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Garena Free Fire Esports Mobile Game

Garena Free Fire is a hugely popular free-to-play battle royale game. It is similar to titles like Fortnite, or PUBG. In fact, it sort of looks like a happy medium between the two. It is not as cartoonish as Fortnite, neither is it as mil-sim focused as PUBG.

You might think that this in-between approach would not be particularly popular, but you would be wrong. It had 80 million active players in 2020, and that number has only grown. The game is only available on Android and iOS, it is not a particularly demanding game graphically and many mid-tier smartphones can run it. The easy accessibility of the game means that fans from all around the world can enjoy it.

Since it is growing in popularity all around the world, we wanted to provide some information about Free Fire Gameplay as well as some tips and tricks to help get you started on your new Battle Royale adventure.

Free Fire Gameplay explained

Free Fire gameplay explained

Like Fortnite, Apex Legends, or PUBG, Free Fire is a battle royale game. Unlike most battle royale titles, Free Fire is only available on mobile devices, and as such, it is not as varied or detailed as some other multiplayer titles.

That doesn’t stop Garena, the developers of the game, from stuffing it full of interesting game modes and mechanics. Here are just a few of the different game modes offered to players:

  • Classic:

This is your classic battle royale experience. It is not as larges as Apex legends or Fortnite, there are only 50 players in each map, but it still plays out in the same way. The last one standing out of the 50 players is crowned the winner.

  • Clash Squad:

This is a team deathmatch in the style of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Two teams of up to four players will duke it out across seven rounds of combat. The team who wins the most out of those seven rounds is declared the winner. With every kill or victory, you earn cash that you can spend in between rounds on weapons (Told you it was like CSGO).

  • Rush Hour:

This is the reduced version of their classic battle royale gameplay. There are only 20 players that are dropped into a significantly smaller map. These games tend to be much shorter, and far more action packed.

  • Kill Secured:

One of the many different temporary modes offered by Free Fire. These modes are often not around for very long, but they are recycled every so often so that you can have a chance to play them again. This game mode is another team deathmatch except when you die you drop a dog tag. If the enemy picks up the tag, they score extra points. However, allies can also pick up the tags to deny the enemy team the extra points.

  • Big-Head:

Another temporary team deathmatch mode where every player has a comically oversized head. Obviously, these temporary modes are not used at esports events, but they are definitely fun!

Free Fire Gameplay explained: Tips

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Where should I land?

You have two basic options when deciding a place to land in Free Fire. If you want to have a quiet early game and gather equipment and weapons to prepare for later in the match, you should head to a secluded area of the map with only a few buildings. That should ensure you have less enemies to deal with. However, you should be aware that there won’t be as much loot.

If you want to get into a fight straight away, you should drop into a very built-up area. Look for locations with a high density of buildings. By beginning there, you will have a higher chance of finding good loot early in the game, but you will also have a higher chance of meeting and having to fight an enemy with a poor early loadout.

What should I do when I land?

If you are a fan of Free Fire esports betting, you know that the first few minutes of gameplay can dramatically affect the rest of the game.

When you first land, you should begin looking for equipment to improve your loadout. The items you should focus on are a long gun, med kits, a backpack, a vest, and a helmet. By acquiring these items, you will increase your chances of survival by orders of magnitude. Prioritise item gathering in the early game. Do not go after other players until you are certain you are ready.

What to do when getting into a firefight?

Inevitably, you will end up squaring off against another player or group of players. You should m, make sure that you are in a good position before opening fire. Make sure you aren’t out in the open, find some environmental cover, or begin the fight from within a building.

Free Fire is a hugely popular game, there are even dedicated Free Fire betting sites, hopefully, this little explainer gave you a good overview of the game and what you need to know to dominate your competition.

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