CSGORoll on Recent Ancient Gaming Merger & Copenhagen Incident

Published: Jun 5, 2024

CS2 skins gaming and trading platform CSGORoll early last May announced a merger with software provider Ancient Gaming that increased its workforce by 300%.

After reporting on the merger, EsportsBets took the opportunity to reach out to CSGORoll to talk about their merger and the controversial realm of CS skins trading.

The company’s reply was candid about the challenges that the space provided. The company also replied to questions about the recent Copenhagen Major controversy, which saw a competitor directly name them during a protest.

CSGORoll has worked with Ancient Gaming since 2018. What prompted the merger now?

CSGORoll: The merger aims to facilitate our significant expansion and growth plans. This requires greater resources, capital and expertise, and we know from experience that Ancient Gaming provides this in droves. By combining our complementary capabilities, we’ll further improve CSGORoll’s overall experience for our valued players.

In the release, the company was projected to grow by another 30 staff by the end of 2024 on top of the 300% increase. Are you able to talk a little about that, and CSGORoll’s plans for the future?

“The additional new hires will help us build robust corporate infrastructure, leadership and better customer experience to support our growth. We’re excited to increase both our marketing and product budgets to grow our market leading skins platform.”

How has the release of CS2 impacted CSGORoll’s operations?

“Just as Valve managed to transition smoothly, so too did we. The extra hype and enthusiasm CS2’s launch brought has also been reflected in our own growth.”

Counter Strike skin trading and gambling has often been a point of controversy. How is CSGORoll navigating this stigma, and making their model less controversial?

“CSGORoll is navigating the controversy around CS skin trading through strict self-regulation measures. We remain steadfast in our commitment to improving user safety and responsible practices which is why we’ve introduced 100% ID verification for our games. We want to strongly and irrevocably remove any association with minors, and we urge the rest of the space to follow suit.”

CSGORoll found itself in the news following the disruption of the Copenhagen Major by CSGOEmpire. How has CSGORoll moved forward and navigated this controversy?

“Like all of us in the community, we were deeply saddened by the actions of the few. Esports and CS2 is a vibrant space, and we’ll do all we can to elevate it and distance ourselves from any rogue actors. This is just one of the many reasons why we have chosen to ID verify all of our players. Our focus has always been our product, and we’ll continue to pour all of our resources in it.”

One of the key points mentioned was ID verification, something CSGORoll urged all other operators to match. What’s your vision for the skins gaming and trading industry as a whole?

“Our focus will be on maintaining robust self-regulation focused on consumer protection. Our universal ID verification rollout is just one of the ways we plan on achieving this. Our ultimate vision is to lead the way in creating a fun and safe environment that challenges the status quo. We aim to achieve this by prioritizing sustainability and integrity, setting a higher standard that others will follow.”

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