Best CSGO Players of All Time

Who is the best CSGO player in the world?


CSGO is arguably the biggest, best, and brightest esports title in the world. It’s a powerhouse game that boasts millions of players, and the ecosystem at large is one of the most valuable in the entire esports industry. This is a franchise that stretches back more than twenty years, and it’s still dramatically popular today. Today, we’re taking a look at that community of millions, breaking down the top-tier talent and answering, who are the best CSGO players of all time?

For those not in the know, CSGO was first released way back in 2012, under the full name ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’. It’s the fourth game to be released in the series, and it’s by far and wide the most popular. It’s one of the most commonly played games on Steam, and at almost every Major tournament, millions of viewers tune in. It has stood the test of time for more than a decade, and there’s no sign of CSGO slowing down any time soon.

The top 10 CSGO players of all time

As there’s such a diverse and lengthy history, there are plenty of players to look at as we break down the list of the top 10 CSGO players of all time. In a game driven by snapshot, split-second decisions, big brain plays, and pinpoint accuracy, it takes an awful lot to be considered the best. Today, the CSGO ecosystem is vibrant and intensely lucrative, powered by CSGO skins, massive tournaments, popular content creators, and millions upon millions of fans.

Without further ado, let’s get into the list, and find out who is the best CSGO player of all time.

1. Oleksandr Kostyliev (s1mple)

best csgo players s1mple
Image Credit: Dexerto

Does s1mple top the list of the best CSGO players of all time?

Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev is a player synonymous with success in the CSGO world. He has been an active competitor since way back in 2013, and he has been playing at a tournament level since he was just fifteen years old. It’s not unfair to say that CSGO has shaped Kostyliev’s life, and once he started gaining traction as a player, he absolutely refused to slow down. Today, he’s regarded as one of the best (if not the best) CSGO players in the world.

For s1mple, 2021 was an absolutely stunning year – one of the best any CSGO player has ever seen. In the space of twelve months, playing with Natus Vincere, s1mple secured the following prizes:

  • BLAST Premier: Global Final (24/01) – $600k
  • DreamHack Masters Spring (09/05) – $100k
  • IEM Cologne (18/07) – $400k
  • IGS S3 (12/09) – $1,000,000
  • ESL Pro League S14 (12/09) – $195k
  • PGL Major Stockholm (07/11) – $1,000,000
  • BLAST Premier: Fall Finals (28/11) – $225k
  • BLAST Premier: World Final (19/12) – $500k

If we look past CSGO, s1mple stands firm as arguably the most successful and valuable esports player in history. It doesn’t matter what tournament he’s stepping into, he’s worth backing – whether that’s BLAST Premier betting, a PGL Major, or an IEM tournament.

Since 2016, s1mple has made the top twenty HLTV rankings every year, and in both 2018 and 2021, he secured the number one spot. He’s an aggressive player who tends to carry his team on many occasions, and his accuracy is second to none. He tops this list of best CSGO players in the world with ease.

  • Teams: Liquid, Natus Vincere
  • Earnings: $1.7m

2. Finn Andersen (karrigan)

karrigan top 10 csgo players
Image Credit: Liquipedia

Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen is a remarkable player, and between 2021 and 2022, he went on a burning hot streak while flying the FaZe banner. However, karrigan is far from being an overnight success, as his journey to becoming one of the top 10 CSGO players of all time began way back in 2005. This is the earliest record of karrigan competing at a tournament level, making him one of the most veteran players in the game.

By mid-2022, karrigan had secured more than 45 chips and had accumulated a staggering amount of prize money just from CSGO tournaments. He’s undoubtedly one of the best IGLs in the business, and a crack shot to boot. He has been around the houses in the world of CSGO, playing for a huge number of teams, offering his unbeatable abilities to many up-and-coming players.

Within the space of just a few months, karrigan (with FaZe Clan) won IEM Cologne, the PGL Major Antwerp, ESL Pro League S15, and IEM Katowice. He also secured the record for being the oldest player in history to win a CSGO Major. If he continues on with this pacing, which looks likely, he could overtake s1mple as the best CSGO player of all time. Unfortunately, time is working against karrigan, who turned 32 in 2022.

But, as recent tournaments have revealed, karrigan is still sharp and ready to compete, and more importantly, to win.

