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Over a decade after the game was first released, the CSGO esports field remains as strong as ever. While most will be familiar with the male scene where players like s1mple and ZywOo made their name on the server, the CSGO female game continues to grow side-by-side at a solid rate. It won’t be long before we’re at a point where the best female CSGO players can compete with the best in the men’s game.

The Top 10 Female CSGO Players of 2023

With huge teams like G2 entering the women’s CSGO scene lately, and Counter-Strike events like the ESL Impact League being set up to foster sustainable growth, there’s no doubt that female CSGO is reaching a healthy place. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 female CSGO players in the world right now.

10. Juliano

Image Credit: Fredrik Nilsson | © DreamHack

After leaving CSGO back in 2021 to pursue a successful career in Valorant, Julia ‘juliano’ Kiran was tempted back to the game in early 2023 to lead the brand-new G2 Oya project. Being world champion in two games simply wasn’t enough. With Counter-Strike 2 just around the corner, juliano now has the opportunity to become a world champion in three different games.

Over the years, juliano has established herself as a CSGO legend. Stints with teams like Bad Monkey Gaming, Team Secret, Beşiktaş Esports, and XSET saw her become known as one of the greatest IGLs of all time. It was this reputation that led G2 Oya to see juliano as the right player to bring the project to fruition.

The growing pains of G2 Oya so far have been evident, with results not quite what the team would have hoped for from the off. Despite G2’s reputation in the male scene, the hierarchy of the female game is already established, and it’ll take time for G2 Oya to disrupt that.

Still, juliano hasn’t lost a step on the server, and comfortably slots back into the list of the best female CSGO players in the world.

9. yungher

Image Credit: Felipe Guerra | © Gamers Club

Right now, CSGO female pro Giovanna ‘yungher’ Yungh plies her trade for B4 Esports, who stand currently as the best CSGO team in female South American CSGO. Given the former dominance of FURIA fe in this department, it’s a massively impressive achievement from the team.

Leading from the front is yungher, who plays as the AWPer for B4 Esports. 2023 so far has seen her reputation increase massively, leading her team to multiple semi-final finishes at ESL Impact Katowice 2023 and ESL Impact League Season 3 respectively.

On an individual level, yungher’s statistics for 2023 make for impressive reading. She boasts a 1.21 K/D ratio for the year, but most importantly, yungher’s kills are having an impact on each round. These aren’t your basic exit frags and eco-farming – yungher is taking B4 Esports to victory on her own back.

The next step for yungher is to start making some of those Grand Finals in big events. Wherever Nigma Galaxy are present, it’s always going to be a difficult task, but if you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.

8. BiBiAhn

BibiAhn Top 10 Female CSGO Player
Image credit: FLyQuest

Despite Vivienne ‘BiBiAhn’ Quach being relatively new to the scene, she has quickly established herself among the top 10 female CSGO players in the world with her efforts on the server.

After spending eight months with CLG Red, the disbanding of the team has seen her and her teammates head to the newly-established FlyQuest RED for a fresh adventure. As an entry fragger, BiBiAhn is the first point of contact with the enemy team, and her numbers in this regard are pretty strong. She boasts an opening kill ratio of 0.88, with a team win percentage of 77.8% whenever she gets the opening entry in 2023. In short – when BiBiAhn entries, her team wins the round the majority of the time.

In 2023 so far, BiBiAhn is dealing an average damage per round of 85.1, which is impressive in a role where being the first to die can be an accepted part of the job. At just 20 years old, she has plenty of time to grow into the role too. Of all the players featured on this list, she’s one of the most interesting prospects going into Counter-Strike 2.

7. izaa

Image Credit: FURIA on Twitter

While FURIA fe may be struggling lately to deal with the loss of olga to HSG, Izabella ‘izaa’ Bieberbach Galle has done a great job at steadying the ship in the meantime. It’s been a lot of change for the team, and this CSGO female pro has led from the front like all great in-game leaders, setting the standard on the server.

