Valorant Ranks

Valorant Ranking System Explained


Valorant is a highly competitive first-person shooter that requires time and commitment to succeed. Getting to Radiant is no easy task, so here we’ll cover everything you need to know about Valorant ranks – from the initial placement into the Rank Rating, climbing (and falling ) on the leaderboard, and learning what affects your RR. Once you familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of the Valorant rank distribution, you’ll be ready to begin your ascent to Radiant.

Valorant Ranks List

  • Iron 1-3
  • Bronze 1-3
  • Silver 1-3
  • Gold 1-3
  • Platinum 1-3
  • Diamond 1-3
  • Immortal 1-3
  • Radiant


Placement Match

Before you’re assigned a Valorant rank, you’ll first have to play 5 placement matches which will determine your initial placement. Depending on your performance during those 5 matches, you can end up anywhere from Iron 1 to Diamond 1. This will also affect your matchmaking rating (MMR), which is another system that Valorant uses to measure your performance skill level.

Once that’s out of the way and you’ve been assigned a Valorant rank, you can then begin your climb to the top. 

Climbing the Ranks

As soon as you’re assigned your initial placement, it’s time to climb the Valorant ranks. Each time you finish a competitive Valorant match, you’ll be given a specific number of RR points. When you accumulate 100 RR points, you’ll climb one rank. It’s fairly simple, and this is how the system works for ranks from Iron to Diamond. 

The immortal and Radiant Valorant ranks are a bit different. These ranks don’t have a cap on the Rank Rating, but instead you keep earning RR indefinitely. Each Valorant region has certain thresholds for all three Immortal ranks, as well as Radiant. Once you’ve accumulated enough RR points and passed the threshold, your Valorant rank changes. 

Going from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2 could take from 80-100 RR points, and this depends entirely on the region you’re playing in. The difference can be quite large, which means that some regions can hit Radiant easier than others. For example, the LATAM/KR region may only require 200 RR for Radiant, the NA region 450 RR, and the EU region requiring 550 RR to reach the final Valorant rank.


Radiant – the Highest Rank in Valorant

Radiant is the final Valorant rank, and as such, only the best Valorant players can attain it. The Radiant rank also has an extra condition to it. To climb from Immortal 1 to Immortal 3, players only need to reach a specific RR regional threshold. For Radiant, players need to do that, and also ensure they’re one of the top 500 players in the region. If both conditions aren’t fulfilled, the player will be stuck at Immortal 3. 

Valorant matches come with wins and losses, and to reach Radiant, you’ll need to have a specific mindset. Knowing how to handle winning and losing, staying calm, not getting overconfident, and just generally analyzing your performance in each match and learning what you need to improve – all of this combined is what makes a Radiant player a step above the other Valorant ranks.

How does RR work?

Valorant ranks compared to CS:GO work in a similar way – you gain ranks according to your overall performance, which in this case is Valorant Rank Rating (RR).

Your Valorant RR will increase or drop depending on several factors. First, your RR will increase if you win, and decrease if you lose. Now the question is – how much RR can I gain per match? 

This is interesting, as two individual players can win a match, but get different RRs. The final RR amount depends on your MMR, which is the hidden matchmaking rating system that evaluates your performance and matches you with players of equal strength. If your MMR is higher than your RR, you’ll be gaining more rating per Valorant match. It’s as simple as that.

The final outcome of the match is the biggest factor in determining the amount of RR a player receives. If you win your match with a better score, meaning you finish with a higher round differential, you’ll also get more RR. This is especially important for Immortal and Radiant Valorant ranks.


How to Climb Ranks Fast

The Valorant ranks system is set up in such a way that you’ll gradually increase your RR as long as you play the game and win more than you lose. But how do we climb Valorant ranks fast?

This is where the hidden MMR kicks in, and it allows skilled players to jump through the ranks lightning-fast. As mentioned previously, the ranks in Valorant are calculated according to the match outcome, but your individual performance plays a big role as well.

Exceptionally skilled players will have a significantly higher MMR than their RR, so each match will yield much more RR points, which will accelerate their progress even further. 

Stuck in Low Rank Valorant

While focusing on your individual skill in Valorant is a great way of improving your Valorant ranks, you must go a step further and also think about how your performance impacts your team. Remember, Valorant is a team-based game and being selfish will ultimately cost you and others.

There are several reasons why you might be stuck in a specific rank. First, there will come a time when you might need to revise your strategy. Being unwilling to recognize the need to change something in your playstyle, and then slowly changing it, can lead to you being stuck and not progressing. Another thing that goes hand-in-hand with this is blaming your team. Once you fix this, you can unblock your mental barrier and push onwards.

Next, focus on polishing the other aspects of your playstyle. Understand the game economy, learn when to plant a spike and how to play around it, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon and how to best utilize them. By researching all these little details, you’ll help your team win more rounds and keep the momentum of the match, which will snowball into a victory.

Valorant Ranking System Explained

Learn From the Pros

Valorant has become one of the most popular esports titles, and there’s no shortage of content when it comes to this first-person shooter. There’s the Valorant Champions Tour, which is the biggest Valorant esports event and is covered by all major Valorant betting sites. Here you can watch some of the most exciting Valorant matches and see how the professional players play and what tactics they utilize.

By following some professional players, either through watching their streams or analyzing their performance in Valorant tournaments, you’ll gain important insight which will help you climb Valorant ranks. 

Many of these Valorant players will discuss their approach while streaming, so it’s not a bad idea to follow some of your favourites and tune in from time to time. Once you learn some new tips and tricks, then you just have to put them into practice. As long as you keep working on yourself and continue learning, your Valorant ranks will also continue to improve.