Top 5 League of Legends Skins

Published: Apr 18, 2023 - Last Updated: Apr 18, 2024

League of Legends has over a thousand skins which you can choose from, making it one of the most engaging games in the world. Let’s take a look at which are the best League of Legends skins to jump on Summoner’s Rift.

The Five Best Skins in League of Legends

Anyone interested in LoL Esports is probably wondering what the best League of Legends skins are. While they are strictly aesthetic, there are some strong opinions out there.

Moreover, if you’re new to League of Legends, “skins” are aesthetic pieces of downloadable content which Riot Games creates for players to buy should they be interested.

Purely aesthetic, the culture behind them is similar to CS skins.

While it may not be related to LoL betting here’s our take on the five best skins in League of Legends right now.

Every skin has a story and a context in which it was released, especially appreciated by those invested in the lore of League of Legends. Here are our top five skins in League of Legends:

RankBest Skins in League of Legends
#5Dark Cosmic Jhin
#4God List Fee Sin
#3PROJECT: Vayne
#2 God-King Garen
#1Elementalist Lux

Let’s take a closer look at each of these entries.

5. Dark Cosmic Jhin

Top 5 League of Legends Skins
Image Credits | Riot Games
  • Champion: Jhin
  • Price: 1.820 RP
  • Rarity/Tier: Legendary
  • Release Date: June 2019

Since its release, Jhin became one of the most sensational ADC champions in the game. Released in 2019, his atypical kit made him stand out from the marksman category. Not to mention Jhin has one of the most well-written lore in the entire League of Legends roster.

Priced at 1,820 RP, Dark Cosmin Jhin features the artistic champion as an interstellar entity that was consumed by the Dark Star. Dark Star turns him into a world-devouring being that’s quite close to Marvel’s Galactus.

Jhin has also other great designs like the High Noon or Blood Moon skins, but this one “feels” different. The animations are extremely well done and generally, Jhin feels visually and mechanically better in-game.

Of all of Jhin’s skins, this one always ends up becoming the default. If you haven’t yet, give it a go.

4. High Noon Lucian

Image Credits: Riot Games
  • Champion: Lucian
  • Price: 1.820 RP
  • Rarity/Tier: Legendary
  • Release Date: August 2018

Lucian is a beloved character in League of Legends, known for his relationship with Senna, his dear wife.

Transmogrified into a demon, High Noon Lucian is such a cool skin. Beyond simply looking badass, packing a half-demon and half-human look, his ruthlessness and rage for his wife is ferocious.

As a skin, what’s different from the casual Lucian model are particle effects for his regular attacks. While this orange tinge is cool, the main selling point for this skin are the demon interacts – in his recall animation, ultimate and death too.

Pushing the duality of the sheriff and the devil, this skin is a famous classic.

3. PROJECT: Vayne

Top 5 League of Legends Skins
Image Credits | Riot Games
  • Champion: Vayne
  • Price: 1.820 RP
  • Rarity/Tier: Legendary
  • Release Date: November 2017

PROJECT: Vayne was the very first skin to implement a HUD overlay for her ultimate. Since then, the same overlay has been used by other PROJECT skins. In Vayne’s case. The HUD shows you how many stacks of her W she has on her target, counting down to that final shot of true damage.

The HUD, however, is only the icing on the cake. The skin has very appealing glowing neon effects, as well as polished animations. The purple and dark, greyish colours match perfectly the theme of the skin: a super technological bounty hunter. The skin also has other cool touches, just like her running animation, as Vayne rides an insanely futuristic motorcycle.

All of this makes PROJECT: Vayne one of the coolest skins to have in the game, at 1,820 RP.

2. Soul Fighter Naafiri

Top 5 League of Legends Skins
Image Credits: Riot Games
  • Champion: Naafiri
  • Price: 1,350RP
  • Rarity/Tier: Legendary
  • Release Date: March 2024

As one of the best skins from 2024 to be release by Riot Games, Naafiri bites her way into our list of the best League of Legends skins.

Really popping thanks to some epic contrast, this new art style for Riot Games makes League of Legends a moving piece of art.

Soul Fighter Naafiri and her packmates dazzle in bold black lines and shiny colours across several chromas depending on your preference.

Released at a low price of 1,350RP, it’s worth checking out for both the colours, animations, and the relatively new character.

1. Elementalist Lux

Top 5 League of Legends Skins
Image Credits: Riot Games
  • Champion: Lux
  • Price: 3.250 RP
  • Rarity/Tier: Ultimate
  • Release Date: November 2016

It’s almost to no one’s surprise that Lux’s ultimate skin takes the number one spot in our League of Legends’ best skins list. Before its release, Riot Games never created a skin like this one, and there will never be a skin like this again in the future. Essentially, Elementalist Lux is ten skins at the price of one: each form has new animations and particle effects, depending on what element Lux is.

Riot’s intention to make this the Ultimate skin is only fitting for Lux’s own theme: as someone who wields magic, the master Elementalist design is the perfect ultimate skin.  The skin’s versatility is in a League of its own. (no pun intended)

Unfortunately, Riot won’t be making those in the future as it would load the game too much. Nevertheless, we are glad that Riot still made one for all the fans and Lux players out there.

At the beginning of the game, Lux starts with her base form, Light. Throughout the match, she gains elemental power to master an element and add to her current form. Combining the four basic elements fire, water, earth, and air, Elementalist Lux has ten distinct elemental forms, while retaining some details of her base form.

For 3250 RP, this is probably the best buy you can make: with Elementalist Lux, you can have the one of the most dynamic in-game experiences of League of Legends!

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