  • Teams: mousesports, Fnatic, Copenhagen Wolves, Dignitas, TSM, Astralis, FaZe Clan, Team Envy
  • Earnings: $1.4m

3. Robin Kool (ropz)

Image Credit: CSGO Wallpapers

Robin ‘ropz’ Kool has really come into his element in the last year or so with FaZe Clan. He’s one of the younger and more inexperienced players to make this list, but he’s a dramatically talented player with stacks of potential standing before him. He’s been a strong force in the CSGO scene since 2015, landing his first professional contract in 2017 when he signed with mousesports. He was pivotal in the development of the organisation, and in 2022, he moved on to fly the colours of FaZe Clan.

This proved to be a fantastic move for ropz, as, alongside the likes of karrigan, he went on to land several huge victories almost back-to-back in 2022. Following his signing with FaZe Clan, ropz secured victory at some of the biggest CSGO tournaments in the business:

  • IEM Katowice
  • ESL Pro League S15
  • PGL Major Antwerp
  • IEM Cologne

FaZe Clan was already one of the best CSGO teams in the scene, but with ropz representing the brand, it has become an absolute powerhouse. He’s an expert lurker with remarkable map knowledge, and he’s one of the most restrained individuals in the game. In CSGO, it pays to keep your head, and ropz is renowned for his coolness and clarity under fire. If there were CSGO odds on the most collected player in the game, your best bet would be with ropz.

On the HLTV rankings, ropz has broken into the top twenty three years in a row, climbing up the table with each successive year. He’s worked hard to get where he is, picking up numerous victories against some of the biggest names in CSGO.

  • Teams: mousesports, FaZe Clan
  • Earnings: $900k

4. Valerii Vakhovskyi (b1t)

b1t best csgo players of all time
Image Credit: Liquipedia

There’s a high chance that b1t could become the winningest player in the CSGO esports space, given his performance from 2021 onwards. There are some who claim that b1t is almost in the number-one spot for the most sought-after rifler in the business. As an integral part of the Natus Vincere squad, b1t was a key component in the team’s spree throughout 2021. As he fought alongside the likes of s1mple, b1t became one of the best CSGO players in such a short period of time.

At just 19 years old, b1t is the youngest player to make this list. He has only been active since 2019, but by mid-2022, he’d become one of the richest CSGO players, in terms of winnings. Like s1mple, who sits at the top of this list, b1t secured eight major wins in the space of just twelve months. There’s no doubt he’s one of the top 10 CSGO players of all time. In 2021, he was recognised at the Esports Awards, receiving the title of the Esports PC Rookie of the Year.

There are massive things in store for b1t, who likely has several years of competing just waiting ahead of him.

  • Teams: Natus Vincere
  • Earnings: $1m

5. Denis Sharipov (electroNic)

best csgo players electronic
Image Credit: Liquipedia

Denis ‘electroNic’ Sharipov enjoyed a massive rise to CSGO stardom as part of the Natus Vincere roster that dominated the scene in 2021. He’s been an active competitor since 2015, and recently, he’s been making waves as one of the best CSGO players of all time. In the space of twelve months, he fought alongside his Natus Vincere teammates to become one of the most legendary dynasties in the history of the esports industry.

Within that one year, electroNic had more wins and made more money than most players ever will in their entire careers. As a dominant IGL and razor-sharp rifler, electroNic stands out among the team, commanding the battlefield effortlessly. He’s a remarkable player with a bright future ahead of him, provided he can maintain the momentum he has picked up so far with Natus Vincere. He has ranked highly in HLTV’s Top 20 Players of the Year lists for the last four years, and there’s still plenty in store for electroNic as time goes on.

  • Teams: Natus Vincere
  • Earnings: $1.5m

6. Mathieu Herbaut (ZywOo)

Image Credit: The Loadout

Although ZywOo has been competing in CSGO since 2016, it wasn’t until 2018 that he made his ‘breakthrough’, snatching first place at the DreamHack Open Atlanta event. Since then, he’s become a powerhouse of the CSGO esports scene.

He’s a highly awarded player, boasting a stack of achievements and records that make him one of the best CSGO players in history. Here’s a breakdown of ZywOo’s achievements in recent years:

  • Only teenager to be ranked first on HLTV’s Top 20 Players of the Year
  • Most HLTV MVP awards from a player’s first year of professional play
  • Most HLTV MVP awards from losses
  • First (and only) player to end a map between two top 30 teams on LAN without dying a single time
  • MVP of 12 major tournaments
  • Player of the Year in 2019 and 2020
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2021: Sports & Games

And that’s before we tick off the big wins that ZywOo has seen over the years. From BLAST Premier to IEM and from DreamHack to FACEIT, ZywOo has been around the battlefield more than most players in the CSGO space. He’s a fantastic player with intense in-game abilities, and he remains versatile, dynamic, and, most importantly, young. At just 21 years of age (at the time of writing), ZywOo has years ahead of him in CSGO.

