow Six – CSGO often stands at the top of the table. Today, betting is becoming an increasingly mobile practice, with the vast majority of the esports betting audience doing so on mobile devices. With that in mind, we’re here today to address the best CSGO betting apps out there.

Around a decade ago, mobile betting was a thing, but it wasn’t anywhere near as popular as it is today. These days, every leading sportsbook offers a mobile app, addressing the concept that betting is becoming a truly versatile and dynamic industry. While desktop-based betting is far from dead, it is dying out somewhat, with the fact being that people just prefer using mobile devices to place bets and wagers.

Let’s break into the facts and figures, and take a look at which CSGO betting apps are best for you.

Making the Market Mobile

Recently, research has shown that around 37% of all iOS users play games on their smartphones every day. Furthermore, when looking at casino games, studies show that around 74% of users are signing up and playing casino games through mobile devices. Of course, these figures are driven chiefly by the fact that mobile devices are just so accessible, ever-present, and versatile. If you’re commuting, standing in a queue, sitting at home, or working out at the gym, you can log in and start betting without any issues.

As CSGO betting makes up the majority of the esports betting market, it stands to reason that many sportsbooks target the title through their esports platforms. Every year, millions of dollars change hands through CSGO tournaments, and the CSGO betting market is worth billions. Throughout 2020, LOOT.bet revealed that a whopping 53% of all bets placed on its esports platform were targeted towards CSGO.

It’s a ‘hand-in-hand’ type of discussion: as CSGO betting becomes more popular, CSGO betting apps become more needed.

To answer that demand, almost every major esportsbook offers a mobile variant to its desktop-based platform. There is a huge amount to choose from, with each one differing from the last in several ways, but which CSGO betting app is best?

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Talking about Terminology

Firstly, let’s establish some ground rules when it comes to terminology and structure. When we talk about CSGO betting in this respect, we’re referring to traditional, real-money betting carried out on platforms like Bet365, GG.bet, and Winners.bet. We’re in no way referring to CSGO skin gambling, which is a totally different practice altogether.

There are platforms out there – like CSGOEmpire – that cater to CSGO skin gambling, but it’s a somewhat shady practice. For starters, it’s totally unregulated, unsupported, and in some cases, it’s illegal. For the purposes of this article, we’re talking about traditional, typical CSGO esports betting, using real-world money.

With that in mind, we have catalogued the best CSGO betting sites out there, which are definitely worthy of your financial investment.

CSGO Betting Apps: Best of the Best

If you’re eager to track down the hottest and most reliable CSGO betting app, look no further than this breakdown.



Go to GG.bet Now ➦

GG.bet is a fantastic platform focused primarily on esports. In the last few years, it has been coming up in the industry, but in a relatively short time, it has established itself as a true leader in the space. With some high-profile sponsorships and partnerships under its belt, GG.bet is a fantastic place to throw down some esports wagers. Not only that, but GG.bet boasts a fantastic smartphone app that you can use to place CSGO bets on the move.

It’s simple to use, attractive to look at, and it’s fully supported by the platform itself. While it’s totally safe and reliable, it does follow a non-traditional method for installation – you’ll need the smallest amount of technical knowledge to install it on your smartphone. Check out our comprehensive GG.bet review for more information.

Also, as GG.bet is a brilliant esports platform, you’ll find some key betting tips on the website from time to time.

Betway Esports


Go to Betway Now ➦

Betway is a brand that has existed for many, many years. It’s a tried and tested platform that is appreciated by millions, and it comes equipped with an extensive ‘Betway Esports’ section. If you’re tuning in to any major CSGO esports tournament, you’ll find odds and markets for it on Betway Esports. And, as you might imagine, these markets can also be found on Betway’s versatile and welcoming mobile app.

In the world of CSGO betting apps, Betway Esports is a fine contender for the top spot. It’s easy to use and backed by an infrastructure that has been around for several years. There’s a Betway Casino app, but the Betway Mobile Sports App is the one for you – if you’re looking for CSGO betting on the move, this app will have you covered. We’ve also written up an in-depth Betway review, if you’d like to learn more about the platform.



Go to Sportsbet.io Now ➦

Sportsbet.io is another relatively new platform in the esports betting space, but it is a powerful one nonetheless. If you’re eager to get started with CSGO betting, this platform has you covered. Not only does Sportsbet.io offer an intuitive, welcoming, and attractive web platform, but it also boasts a comprehensive app. And yes, it serves the perfect function of a CSGO betting app! It’s easy to access, totally safe, and works on any mobile device.

If you need to learn more about Sportsbet.io and its mobile app, feel free to read our Sportsbet.io review.