Best Mobile Legends Teams: MLBB Team Ranking 2023


Looking for the best Mobile Legends teams? Then you are in the right place, as we have created a ranking for best MLBB teamsMobile Legends has grown exponentially, with millions of players competing for dominance on the virtual battlefield. With so many teams out there, it can be tough to know which ones to watch out for.

That’s where we come in! Our MLBB teams ranking will help you discover the top teams to keep an eye on.

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MLBB Best Teams List

These are the best Mobile Legends teams to watch or bet on in 2023:

  1. ECHO
  2. Onic Esports
  3. RRQ Hoshi
  4. Blacklist International
  5. BloodThirstyKings
  6. RSG PH
  8. EVOS Legends
  9. TODAK
  10. RRQ Akira

Best Mobile Legends Teams

10. RRQ Akira

rrq akira best mobile legends teams
Image credits: RRQ Akira

RRQ Akira are are arguably the best team from South America. In the M4 World Championship, three South American teams competed: S11 Gaming from Argentina, Malvinas Gaming from Peru, and RRQ Akira from Brazil. The latter would reach the farthest, making it to Round 3 of the lower bracket.

RRQ are also a dominant force in the MLBB Professional League (MPL) Brazil. Fielding the same roster since early 2022, the team has won the MPL Brazil Seasons 2, 3, and 4. 

If you want to get started with Mobile Legends betting, know that RRQ Akira is arguably the strongest Mobile Legends team in SA.


Image credits: TODAK

When talking about MLBB in Malaysia, there’s only one team in the forefront – and that is TODAK. Since their entry in Season 4, they have placed in the top two in all but one of the 8 next seasons. 

The most recent addition was the MPL Malaysia Season 11, where the team placed first and went on to represent the country at the MLBB MSC 2023. Here, they couldn’t perform as well but got the fifth to eight place finish. 

In the 1st World Championship, TODAK also managed to finish 3rd, setting the highest international stage standard for all Malaysian ML teams and proving themselves the strongest Mobile Legends team in their region.

8. EVOS Legends

Evos Legends logo best mobile legends teams
Image credits: EVOS Legends

EVOS Legends are one of the best teams from the immensely competitive Indonesian region. Competing in the MPL Indonesia as one of the franchised teams, they are one of the most decorated orgs in the history of MLBB esports. They were the champions of the first edition of the M World Championships, as they took down RRQ in the M1 World Championship for the title. Since then, no Indonesian team has been able to claim the title. 

In the previous Season 11 of the MPL Indonesia, the team finished in an impressive second place which indicates an upward trend after some bad performances in 2022 and 2021. Nonetheless, their rich history and recent uptick in performance is enough to earn them the eighth spot in this list.


Image credits: Burn Gaming and Team Flash

BURN x FLASH are a Cambodian team formed in a collaboration with Burn Gaming and Team Flash. They have been a dominant force in Cambodia, having won the MPL Cambodia Autumn 2022 and the Spring 2023 seasons.

Most recently, they placed fourth in the MLBB MSC 2023 while competing against the best Mobile Legends teams of the world.

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6. RSG Philippines

RSG Philippines logo
Image credits: RSG Philippines

RSG PH has been competing in arguably one of the toughest regions for Mobile Legends, the Philippines. During the 2022 season, they were one of the most dominant teams globally. They won the MPL Philippines Season 9 and the MLBB MSC 2022. If you’re a player on the Philippines esports online betting scene, RSG PH has probably been a profitable bet over the past year.

In 2023, they have also been performing well. They placed third in Season 11 of the MPL Philippines.

5. BloodThirstyKings

Image credits: BTK

BloodThirtyKings, or BTK, has become the Western menace to the East since the team finished 3rd in the M3 World Championship. Before that, saying any Western team would last on the international stage was almost taboo in the community. Now everyone keeps an eye on what’s unraveling in NA.

And what’s happening is BTK, the strongest Mobile Legends team in the region, are still displaying strong vital signs. There are many new names in the league, but we don’t know for sure if NA’s firstborn is ready to be replaced—not as long as Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun and company are putting the Eastern heavyweights on their toes.

BTK have had a slight slump recently, though. After winning the NACT Spring 2023, they weren’t able to compete internationally due to visa issues. However, the team will be looking to stage a comeback in the Fall Season.

4. Blacklist International

blacklist international best mobile legends teams
Image credits: Blacklist International

Champions of the M3 World Championship and runner-up of the M4 World Championship. That’s all you have to know about Blacklist International. But if that’s not enough, it’s good to know they’ve also won 3 out of the 5 most recent MPL PH Seasons.

What’s so special about them? Other than the roster having the top Mobile Legends players in the region, the chemistry is simply spot on. For a while, Blacklist International was irrefutably the strongest Mobile Legends team in the Philippines, operating like a well-oiled machine and capitalizing as one on in-game opportunities.

Now that two members of the star lineup are out of the roster, this same chemistry is thrown into question. Regardless, Blacklist International has done something unlikely to be repeated anytime soon.

In December 2022, Blacklist International partnered with Rivalry, an esports betting and media company.

3. RRQ Hoshi

rrq hoshi
Image credits: RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi isn’t just a team—it’s the Indonesian ML spirit crystallized and breathed into life. They’ve been the sovereign of the Indonesian pro league since MPL ID S2 in 2018, claiming 1st place in 4 seasons and 2nd place in pretty much all the seasons they didn’t win.

When it comes to the competitive scene, RRQ Hoshi means business. They almost won the M1 World Championship themselves (2nd place). And in the recent M4 World Championship, they came too close to the goal again (3rd place).

So far, the team hasn’t made a major roster change just yet, which could be their biggest advantage coming into the next World Championship. Considering the team’s history, it’s logical to assume they’re going to meet with the other MLBB best teams once again in the next international event.

2. ONIC Esports

onic esports best mobile legends teams
Image credits: ONIC Esports

Within 4 years, ONIC Esports (not to be confused with ONIC Philippines) have finished 1st place 4 times in MPL Indonesia (MPL ID S3, S8, S10, and S11), 2nd once (MPL ID S9) and 3rd once (MPL ID S5). 

They’re a threat on the international stage too, leaving the M4 World Championship in 4th place. They lost to Indonesian favorite RRQ Hoshi in the semifinals back then, although they’re not losing to them now. In the recently concluded MLBB MSC 2023, they reclaimed Indonesia’s pride by taking down EVOS in the Grand Finals to pick up the trophy – cementing their name as one of the best Mobile Legends teams globally.


Image credits: Echo

Putting ECHO as the number one Mobile Legends team around the world would have been a dispute a few months ago. Now, though, they have sealed that title. After winning the M4 World Championship, they won the MPL Philippines Season 11 and also placed third in the MLBB SEA Cup 2023. 

While it may not be a long list of achievements, ECHO have shown that they mean business. Counterintuitive? Yes. But so is winning a World Championship only a year after putting a team together. In fact, ECHO gold laner Frederic “Bennyqt” Gonzales and EXP laner Sanford “Sanford” Vinuya did not join the team until July 2022, 6 months before the M4 World Championship in January.

Best Mobile Legends Teams FAQs

Who is the strongest team in Mobile Legends?

As champions of the most recent M World Championship, ECHO is currently the strongest Mobile Legends team.

What are the pro teams in Mobile Legends?

ECHO, Blacklist International, RRQ Hoshi, ONIC Esports, and TODAK are some of the most accomplished pro teams in Mobile Legends.
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