  • Teams: Vitality
  • Earnings: $520k

7. Peter Rasmussen (dupreech)

Image Credit: Gaimer

It would be impossible to close this list out without mentioning the highest-earning player in the history of CSGO esports. He’s undoubtedly one of the best CSGO players to ever grace the scene, and he has picked up more awards than most players can even dream of. He’s been competing since 2012, and he has enjoyed tenure alongside some of the best teams and players in the industry.

Dupreeh is a household name among CSGO fans, and even if he has slowed down recently, he’s still competing and picking up big cash prizes. He’s in joint first place with dev1ce (retired) for total rankings on the HLTV Player of the Year ranks, and he’s still going. As a versatile and highly skilled player, dupreeh can play almost any role on the battlefield.

During his money-making peak between 2016 and 2019, dupreeh picked up no fewer than 25 chips, netting a dramatically large amount of money. By 2022, he was one of just three players to attend all Majors throughout the history of the CSGO esports scene.

  • Teams: Astralis, TSM, Dignitas, Vitality
  • Earnings: $2m

8. Christopher Alesund (GeT_Right)

Image Credit: Times of Esports

Christopher ‘GeT_Right’ Alesund is an absolute legend of the CSGO space.

Up until his official retirement in January 2021, Alesund was one of the leading veteran powerhouses of Counter-Strike. His career spanned an incredible fourteen years, and he was a competitor at almost every tournament that took place. Between the years 2010 and 2016, Alesund was consistently ranked in the top twenty players in the world. There was nobody who supported CSGO esports that didn’t know the name ‘GeT_Right’.

He ended up collecting one world title, and twenty international titles and reached the finals or top eight spots in more than one hundred and twenty competitions. Alesund is widely regarded as the best CSGO player of all time, but modern-day competitors are definitely beating him out of that title. As his competitive career has come to an end, he can no longer defend that position, but there’s absolutely no doubting the legacy that Alesund has left behind.

  • Teams: Ninjas in Pyjamas, Dignitas
  • Earnings: $600k

9. Marcelo David (coldzera)

Image Credit: Dexerto

Coldzera is icy by name and by nature. This Brazilian beast is a CSGO legend and is easily ranked as one of the best CSGO players of all time. He’s enjoyed a couple of years at the top of the HLTV rankings, and he’s one of the esports’ biggest earners.

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As a player, coldzera has enjoyed stints with various teams such as Luminosity and FaZe, but most of his success came with SK Gaming. Under this organisation, coldzera picked up a remarkable number of huge victories over some of the biggest names in the game.

He’s an award-winning, player-dominating, money-making CSGO world champion. There’s no doubt he fits the list of the top 10 CSGO players of all time with ease.

  • Teams: Dexterity, Luminosity, SK Gaming, FaZe Clan, Complexity
  • Earnings: $1m

10. Nicolai Reedtz (dev1ce)

Image Credit: Wallpaper Cave

Like many of the best CSGO players, Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz hails from Denmark. He’s a remarkable player who doubles as one of the biggest earners in CSGO history. His record is sublime, and his skill as an AWPer is almost unmatched. Since 2010, dev1ce made the top twenty HLTV rankings seven times, marking him as an equal with dupreeh. And while he hasn’t ever secured the top spot on the list, it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

In 2022, dev1ce stepped down from active competition, citing the need to take a mental health break. That decision was made in January, and by September, there was still no sign of dev1ce’s return to gaming. Despite this information, dev1ce remains one of the best CSGO players of all time. He’s a multiple MVP award winner, and he has claimed the top spot at some of the biggest tournaments in the space.

If dev1ce makes a return anytime soon, he’ll be an easy one to watch if you’re trying to bet on CSGO.

  • Teams: Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Earnings: $1.9m

For a while, the naysayers in the industry have been asking, is CSGO dying? If you take a look at the performances, value, and popularity of these players, you can see for yourself that CSGO is very much alive, and it will be for a long time to come.