Bayes Esports Expands to NJ and CO, Partners with Bet365

Published: Oct 28, 2022 - Last Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Recently, the U.S. betting market has been undergoing a rapid bout of expansion. In the last few years, dozens of states have opened their doors to sports betting practices – particularly online sports betting practices. It was announced days ago that Bayes Esports, a data and betting services provider, will be partnering with the likes of Bet365 in key markets – New Jersey and Colorado.

This deal follows Bayes Esports’ registration as a licensed sports betting supplier within these two states. As a provider, it’ll work to supply Bet365 with live esports betting data and feeds, making it the first registered supplier in the United States to ‘leverage esports data directly from a game publisher’.

Bayes Bringing Legitimate Data

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As a registered and regulated provider, the data that Bayes Esports provides is of the utmost reliability. For a long while, betting firms in the United States have been working hard to sway voters in favour of new gambling laws, citing safety, security, and above all else, legitimacy. However, esports betting is still a relatively under-appreciated concept in the United States, despite many firms working to increase the popularity of the practice.

This sentiment was explored by Amir Mirzaee, COO and Managing Director at Bayes Esports:

The betting market in the US is changing and while it is still lagging behind its European counterpart, it without a doubt will be one of the biggest and most relevant markets soon. Out of all the states, New Jersey and Colorado happened to be the most progressive and open to innovation, but we expect others to follow suit very shortly.

At present, Bayes Esports is undergoing a period of rapid expansion. Recently, it has sealed partnership deals with the likes of Riot Games, ESL Gaming, and Dreamhack, working to provide in-depth, accurate, and insightful esports gaming data.

Outside of New Jersey and Colorado, Bayes Esports is attempting to be a part of a revolution seeking to drive changes in gambling legislation across the country. For instance, in Nevada, the company works closely with the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Esports Technical Advisory Committee to bring about change.

Admittedly, there’s still quite a long road ahead for esports betting sites operating in the United States. With the market opening up state by state, there is a mix of regulations and requirements to adhere to, which must be considered almost on a case-by-case basis. For the most part, there are limitations on how many operators can deliver gambling services in any given state at one time, which again poses another limitation.

But, as Bayes Esports can attest to, the market is expanding and becoming more accepting of this ‘niche market’ every day.

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