LoL Account Value – How Much is Your Account Worth?

Published: Jun 6, 2024 - Last Updated: Jun 7, 2024

Sooner or later, you’ll ask yourself – How much is my LoL account worth? Are my skins still worth anything? Let’s take a closer look at current valuations of LoL accounts and how you can figure out your own LoL account value.

LoL Account Worth Skins
Source: LoL Client

LoL Account Value – Skins and Prices

Since LoL’s release in 2009, Riot Games has entertained the community with a constant supply of skins. Skins are aesthetic models of in-game characters which offer players a different visual aesthetic to their favorite champions.

While it’s certainly arguable which are the best LoL Skins, rarity is more obvious. Sometimes, even skins which aren’t necessarily fan favorites can become rare because only the minority buy them. These unique or rare skins are the biggest drivers of LoL account value. The more of them you have the more unique and expensive your account is.

At the top of the list are skins released during a limited-time event, or historically as legacy skins. In addition, at tournaments, championships skins can be revealed too.

Here’s a look at the top 10 valued LoL skins according to a number of online resources:

RankingLoL SkinValue 2024
#10Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks$50
#9Rusty Blitzcrank$70
#8Championship Riven$130
#7Silver Kayle$140
#6Young Ryze$160-180
#5PAX Jax$185-250
#4PAX Sivir$185
#3Victorious Jarvan IV$200-300
#2Black Alistar$220-550
#1PAX Twisted Fate$300

Like any other market, the value of skins changes with time and according to how many users get their hands on the skins. There was a price deflation with skins recently, after Riot Games introduced chests, keys and random skin shards to the game. Players that do not pay for skins can still earn and get unique skins. Sometimes a simple shard or sometimes combining three skins to get a permanent skin that you do not own.

Theoretically, some very committed free-to-play LoL player can earn all the skins given enough time and enough free chests and keys earned. The loot mechanic has given a lot of players a chance to play the game with freely earned skins. Unfortunately adding this mechanic has de-valued some skins and your overall account worth.

Resource: For expert definitions, don’t miss the League of Legends terms page by League contributor Lee Jones.

Account Age, Icons and Wards increase LoL Account Worth

In addition to LoL Skins, here’s a list of other items which perhaps you forgot about that could hike up your account value:

LoL Price Account Value
Source: LoL Client

While we can go on about how each factor influences the value of your account, we highly recommend checking out several Account Value calculators which are available online.

Here are a few examples which are publically available for free:

Selling Your Account – How?

Epic skins aren’t as cheap as they used to be. In fact most loot in League of Legends does not increase the price as it used to a decade ago. Your account value is now solely based on how much someone is willing to pay based on other factors.

Let’s say you played since Season 1. You have the Gold Season 1 Summoner Icon, a bunch of Victorious skins and all the champions in the game, plus blue essence on top. You account even without skins is more valuable than an account with 100 or more generic skins.

Vanity sells, and your account is only worth for the story it tells.

Perhaps you’ve just realized that your LoL Account Value is quite impressive. While there are no public guidelines as to how to sell your account, we always recommend ensuring that any sale is carried out in a safe environment.

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