MPL Indonesia Betting Preview – Odds, Tips & Predictions

Posted on September 13, 2023

Now grown into a 9 team league, our MPL Indonesia betting preview dives into betting odds, tips & predictions. Learn more about this unique Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event in this MPL Indonesia Season 12 betting preview below!

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MPL Indonesia Format and Schedule

Currently, MPL Indonesia Season 12 is ongoing, this season featuring a new 9th team – Dewa United Esports. Coincidentally, this is the ninth consecutive year of the league adopting a franchise system, garnering the attention of Mobile Legends betting sites.

Like any other season, the competition is competing for a $340,000 prize pool across two stages of competition in an Indonesian venue between the 13th July and 15th October.

Here are the best Mobile Legends teams competing in MPL Indonesia Season 12:

  • Alter Ego
  • AURA Fire
  • Bigetron Alpha
  • EVOS Legends
  • Geek Fam ID
  • ONIC Esports
  • Rebellion Zion
  • Rex Regum Qeon
  • Dewa Unired

Specifically, there are two stages of competition like other Mobile Legends tournaments 2023:

  • Regular Season – 13/07 to 24/09 – BO3 double round robin, top 6 move on to the Playoffs
  • Playoffs – 11-15/10 – hybrid elimination bracket with a BO7 Grand Final

At the end of the season, only the top 2 teams will earn a spot at the international M5 World Championship.

In this particular betting preview, we’ll be taking a closer look at the upcoming Regular Season matches with esports betting odds:

14th September 2023

  • Aura Fire vs Bigetron Alpha (11:30 CEST)
  • Alter Ego vs Geek Fam ID (14:00 CEST)

16th September 2023

  • Rex Regum Qeon vs EVOS Legends (15:00 CEST)

In order to preview each match, we’ll be looking closely at the betting odds made available by GG.Bet at the time of writing. Learn more about GG.Bet through our very own GG.Bet review!

MPL Indonesia Betting Predictions

Aura Fire vs Bigetron Alpha

Aura Fire don’t look very fire considering they are at the rock bottom of the standings. However, things aren’t as dire as they seem considering that they are only one win away from making it into the top 6.

Speaking of which, Bigetron Alpha are currently sixth in the rankings of MPL Indonesia 2023.

So as you can imagine, the esports odds are in favour of Bigetron to maintain their sixth place spot. However, if Aura Fire want a chance to make it into the top 6, they need to win here.

  • Predictions: Aura Fire (1-2) Bigetron Alpha
  • Odds: Aura Fire Outright Win (+111), Bigetron Alpha Outright Win (-147)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

MPL Indonesia Betting Preview

Alter Ego vs Geek Fam ID

Last time we took a look at Geek Fam ID, they were predicted to lose against Aura Fire. While Aura Fire are at the bottom of the standings, Geek Fam ID are now third in the standings. 

Earning this position has involved them taking down several teams, although they aren’t safely at the podium yet.

Moreover, they are favoured against Alter Ego, who are currently seventh in the standings and in desperate need of winning to climb the rankings.

  • Predictions: Alter Ego (1-2) Geek Fam ID
  • Odds: Alter Ego Outright Win (-189), Geek Fam ID Outright Win (+139)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet

Rex Regum Qeon vs EVOS Legends

In another cross-table match-up, EVO Legends have an uphill battle against Rex Regum Qeon.

At the time of writing, Rex Regum Qeon are 2nd in the rankings, tied for first with ONIC Esports and gunning for regional dominance.

On the other hand, EVOS Legends are trying to find their former form following a slow start to the season early on. 

  • Predictions: Rex Regum Qeon (2-0) EVOS Legends
  • Odds: Rex Regum Qeon Outright Win (-222), EVOS Legends Outright Win (+163)
  • Betting Site: GG.Bet
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