CS2 Ranks Explained: Competitive System,

Published: Feb 20, 2024 - Last Updated: Feb 21, 2024

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Upon the release of CS2, Valve decided to overhaul the CS2 ranking system completely, adding ELO-based CS2 ranks in Premier mode and making classic competitive ranks map-dependent. In this article, learn everything you need to know about CS2 ranks, the CS2 ranking system and how CS2 ranks compare to the former CS:GO ranks.

CS2 Ranks List

The competitive CS2 ranks in order are the same as in CS:GO and shape up as follows when considering the CS2 elo to ranks outlined below:

How to get a CS2 rank?

To get your CS2 rating for the first time, you need to win 10 Premier matches. Your CS2 rank will be determined by your individual performances as well as the number of games it took you to win said 10 matches.

Moreover, to be able to play Premier mode in the first place, you need to have reached at least the second CS2 XP rank, as outlined in our CS2 premier ranks equivalents.

You can collect XP points by playing the other game modes available within CS2. Once you’ve reached the second level, you are able to play 5v5 matches in the Premier mode.

Image Credits: Valve

CS2 Ranks Compared to CSGO

Firstly, as opposed to CS:GO, Counter-Strike 2 has two competitive matchmaking game modes: Premier and Competitive.

Premier Mode

Premier Mode is a brand new, ELO-based matchmaking system, where players get to veto maps and play competitive MR12 matches, with a possibility of overtime.

Every time you win or lose a game in Premier mode, you either gain or lose CS Rating, which is used to determine your skill level, similar when considering CS2 ranks compared to CSGO.

While the CS2 rank distribution is unclear, here is the rough conversion from CS2 ELO to ranks together with CS2 premier ranks equivalents in classic CS:GO ranks:

5,000-9,999Light BlueGold Nova
10,000-14,999BlueMaster Guardian
15,000-19,999PurpleLegendary Eagle
20,000-24,999PinkSupreme - Global Elite
25,000-29,999RedGlobal Elite
30,000+YellowGlobal Elite

With CS2 premier ranks to CSGO ranks there has not been too major of a change.

Competitive Mode

The CS2 Competitive mode is very similar to its CS:GO predecessor, just with minor changes.

As opposed to getting a single rank, a player has a different rank for each Competitive map.

This prevents high-level players on certain maps from being discouraged from trying out other maps, where their knowledge and understanding aren’t up to par with their overall skill level.

Image Credits: Valve

CS2 Ranking Leaderboard

To motivate players to play the Premier mode, Valve has included a player leaderboard within the game, where they showcase the best CS2 players in the world at the moment.

The leaderboard is based on the CS2 rating, with players sporting the highest ELO sitting atop the list.

The ranking resets every season, with new players getting the chance to accumulate their rating and get their name on top of the leaderboard.

As of right now, it is unclear how long the first season will last and how often will the CS2 rating system be reset.


Does CS2 have ranks?

CS2 has ELO-based ranks called the CS rating in the Premier mode and classic CS:GO ranks in Competitive per map.

How do you open ranks in CS2?

To view your CS2 rank, simply click on your avatar icon in the middle of the screen when browsing the CS2 main menu.

Can you get a rank in CS2 without Prime?

No, to be eligible for a Competitive rank or Premier CS Rating, Prime status is required.

What is the lowest rank in CS2?

The lowest amount of CS Rating you can have in Premier mode is 0, while in Competitive, the lowest rank is Silver I.
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