She has played for FURIA fe since 2020, and has done a brilliant job at ensuring that the team has remained competitive in the female CSGO scene. It’s not a job most would envy, given the strength of the likes of Nigma Galaxy and NAVI Javelins.

Individually, izaa has some strong numbers to her name for 2023, with 87.5 average damage per round the highlight, as well as a solid 1.14 K/D ratio. She’s not putting up star rifler numbers, but as the in-game leader, that’s not her role. You can’t really quantify the benefit of having a fragging IGL – it’s truly invaluable.

CSGO In-game leaders are usually players toward the end of their careers looking to extend it by a few years. In this regard, izaa is the exception. Now 21 years old, she initially took up the mantle when she was just 17. In CSGO terms, that’s an absurd level of maturity and responsibility to hold. The prospect of Counter-Strike 2 means she could be a top in-game leader for a decade to come, too.

6. GooseBreeder

Image Credit: Adela Sznajder | © ESL

Like BiBiAhn, Mounira ‘GooseBreeder’ Dobie is part of the CLG Red roster that made the move to FlyQuest RED recently. Having been part of CLG Red since 2018, and Team Dignitas Female prior to that, GooseBreeder is one of the more experienced players in the female CSGO team. Although she’s probably known more for her performances in years gone by, her 2023 form still makes her one of the best female CSGO players in the world.

Moving to a new organization can’t be easy, but so far GooseBreeder has made the transition look seamless. Her form hasn’t lost a single step, with a 1.19 K/D ratio throughout the year, even as they competed without an organization as ex-CLG Red. An impressive seven 1v2 clutch wins make her one of the best clutchers in the entire world, which is extremely unusual for an in-game leader.

What makes GooseBreeder so interesting as a player is just how involved she is in every round. For example, her percentage of rounds in which she either got a kill, an assist, survived, or was traded stands at 73.3% meaning that it’s rare she doesn’t get massively involved with the action. Often in-game leaders suffer from this regard as they try instead to put together the big picture from the sidelines. Not GooseBreeder.

Like many of the other players on this list, her biggest challenge is ahead of her in toppling the force of Nigma Galaxy. She’s a proven winner from her past days in the game, so if anyone can manage it, it’s likely going to be GooseBreeder.

5. Angelka

Image Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © ESL

There’s no doubt that NAVI Javelins are the number 2 female CSGO team in the world, only falling behind Nigma Galaxy. A big part of that position is down to the impressive form of Angelika ‘Angelka’ Kozłowska, who plays as a rifler for NAVI Javelins.

As a star rifler, the team relies on Angelka to be on form at all times. That consistency is one of the reasons the team are where they are, with multiple ESL Impact Cash Cups to their name as well as an IESF Female World Esports Championship 2022 under their belt. Every time she steps onto the server, plenty is expected of her, and she delivers.

For 2023, Angelka has some impressive individual numbers to boast about. In 31 maps for the year so far, she has managed to get at least 20 kills in 20 of those maps. That’s the high-level consistency you need from your star rifler. She’s the Queen of the clutch, too – of 15 1v1s presented to Angelka this year, she’s come out on top in 11 of them.

The next step for Angelka is to figure out a way to conquer Nigma Galaxy. After losing the Grand Final of both ESL Impact Katowice 2023 and ESL Impact League Season 3 to the team, Angelka can secure a true legacy in CSGO by figuring out a way to come out on top.


Image Credit: NIP

Mayline ‘ASTRA’ Champliaud is a player that goes overlooked within the community due to playing on NIP Impact, a team that has struggled to make a splash in the female CSGO space. The 22-year-old remains relatively new to the scene, with her NIP Impact stint her only notable team so far. She joined in late-2022, but it’s 2023 when she has truly begun to leave her mark on the game.

