Best Halo Tournaments of 2022


The Halo series is best known for its incredible campaigns, the endless fun in multiplayer, and the old MLG montages of the early 2000s. Halo continues its two-decade-long march with its latest entry, Halo Infinite with massive esports tournaments. Today, we’re going to look at the upcoming best Halo tournaments, and where your Halo Championship Series betting money should be placed.

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Halo Tournaments: HCS Roadmap

Here’s a brief overview provided by the HCS from way back in December. It is divided into two splits, with the first ending with the second Major in Kansas City. The second split ends with the Major in Orlando. The final tournament, the World Championship, contains about a third of the 3 million dollar prize pool. Making the Halo World Championship betting the most lucrative.

Image Credits | ESL Halo

Regional Championships

LAN events return with Halo Infinite, and the Regional Championships provide a space for each major region to host their best Halo players on stage. Top performers will be invited to the Group Stage in the upcoming Major, avoiding an early knockout in the Open Bracket. Prize pools for the Regionals range from $75,000 to $150,000

  • Anaheim 2022 February 11th won by Cloud 9
  • Valencia 2022 July 1st
  • Mexico City 2022 July 22nd 
  • DreamHack Melbourne 2022 September 2nd

North America is the only team to have played their Regional in the first split. The rest held a “Super” in its place.

The Supers

Supers are the online equivalent to the Regionals, meaning there is only one a year in every region and they also serve as a path to the next majors group stage. Prize pools from Supers are smaller than those of the Regionals, ranging from $50,000 to $125,000

  • Mexico Super March 4th won by Pittsburgh Knights
  • Oceania Super March 4th won by Chiefs Esports Club
  • Europe Super March 25th won by Acend
  • North America Super August 5th

Online events are not as fun or exciting as offline ones, but North America is the most stacked region. This is still one of the best Halo tournaments you don’t want to miss.

Image Credits | Halo esports

The Majors, the Best Halo Tournaments for Betting

The best Halo tournaments before the World Championship are the Majors. The first two have already concluded, with Cloud 9 taking Raleigh, and Sentinels taking Kansas City. The third and final Major will be held in Orlando in late September. The coming months will provide ample opportunity for the best Halo teams to qualify. While you may wish to bet on the teams that have proven they can win, you should note that both rosters have made changes moving into the second split.

Majors are split into three distinct parts, the Open Bracket, the Group Stage, and the Championship bracket

The Open Bracket hosts the largest number of teams, usually in the triple digits. It is a double elimination bracket, and the four teams who go undefeated take part in the group stage. The 16 other teams in the group stage were already qualified through the Supers and Regionals. The teams are split into four round robins, and are seeded into the Championship bracket based on their results. If a team placed top two in their group they could win the Major in just four games. If they performed the worst they would have to win nine games back to back.

  • Raleigh Kickoff Major December 17th, 2021 won by Cloud 9
  • Kansas City Major April 29th won by Sentinels
  • Orlando Major September 23rd

Orlando has a prize pool of only $250,000, 100k less than the previous Majors. This is because the top teams from Orlando will be invited to the Halo World Championship, the largest tournament of the year.

Halo World Championship 2022

A total of at least $1,000,000 plus community raised funds from in-game purchases lies in wait for the best professional Halo teams. The final top tournament of the year will take place in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center starting on October 20th. 

The only road to the World Championship is through Orlando. The top 12 teams immediately qualify for the group stage. The top two teams from each region that did not place top 12 must battle it out in the play-ins for the final four spots.