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If you’re looking to get involved with Halo betting, you’re in the right place! Our ultimate guide has all you need to know to get started. As we all know, if there are opportunities for Halo esports, there are ample opportunities for Halo betting.

Top Halo Betting Sites in 2023

Before we get into the breakdown, here is a list of the best Halo betting platforms in 2021. It’s here that you’ll find the greatest markets, the most advantageous odds, and the tantalising welcome offers and bonuses. As Halo esports begins taking off once again, you’ll need to bookmark some of these platforms.

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History of Halo

Once upon a time, Halo was a top-tier title in the competitive gaming space. In fact, many of today’s Call of Duty esports competitors cut their teeth on the battlegrounds of earlier Halo titles. For example, the likes of Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper all built their gaming foundations on Halo esports. Now, we’re here today to announce that Halo is coming back into the scene, and to bring you a comprehensive Halo betting guide.

Since 2018, Halo’s esports environment dropped off somewhat, and the title slipped down the competitive scale. But, in 2021, Halo’s developers announced the return of the Halo Championship Series, a high-profile, high-octane event competed by the world’s greatest Halo players. Furthermore, they’d promised that Halo Infinite, the newest title in the franchise, would boast unparalleled competitive and esports opportunities.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Halo Betting Site

Let’s face it, there are so many platforms to choose from when it comes to online betting. These days, there is a huge assortment of traditional, specialist, and hybrid betting sites, and it can be complex to figure out which one is best for you. When it comes to Halo betting, we can start simple and work our way up to the more complex.

For example, if you’re new to Halo betting – or any esports betting sites – you’ll want to pick a high-profile, reputable platform. This includes the likes of Betway or Bet365. These platforms are known as hybrid betting sites, as they offer markets for traditional sports, esports, virtual sports, and casino games.

Furthermore, these platforms will boast the most secure service, beneficial offers and bonuses, and exclusive markets.

However, if you want to focus on just esports betting, then you could pick a specialist platform like GG.bet or Unikrn. These platforms either started on or focus solely on esports, so you’ll find more markets tailored to the game you’re playing.

Ultimately, you’ll need to consider the depth of markets available, and the overall balance of odds. Then, ensure the platform has ample coverage of Halo esports, and that you can actually use the platform in your country.

Halo Betting Markets

When it comes to Halo betting, you’re less likely to find a massively diverse selection of markets to choose from. Unfortunately, Halo just isn’t as big as something like football or basketball, so there’s less for the bookmakers to offer in terms of markets. However, with that being said, there is still plenty to choose from, and some betting sites will be more generous with their markets.

Typically, Halo betting markets will fall under four major categories:

  • Specials
  • Outright winner
  • Handicap
  • Match winner

If you’re a fan of betting in general, you may already recognize some of these terms. Regardless, if you’re a total newcomer to esports betting, some of these terms are easily understood. For example, the outright winner market usually pertains to the overall winner of the entire competition. If you get in early on this market and place a bet on an ‘outsider’ that eventually winds up winning, you could pick up a huge payday.

Match winner, on the other hand, is a market in which a bettor determines the winner of any given match. Typically, this will feature a Team A vs. Team B structure, and you’ll have, on paper, a 50-50 chance of picking the correct result. However, it’ll always pay to go in with a little knowledge of the competitors themselves.

Now, if you’re feeling a little luckier, you can pick something more exotic, traditionally labeled as the Specials markets. These markets will feature the likes of total kills, first map winner, first blood, correct score, and many more. There’s really no end to the potential of these markets, and they’ll run as deep as the bookmaker cares to provide.

Halo Betting Strategy

Let’s talk tactics.

If you’re toying with esports odds and putting down a few wagers, it’ll pay to go in with a touch of strategy. As Halo esports are making a big comeback, we’re likely to see many platforms offering markets for the title, but that doesn’t mean you should fly between them without a care in the world. These are the top tips you should take with you when getting involved with Halo betting:

Learn the game.

In the long and short term, it’ll pay off to learn how the game itself is played. If you can understand the mechanics of Halo Infinite, you’ll have the edge when it comes to dynamic betting. This pertains to live, in-play markets that change as the game unravels.

Learn the competitors.

If you don’t know which of the two teams will win, how can you place an educated bet? If you’re relying on the odds and the odds alone, there’s a much lower chance that you’ll actually succeed.

Play the field.

We’ve already mentioned that there are so many platforms to choose from when it comes to Halo betting. And, in actual fact, you can benefit by playing on more than one platform. It’s no big secret that these platforms offer attractive welcome bonuses and offers, and you can leverage these to your advantage to win big.

Start small.

