Forbes Produces Report on the Most Valuable Esports Companies

Published: Nov 6, 2019

Forbes Magazine has produced its list of the most valuable companies in esports and there are relatively few surprises when it comes to the esports teams that populate this most prestigious of lists.

The magazine reported on the rude health of the esports industry with some eye-catching statistics, facts and figures including:

  • The average esports fan is a millennial male who makes $70,000 a year and who tends to use streaming services, Mixer and YouTube over traditional forms of TV.
  • The amount generated from the sale of advertising, sponsorship and media rights in the esports industry has almost doubled since 2017, rising to $897 million in 2019.
  • Global revenue generated by the esports industry will increase by 27% from 2018, with around $1.1 billion in revenue reported.
  • The North America market alone will count for around 40% of that total revenue.
  • The average net worth of esports companies has increased by around 52% since 2018.
  • There are 13 esports companies with a net value of over $100 million, with the average valuation of these teams being around $217 million.
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Who are the richest 13 esports companies?

According to Forbes, the following 13 organisations are the richest in the esports industry at present:

  • 12th (tied) – OverActive Media & Misfits Gaming – worth $120 million each
  • 11th – NRG Esports – worth $150 million
  • 10th – 100 Thieves – worth $160 million
  • 9th – G2 Esports – worth $165 million
  • 8th – Envy Gaming – worth $170 million
  • 7th – Fnatic. – worth $175 million
  • 6th – Gen.G – worth $185 million
  • 5th – Immortals Gaming Club – worth $210 million
  • 4th – FaZe Clan – worth $240 million
  • 3rd – Team Liquid – worth $320 million
  • 1st (tied) – Cloud9 & Team SoloMid – worth $400 million each

What is interesting is that of all the 13 teams listed, only one team, FaZe Clan, does not own a team in a Franchised League, whereas some of the other companies, such as Immortal Gaming Club, have numerous franchises playing in the franchised League of Legends, Overwatch and the forthcoming Call of Duty franchised leagues.

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Which of the 13 teams earned the most last year?

Forbes also provided data on how much each of the 13 big earning esports teams earned in estimated revenue across all their different esports teams throughout the past year and this gives you an insight into which teams have enjoyed the most success over the past 12 months.

  1. Team SoloMid and FaZe Clan – $35 million each
  2. Cloud 9 – $29 million
  3. Team Liquid – $24 million
  4. G2 Espoirts – $22 million
  5. NRG Esports – $20 million
  6. Fnatic – $16 million
  7. Immortals Gaming Club – $11 million
  8. 100 Thieves – $10 million
  9. G – $9 million
  10. Envy Gaming and Misfits Gaming – $8 million each
  11. OverActive Media – $5 million

Three teams that were on the list of the richest esports companies in 2018 have since dropped off the list including Infinite Esports, who were bought out by Immortals Gaming Club (who do make the list) and Echo Fox, the esports organisation which has floundered due to well publicised disagreements, litigation and arguments between its co-founders.

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