How much is my League of Legends account worth? | Pricing up LoL

Published: Jun 30, 2024

Hey summoners, ever sat there and wondered ‘how much is my League account worth? – Worry not, we got you covered. Let’s break down what factors into the pricing of a League of Legends account and how you can calculate its value.

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What makes a LoL account worth more?

There are five main factors that give your League account value:

  1. Accounts with a large number of champions are generally worth more.
  2. Rare and exclusive LoL skins, especially those from limited-time events or legacy vaults, significantly boost an account’s value. Sometimes even an ‘ugly’ or low-tier skin for a champion that isn’t played much is worth more than a legendary skin if its not in market anymore.
  3. High-ranked accounts (like Diamond, Master, or Challenger) fetch higher prices due to the skill level and time invested. However, paradoxically, Iron accounts are worth a lot more than Bronze accounts due to how difficult it is to intentionally place in Iron. They’re worth a lot because of YouTubers doing “Iron to Challengers” runs.
  4. An account with a decent portion of RP (Riot Points) and/or Blue Essence are worth a lot, because the included value of in-game currency.
  5. Higher-level accounts with more mastery points and completed rune pages add to the overall value. Fresh accounts can sometimes have big ELO fluctuations or are under higher scrutiny for being a potential smurf. Higher level, older accounts have established stats which make them a little more consistent.
how much is my league account worth? Some are as high as $600
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How much is my LoL account worth?

The value of your League account depends on what a prospective buyer is looking for. There are various online tools and marketplaces like LoLValue and PlayerAuctions where you can get an estimate. Most of these give you rough estimates based on some of the things spoken about above. Trying to give objective prices where they can but your milage may vary.

Keep in mind, League accounts are always in demand and prices my vary based on season, month and even around LoL Esports events.

Some people are skin hunting, others want an account that’s boosted, and some are looking to make use of a shamefully hard-stuck bronze account for content creation or smurfing with friends. Whether you’re looking to sell or just curious, calculating the worth of your account can be pretty interesting.

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