The Best Female CSGO Players


A decade after its release, CSGO remains ever-present in the esports scene. Audiences have grown year-on-year, and despite it being a male-dominated space, did you know there’s a growing CSGO female pro scene too? Many teams now have a female roster, with tournament organizers increasing prize pools to rival the men’s competitions, which is sure to increase the skill level with investment over time. But who are they? Let’s put faces to names, and take a look at the best female CSGO players of all time.

Best Female CSGO Players Of All Time

Most will be familiar with players like s1mple and dev1ce, who have forged out legendary resumes as some of the best CSGO players of all time in the men’s servers. Who are their equivalents of the CSGO female pro circuit?


vilga best csgo female player of all time

Image credit: Fredrik Nilsson/DreamHack

Ksenia ‘vilga’ Klyuenkova is undoubtedly one of the best female CSGO players ever, due to her longevity in-game. The Russian entry-fragger has been active since 2008, and remains at the top of the game with Nigma Galaxy Fe. There has been impressive versatility on show during vilga’s career, with titles with six different teams since 2015. She also holds the title for most approximate earnings in the women’s game, with over $85,000 in estimated prize-winnings, earning her a place on this list.


juliano best female csgo players of all time

Image credit: Fredrik Nilsson/DreamHack

Julia ‘juliano’ Kiran left a legacy when she retired from professional CSGO last year. The Swedish in-game leader was a popular figure on the server, known best for the amount of attention that she brought to the CSGO female pro scene. She proved she could play with the big boys, too – she famously defeated cadiaN in a 1v1 in 2016, a victory that ages better each year with cadiaN’s own ascension. At just 29 years old and with increased investment in the scene, we see no reason why juliano couldn’t one day make a triumphant return.


mimimimichaela best female csgo players

Image credit: Fredrik Nilsson/DreamHack

When talking about the best female CSGO players, Michaela “mimimimichaela” Lintrup is a name that’ll always appear in conversation. Though the Danish rifler retired last year, she left her permanent mark in CSGO history, by becoming the first-ever female player to qualify for the FACEIT Pro League in 2017. A trailblazer at just 25 years old, mimimimichaela has continued her esports success into the Valorant scene. Though undoubtedly a great player, her lack of longevity leaves her as somewhat of a ‘What If?’ story.

The Best Female CSGO Players in 2023

We’ve seen the best of the best. But the CSGO female pro circuit is continually evolving with new players joining the server each year. On the men’s side, the best CSGO players of 2023 are well-documented. Let’s take a look at their female counterparts who have been making waves on the server.


Image credit: Luc Bouchon/ESL

Ana ‘ANa’ Dumbravă is the star performer and AWPing top-fragger during Nigma Galaxy Fe’s current dominant period. To stand out in this team of stars is impressive, and the argument is valid to ask if she’s one of the best female CSGO players on the planet right now.


best female csgo players goosebreeder

Image credit: Fredrik Nilsson/DreamHack

Mounira ‘GooseBreeder’ Dobie is the long-time in-game leader for CLG Red. Despite her team’s struggles, her individual form suggests her best years could still be ahead of her. CSGO comes in eras, and there is nothing to suggest CLG Red can’t find their feet at the top once again, with GooseBreeder leading the charge.


vilga best female csgo players

Image credit: ESL

We know – we’ve already talked about vilga! But even in 2022, she remains one of the CSGO female pro scene’s brightest stars. Even at 31 years old, when many professional careers are winding down, vilga has shown no signs of stopping, instead embarking on a new adventure leading Nigma Galaxy Fe to glory. She may not be a top fragger anymore, but even years after her debut vilga has maintained her status as one of the best female CSGO players on the planet.

The Best Female CSGO Teams

As not all of CSGO’s Tier-1 teams have a female roster, many of the best female CSGO players find themselves with organizations you may not associate with the best CSGO teams. Who are the teams at the peak of the women’s game? Let’s find out.

Nigma Galaxy Fe

nigma galaxy fe

Active since mid-2020, Nigma Galaxy Fe have taken the game by storm since their inception. Driven by the legend vilga, the team have a staggering record, winning the majority of competitions they enter. With their steady roster, the Nigma Galaxy Era is well and truly underway.


furia fe

FURIA Fe represents great progress of the investment in the CSGO female pro scene, as the only team in this list with both an active male and female roster. The Brazilian side are unfortunate to play in the same era as this Nigma Galaxy Fe team, finding themselves a consistent second to Nigma Galaxy’s first. As investment in the team continues, the hope is that heroes will emerge, and that gap will be closed.

B4 Esports Fe

B4 Esports Fe Logo

B4 Esports Fe are a team finding their identity, struggling for consistency. Despite this, they remain above NAVI Javelins and CLG Red, with the recent addition of Lara ‘goddess’ Baceiredo providing a piece of star power for B4. As bigger organizations continue investing in their female rosters, they may struggle for relevancy as more money makes it more difficult to compete at the top level.

Best Competition To Watch Women’s CSGO

To find the best female CSGO players, you watch the top CS:GO tournaments. As the CSGO female pro scene grows, more competitions with top prizes emerge. The most prestigious prize in the female game is currently the ESL Impact League, which launched in early 2022. Every iteration of the ESL Impact League so far has been won by Nigma Galaxy Fe, cementing their status as the team to beat at the top. The competition will make for great viewing going forward, with huge cash prizes available to any team able to pry the trophy from Nigma Galaxy Fe roster of champions.

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