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The Halo series is best known for its incredible campaigns, the endless fun in multiplayer, and the old MLG montages of the early 2000s. Halo continues its two-decade-long march with its latest entry, Halo Infinite with massive esports tournaments. Today, we’re going to look at the upcoming best Halo tournaments for the upcoming Halo Championship Series so you’re as prepared as ever to place your esports bets. 

Best Halo Tournaments – An HCS Roadmap

Following a very successful inaugural season, 343 Industries is returning with some changes to the Halo Championship Series Roadmap this year. Ranging from February to October, there are a number of Major events which teams will qualify for through regional competition. At the end of the season, everything concludes with the Halo World Championship, with a new world champion crowned.

Kicking things off, here’s a brief roadmap of the best Halo tournaments to look out for this year:

  • February 24-26th – Charlotte Major
  • April 22-23rd – Quadrant Online Invitational
  • May 12-13th – FaZe Clan Online Invitational
  • June 2-4th – DreamHack Global Invitational
  • June 30th-July 2nd – OpTic Gaming Major
  • August 4-8th – Spacestation Gaming Global Invitational
  • September 1-3rd- Fort Worth Major
  • October 12-15th – Halo World Championship
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With so many events to discuss, read on as we describe the best Halo tournaments to look out for.

Weekly Online Events – Securing Essential Points

Firstly, as an essential element of the season, we have weekly competition taking place online thanks to FACEIT.

Organized in each region, this form of stable competition allows teams to gain points and tournament experience, earning them a place at the larger events in the year, such as Majors and Global Invitational. Do note, that on occasion, these weekly tournaments are hosted by esports organizations such as FaZe Clan and Quadrant. Furthermore, beyond points, these weekly competition will offer small prize pools of $2,000 and perhaps some low-risk betting opportunities.

Major Events – Multiple Texas Visits

Perhaps the greatest incentive for teams to compete in weekly online events is the opportunity to earn a spot in the Major events taking place this year. Indeed, the highly coveted $250,000 available for teams, and $5,000 FFA for all players always ensures a fantastic showing. Featuring, the very best Halo teams in the world, the open bracket at every Major also means that any team can show up and fight for a piece of the pie. Once again, these events are essential opportunities for teams to earn qualification points for the Halo World Championship.

Specifically, these events are the some of the best Halo tournaments to consider for betting, as the open bracket allows for some awesome surprises at times. This season, three Major events will be taking place:

  • February 24-26th – Charlotte Major
  • June 30th-July 2nd – OpTic Gaming Major
  • September 1-3rd- Fort Worth Major

Global Invitational – New Event Type

This is the part where 343 Industries shows off a touch of innovation.

While open bracket events are fun, there is often a need for the very best, and the very best only, to compete under one roof. Bearing this in mind, two ‘Global Invitational’ events look to shake up the formula as a new event type. With $125,000 on the line, only the top 16 teams in the world will be invited in order to crown a temporary champion before the next event.

Bearing this in mind, here’s how the 16 teams attending this event type will be seeded:

  • North America: 10 teams
  • Europe: 4 teams
  • Australia and New Zealand: 1 team
  • Mexico: 1 team

As a reminder, here are the Global Invitational events taking place this year:

  • June 2-4th – DreamHack Global Invitational
  • August 4-8th – Spacestation Gaming Global Invitational
best halo tournaments
Image Credits | Halo Esports Twitter

Halo World Championship 2023 – The Best Halo Tournament

Above all, without any doubt, the king of all the Halo Tournaments is the Halo World Championship. Including only the very best teams in the world, the event this year will take place in October, hosted in Seattle, Washington once again.

Throwing an insane $1,000,000 of prize pool on the line, this alone makes this event perfect for Halo betting. While for now, details are scarce, the event will likely be similar to this last season, featuring two stages of competition and an exciting Open Bracket. Last season, the likes of OpTic Gaming earned the throne, and will be looking to defend it this year. It’s at events such as the Halo World Championship, that the best Halo players cement their careers.

Halo Esports 2023 – Exciting Changes

Overall, 2023 is massive for the Halo Tournaments soon to come. Moreover, 343 Industries have made multiple changes to the circuit, such as featuring more offline events, removing Supers, adding Global Invitationals, reducing bracket sizes and more!

All of these changes look to improve the esport, which also means improving esports betting. With Halo esports tournaments on the rise, so are the opportunities to take betting to the next level!

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