The 5 Best Top Laners in the World

Nuguri Best LoL Top Laner

League of Legends may be a team game, however, there are a select few of the best lol players that can single-handedly impact the outcome of their game. Here, we will primarily cover the current best LoL top laners in the world. Roster moves involving the best top laners in League of Legends will directly impact LoL betting. Therefore, it is important to focus on those listed in our top 5 list to maximize your League of Legends odds.

1. Nuguri

Nuguri Best LoL Top Laner
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Nuguri started his career with I Gaming Star, a Korean team that competed in the minor CK league. Despite the team underperforming, his talent was quickly noticed just shy of a year into his career. Nuguri was then signed to Damwon Gaming with a few other rookies including Showmaker, another one of the great League of Legends players. His very capable teammates allowed Nuguri to shine. In just a year with Damwon Gaming, Nuguri helped the team promote to the LCK and only continued to steadily improve.

In the spectacular fashion of their second year competing in Korea’s highest level of play, Nuguri soared to even greater heights. He went on to dominate the 2020 LCK Summer season & playoffs, before going on to win the League of Legends Worlds 2020.

After reaching the peak and winning LoL Worlds 2020, Nuguri signed with FunPlus Phoenix, moving regions to compete for a top LPL team. Despite a slow start likely stemming from communication errors and a new environment, Nuguri quickly adapted. Recently, FPX had won the LPL 2021 Summer season, truly demonstrating Nuguri’s position as one of the best top laners in League of Legends of all time.

After a quarterfinal finish at Worlds 2022, Nuguri has retired from competitive League of Legends.

2. Impact

best top laners
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Impact has been playing competitive League of Legends for over 10 years and was the Season 3 World Champion. After arriving to NA in 2015, Impact has been dominating the top lane in every team he’s played on.

With a shocking announcement to move from TL to FlyQuest, Impact is now playing on a super team with Prince and Spica bolstering an 11-2 record in the LCS 2023 Spring Season. Ever since his time in Korea, his only deep run into Worlds was in 2017 with Cloud 9.

FlyQuest Impact has his sights locked on Worlds again as he is on his way to take home the LCS Spring Championships by making a difference in the top lane. His current favorite champions to play in the top lane are K’Sante, Sion, Gangplank, Gwen and Jax.

3. Wunder

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Wunder is one of the key reasons G2 Esports is able to maintain their spot at the top of the LEC. Prior to Wunder joining G2 Esports, G2 had already been the best team in the EU, meaning he had to fill the big shoes of Expect, the team’s previous top lane.

While G2 struggled and had been knocked out early in the 2018 EU LCS Summer Playoffs, they got a second chance to qualify for worlds by finishing first in the EU Regional Finals 2018. Wunder proved skeptics wrong, with his consistently strong play being able to rival the top few League of Legends top laners in the world. Wunder and the rest of G2 became one of the prides of the EU alongside Fnatic, for the first time in history two EU teams had entered the semi-finals of the League of Legends World Championships alongside each other.

In the LEC 2023 Spring Season, Wunder signed with Fnatic and is currently struggling in the LEC. However, this might be due to the recent roster swap as Wunder is still trying to find synergy with his newly formed team.

4. Rich

Rich LoL Top Laners
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Rich is an up-and-coming rookie currently playing for Nongshim RedForce. Rich initially started off as one of three botlaners for Gen.G, however, due to the large roster, he failed to receive any real playtime on stage. Just after one split, Rich went on to join Team Dynamics in the CK as their top laner. There, he gained the opportunity to truly shine, completely wiping out the competition.

Rich led his team to the top, Team Dynamics being uncontested in the LCK 2020 Summer Promotion. Rebranding to Nongshim Redforce, Rich only improved with the increased support, ultimately finishing the 2021 LCK Summer season with a 12-6 standing alongside DWG KIA and Gen.G, two well-established top LCK teams.

Rich is currently looking for a team as he was unable to secure a spot in the LPL team Ninjas in Pyjamas.

5. TheShy

league of legends top laners TheShy
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TheShy was one of the best lol top laners in the world, being able to even take down his Korean competition during the LCK’s peak. TheShy had been known as an innovator, bringing out various carry picks by playing marksmen in the top lane. While TheShy can carry games solo, his playstyle has also led to inconsistencies, especially during meta changes.
Currently, TheShy and his new team Weibo Gaming is constantly performing in the LPL with a high chance of making it to playoffs.

Honorable Mentions


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MaRin had been an unstoppable force when he competed with SK Telecom T1. Not only did he completely dominate his competition in the LCK, MaRin went on to win the League of Legends Worlds 2015. Even greater, MaRin had been named the finals MVP of worlds that year over Faker, cementing his position as one of the best lol top laners of all time and all-time best lol players.


best top laners in league of legends dyrus
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Dyrus is one of the veterans in the League of Legends scene having competed since the inception of the competitive LoL scene. Dyrus gained notoriety with Epik Gamer, before joining Team SoloMid in season 2. There, Dyrus had become a key pillar in TSM due to his solid and consistent play. Dyrus built a reputation of always being able to constantly attract and waste the enemy jungler’s attention, barely dying to ganks or towers dives in even the most precarious situations.


Huni league of legends top laners
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Along with his charisma, Huni is always a fan favorite due to his strength in the top lane. Huni has been regarded as one of the best lol top laners due to his impeccable mechanics and adaptability, no matter where he goes. He represented top teams and has found success in three of the four major regions; Korea, Europe, and North America.

While many claim Huni is no longer in his prime following a quick trip to NA Academy, Huni has proved doubters wrong. After joining TSM, an established team with fellow strong teammates, Huni has once again been able to dominate the rift. Before Huni joined, TSM had been on the decline. However, with his support, TSM has turned around and been able to once again rise to the top of North America with a first-place finish in the recent LCS 2021 Summer Season.

In the LCS 2023 Spring Season, Huni has moved on from TSM to join Riot Games as an analyst.

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