Playing as both the in-game leader and the AWPer, ASTRA is tasked with a lot of impact on the server. It’s pretty common for IGLs to see a notable decline in fragging performance once they take up that mantle, but with ASTRA we haven’t seen any sign of that. In fact, she’s only gotten better with time. Her K/D ratio for 2022 was a solid 1.05, yet in 2023 it shot up to 1.26. It’s a similar story with her average damage per round – 75 for 2022, and 86.1 for 2023. Such an improvement in such a short time is remarkably impressive.

One thing that can’t be underestimated is her form against the big teams. In ten maps against both NAVI Javelins and Nigma Galaxy, ASTRA has had a negative K/D ratio in just three of them. In a massively underperforming team, she’s doing very well to prosper in these sorts of matches.

3. olga

Image Credit: Luc Bouchon | © ESL


Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. We’re betting that’s precisely how FURIA fe feels after losing Olga ‘olga’ Rodrigues to HSG earlier in 2023.

The form of the Brazilian team has fallen off a cliff ever since losing the rifler, who stands as one of the best female CSGO players to ever do it. After returning to the game back in 2018, her time at Black Dragons Female and FURIA fe established her as one of the best riflers on the planet, and 2023 has been no different.

With a K/D ratio of 1.13 for the year so far, there’s no doubt that the 29-year-old Brazilian still has plenty of gas left in the tank. Her damage per round of 94.5 for the year places her among the very best of them too. When olga is on the server, there’s some serious damage being done.

The only concern for her CSGO female pro career going forward is the move to HSG. There’s no doubt that the signing of olga was a coup for the Chinese organization, which simply doesn’t hold the standing in the game that FURIA fe does. The team hasn’t lived up to her high standards so far, and she’ll want that to change if she’s to continue challenging for trophies.

2. ANa

Image Credit: Adela Sznajder | © ESL

You simply can’t make a list of the top 10 female CSGO players and not talk about Ana ‘ANa’ Dumbravă. Her Nigma Galaxy team are the dominant force in female CSGO at the moment, and it truly seems that no one can stop them. If they’re in a competition, they win it.

As the only Nigma Galaxy player on this list, it’s clear that ANa stands out above the rest. There’s no doubt who the star of the show is here. ANa is capable of putting in those huge performances when needed, but her real quality is her overall consistency. It’s so rare for her to have a bad day on the server, a trait that has seen the Romanian AWPer win multiple competitions in 2023 already. One particular statistic that stands out about ANa’s amazing 2023 form is that against female opposition, her K/D ratio has only been negative in two maps, again showing the level of consistency she has managed to achieve.

Having been part of Nigma Galaxy since 2021, this level of domination has continued for some time now. If this is the sort of form ANa can manage to take into Counter-Strike 2, then we’ll likely be talking about one of the best female CSGO players of all time, if we’re not already doing that.

1. vicu

vicu best female csgo player
Credit: ISEF via Twitter

Here we have it, the best female CSGO player in the entire world – Wiktoria ‘vicu’ Janicka of NAVI Javelins. While the team currently continues to fall short of Nigma Galaxy, on an individual level there’s no one like vicu right now.

Her stats for the year so far are utterly crazy. A 1.46 K/D ratio, 87.6 damage per round, and seven 1v2 clutches under her belt. Across 31 maps in 2023, she has gone positive in all but five, and has managed at least 20 kills in 25 of them. As an AWPer, fragging is supposed to be her whole game, but vicu is showing some incredible consistency right now that puts her head and shoulders above the rest.

It’s been just over twelve months since vicu first burst onto the scene with NAVI Javelins, and the game is all the better for it. Her ascension has made the peak of the female CSGO scene all the more competitive, and with a little more improvement, that gap to Nigma Galaxy can draw ever closer.

At just 20 years old and a brand-new game on the way, the sky is the limit for vicu. If she puts in the years and maintains this sort of form, hopefully she establishes herself as one of the best female CSGO players of all time.

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