CaptainSparklez Net Worth: How does the Minecraft content creator make money?

Published: Sep 28, 2022 - Last Updated: Nov 14, 2022

CaptainSparklez is one of the most popular Minecraft creators in the world, and we’re pretty sure that lots of people are aching to know what CaptainSparklez’s net worth is. Well, we’re here to show how much money CaptainSparklez makes and reveal some of his more surprising revenue streams.

After all, you’ll probably know CaptainSparklez just as being that Minecraft guy, but he’s got a lot more to him than that. With some successful investment ventures and massive sponsorship deals, it’s clear that CaptainSparklez has some business talent. So take a look below to see what CaptainSparklez’s net worth is right now.

Net Worth$15 million
Real NameJordan Maron
Date of Birth10 February 1992
Twitch Followers2 million
YouTube Subscribers11.3 million

CaptainSparklez Net Worth

Who is CaptainSparklez?

CaptainSparklez was born as Jordan Maron in Los Angeles in 1992. He did all of the regular stuff, like going to high school and even studying chemical engineering at university, before dropping out to make YouTube his full-time job.

He started his first YouTube channel in 2010, which featured him uploading videos of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. From here, he gradually built up a name for himself through his gaming commentaries and managed to clock up a billion video views in less than four years.

This was based on the popularity of his Minecraft videos that would feature gameplay elements alongside his own Minecraft-themed songs and videos. From here, CaptainSparklez has branched out to feature content relating to music and other games like Fortnite.

He’s also shown himself to be willing to experiment with reaction videos to Reddit posts, but he seems to have settled back into making Minecraft his main focus. It’s worth bearing in mind that CaptainSparklez features no less than 11 YouTube channels, alongside a very popular Twitch channel.

How does CaptainSparklez make money?

YouTube streaming

CaptainSparklez makes most of his cash from YouTube streaming revenues. This is where he earns a small proportion of what YouTube generates from his own videos through its AdSense program. Since CaptainSparklez launched his YouTube channel in 2010, he has already clocked up nearly four billion views and become the 164th most popular YouTuber in the US. Current estimates are that CaptainSparklez could earn anywhere up to $134,000 yearly from his YouTube revenues.

Business ventures

Not only is CaptainSparklez a great gamer, but he’s also shown himself to be a pretty shrewd entrepreneur. This was definitely seen when he set up the mobile gaming company XREAL along with the former CEO of Activision, Howard Marks. From here, CaptainSparklez has succeeded further with a new apparel brand called Quality Content. So while many of the highest-paid gamers are all about gaming, CaptainSparklez is about so much more than just that.

Sponsorship deals

As one of the most visible gamers on the planet, it’s no surprise that CaptainSparklez has forged many successful sponsorship deals. These have seen him earning a fair amount of cash through linking up with brands like Netflix, Best Buy, GNC, Marvel and Astro Gaming.

Music revenues

You’ll know all about CaptainSparklez’s songs about Minecraft, but he’s also released some proper music too. This is a kind of electronica, and he also does remixes for other artists. To be fair, his music isn’t going to top the charts anytime soon, but it should push up the CaptainSparklez net worth a little further.

Check back for more about the CaptainSparklez net worth

CaptainSparklez is yet another gaming celebrity who has shown us that there’s more than one way of making lots of cash. Sure, something like Faker net’s worth might seem more worthwhile because that guy is one of the best esport players of all time. However, no one is going to deny the fact that CaptainSparklez makes some seriously entertaining gaming videos.

It’s going to be interesting to see where the career of CaptainSparklez goes from here as the Minecraft phenomenon enters its next phase. We’re guessing that the CaptainSparklez net worth is probably going to get much bigger, so keep it here to see how much money this YouTuber makes in the future.

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