Best VALORANT Tracker Sites – An Ultimate Guide

Published: Jul 1, 2024

VALORANT Tracker Sites come in all shapes and sizes, with differing features and novelties – but which one is best? In this guide, we’re taking a concise look at what’s available, listing all the options and discussing what VALORANT statistics need tracking.

VALORANT Tracker Sites – Basic Concept

Best VALORANT Tracker Sites - An Ultimate Guide
Image Credits: Riot Games

Tracker sites aren’t unique to VALORANT, but are commonplace for competitive titles. Simply put, outside of offering one the ability to boast to friends about your incredible statistics, studying statistics is a key way of improving performance and slowly climbing the VALORANT ranked system.

Heavily advertised, VALORANT tracker sites aim to do just that – tracking all of your statistics alongside your live performance. In addition, these sites tend to be accompanied by VALORANT tracker apps to take action on the go. Selecting the best tracker site is somewhat similar to picking an esports betting site.

Before we dive into some examples, here are some of the features to look out for when it comes to VALORANT tracker sites:

Best VALORANT Tracker Sites - An Ultimate Guide
Image Credits: Riot Games

Best VALORANT Tracker Sites

Let’s list the most popular VALORANT Trackers which are available on the market right now:

Riot Games has no issue with VALORANT trackers and sites as long as they offer no means of cheating, considering their strict anti-cheat policy.

VALORANT Tracker Sites & Apps – How to Choose

When it comes to selecting a particular VALORANT Tracket Site or App, there are several factors to consider besides your favorite VALORANT content creator supporting it.

For this particular guide, we’re diving into some essential factors and considerations for this decision:

Overall, the decision is just like picking out your very own VALORANT betting site. Look carefully at the options, select what fits you best and go with it.

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