Free Fire Top Skins – How Do The Free Fire Top Skins Work?

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Published: Aug 11, 2021 - Last Updated: Feb 21, 2024

Free Fire is a hugely popular battle royale title that first launched in August of 2017. In the last few years, Free Fire has risen to become one of the most-played and most-downloaded mobile games on a global scale. It’s exciting, somewhat strategic, and customisable – and that brings us to our discussion topic. Which are the Free Fire top skins in the entire game?

Like almost every other multiplayer or battle royale title out there, Free Fire has some great skins. It seems to be a growing trend in the industry – multiplayer games these days always offer multiple weapon and character skins to players. In Free Fire, there are many weapon skins to choose from, but character skins aren’t amendable.

How Do The Free Fire Top Skins Work?

Throughout November 2019, it was revealed that Free Fire had grossed more than $1 billion on a global scale. This income is generated almost entirely by the sale of in-game weapon skins.

These weapon skins can be broken down into four categories, each different from the other:

In a game like Free Fire, where weapon skins boost stats, it can pay off in esports betting to learn a little about them.

Every purchase on Free Fire is made in the Free Fire store – this includes characters, pets, and yes, weapon skins. If you’re looking for the Free Fire top skins, this is where it all happens. It’ll require you to purchase ‘diamonds’, but once you have them, you’re ready to start buying Free Fire skins.

Let’s get into the skins.

1. Blue Flame Draco AK

Image Credit: Chahalff

When it’s available in the store, the Blue Flame Draco AK is one of the most stunning weapon skins in the game. It’s a bright and colorful skin that gives the impression of a weapon wrapped in blue flames. When it was introduced, the Blue Flame Draco AK brought with it a unique range of attributes. It boasted a unique firing effect, announcement, emote, and kill effect, among other things.

Of course, almost every gamer that enjoys a shooting game knows what the AK is. It’s a massively popular rifle, and this skin only served to further that fact.

2. Kord Killspark Shinobi

Image Credit: GuruGamer

When Free Fire’s developers introduced the Kord Killspark Shinobi, it was to an extremely positive reception. This attractive, purple rifle boasted a considerable range and damage boost, at the cost of a slower reload speed. However, for an agile and capable sniper, picking up this weapon skin would pay off massively in-game.

It was originally made available through Free Fire’s ‘Weapon Royale’ event. In this event, players must spin a wheel using diamonds, until this particular skin ‘dropped’.

3. Apocalyptic Red M1014

Image Credit: YouTube

One of the most popular shotgun weapon skins in Free Fire, the Apocalyptic Red M1014 skin took the game by storm. This Incubator skin featured unique animations and it more than doubled the fire rate of the shotgun. It became a devastating weapon, with a further boost taking place in the reload speed. Although the overall capacity of the weapon was reduced by this skin, it still made the shotgun a formidable weapon.

Free Fire streamers were extremely excited to unlock this weapon skin from the Incubator. This weapon skin could help them win more than a few esports events.

4. Ultimate Titan SCAR

Image Credit: ABN News

There are many who have declared the Ultimate Titan SCAR as the Free Free top skin overall. At its foundation, the SCAR is a resilient and accurate rifle, and it has been tried and tested in games for years. In Free Fire, it’s already a rigorous weapon, but the Ultimate Titan skin makes it even better. It boosts the overall range of the weapon, doubles the fire rate, and increases the per-hit damage rate.

Ultimately, the Titan SCAR has a tiny negative point, suffering from a two-bullet decrease in the magazine capacity. That doesn’t have a noticeable impact on the weapon, however – it’s still one of Free Fire’s top skins.

5. Lively Beast XM8

Image Credit: WeGamers

The XM8 is a futuristic assault rifle, and when paired with this skin, it looks incredible. The Lively Beast is a Theme Skin, meaning it has very little in the way of stats boosts, but that doesn’t take away from its awesome aesthetic. There’s a rate of fire boost, paired with a slight magazine capacity decrease, but overall, the Lively Beast XM8 is a balanced and accurate weapon.

The Lively Beast XM8 is especially well known for its ability to score easy, rapid headshot kills.

6. Dragon AK-47

Image Credit:

This is the second AK skin on this list, and for good reason. It’s a remarkable attractive weapon skin that brings huge benefits to the user. It doesn’t just boost the overall damage of the AK-47, but also the rate of fire. It becomes a literal killing machine, dominating Free Fire’s environments with ease.

This skin is Legendary, meaning it’s immediately a little rarer in the realms of Free Fire top skins.

7. Duke Swallowtail

Image Credit: YouTube (Free Fire)

The Duke Swallowtail is an AWM skin reminiscent of CSGO. It looks remarkably similar to the AWP – and it actually offers a very similar killing capacity. The Duke Swallowtail skin is one of the prettiest skins in Free Fire. It’s a pinkish-red hue, but the entire weapon is surrounded by a floating red aura. There’s an attractive and graceful design up the side of the rifle, making it more desirable as a skin overall.

It also boasts a higher rate of fire and a larger magazine capacity, making it one of the best sniper skins in Free Fire. If you’re engaging in some Free Fire betting and you see a player with the Duke Swallowtail AWM, you know where you money should go.


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