If you’re new to Halo betting, try starting out with match-winner bets, and then work your way up to dynamic, complex markets. It’ll give you the ability to learn about the competitors before parting ways with bigger sums of cash.

Halo Esports Events

Image Credit: Esports News UK

Without a doubt, the biggest Halo esports tournament on the horizon is the Halo Championship Series (HCS). This particular competition hasn’t been properly played since 2018 when it ended with a $300k final showdown in Atlanta. Since then, we saw an appearance of a one-off HCS Invitational in 2019, but it was very short-lived and featured just six teams.

By comparison, the last HCS season featured more than seventy individual teams. However, it has already been determined that big changes will be coming to Halo esports’ biggest event, with several teams being brought in as official partners. These teams will be granted an automatic spot in the competition, with more teams to follow when the competition kicks off.

Although, that isn’t where it ends for Halo esports (and Halo betting), as there are a few smaller events to consider. It’s important to remember that most betting sites will not cover these smaller competitions, but if you can watch them, they make for great exposure to the environment.

The Best Halo Esports Teams

As the general scene has experienced a downturn, it can be hard to gauge which teams are the best in 2021.

In 2018, the last Halo Championship Series was won by team Splyce, which actually disbanded shortly after the win. There’s a little fact to be found here – one of the leading players for Splyce in the HCS 2018 series was Shotzzy, who would go on to be crowned a Call of Duty League MVP one year later. Now, he’s a straight win for anyone looking to dive into a little Call of Duty betting.

Bizarrely, out of the eight teams that made it through the HCS 2018 series, only one has returned as an official partner in the reboot of the Halo Championship Series. Although, based on the current roster, we can take a guess at the best Halo esports teams:

  • Cloud9 – One of the longest-standing and winningest teams in esports, Cloud9 could pick up a huge win in the HCS.
  • EUnited – This is a world championship organization with firm roots in first-person shooter esports.
  • FaZe Clan – The most recognizable brand in esports definitely has a brilliant chance of winning the HCS.
  • Fnatic – This organization boasts a tangible and successful history in Halo esports.
  • G2 Esports – Pound for pound, G2 Esports is one of the most valuable and successful esports organizations on the planet – could they win the HCS?
  • NAVI – NAVI is best known for CSGO, and that’ll be the organization’s first trip into the Halo esports scene – how will they fare?
  • Sentinels – There are many people backing the Sentinels, as reportedly, the organization will be fielding current Halo best players.
  • Spacestation Gaming – This organization is considered to be the underdog in the HCS, but it still stands a fair chance of winning.

Ultimately, it’ll come down to the format of the competition, the skill of the players, and the luck of the game to determine which teams are best!

Image Credit: Microsoft

Halo Betting - FAQs

For a while, you’d be right in assuming that Halo esports had dropped off the radar. However, with the launch of the Halo Infinite, the first brand new iteration in the series since 2015, the developers have re-injected a sense of competition into the game. Now, Halo is set to make an enormous and exciting return, with a valuable and lucrative Halo Championship Series taking to the main stage.

When the HCS launches, it’ll be packed with top-tier competitive talent, playing for the biggest and brightest organisations in gaming history. Furthermore, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode will actually be free of charge, so many millions of players will be able to access the title with ease. It’ll be the most populated and highly anticipated Halo title in history.

Halo certainly is an esport, as it fulfills all the base criteria required to be classed as an esport. For example, it’s an online video game that features multiplayer combat, which is essentially what you need to class something as an esport. There are millions of people who have, over the last few years, poured thousands of hours into enjoying Halo esports, and millions of dollars in prize money has changed hands through tournaments.

It’s like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, CSGO, or any other first-person shooter out there with a multiplayer focus.

Through the Master Chief Collection, a range of Halo titles were made playable on PC. However, these titles weren’t the main competitive focus, which for many years, has been centered around Halo 5: Guardians. Although, when Guardians launched, it was exclusive to Xbox One, and by 2021, it still was. It was confirmed that there’d be no plans to bring Halo 5: Guardians to PC, especially with the launch of Halo Infinite rapidly approaching.

But, Halo Infinite itself was confirmed to be a multi-platform title, being launched on both Xbox consoles and PC. Furthermore, developers 343 Industries explained that Halo Infinite would be cross-platform, with players on both Xbox and PC platforms connecting with one another in-game.

Be Prepared For Halo Betting

Halo Infinite launched in December 2021. If you’re interested in Halo esports betting, you’ll need to get ahead of the game as quickly as possible. You’ve already read this guide, so that’s a start, but be sure to soak up as much knowledge about the game as possible ahead of launch.

As always, we wish you the best of luck with your wagers, and we’ll see you in the game.

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