Nadia Faces Fresh Hacking Drama After Being Locked out of Warzone

Published: Oct 5, 2022

It was a moment that caused conspiracy theorists the world over to rejoice when Nadia revealed that she had been locked out of Warzone. For several weeks, many thousands of content creators, competitors, and Call of Duty fans have found themselves neck-deep in the ‘Nadia Debate’. There’s an ongoing back-and-forth that is attempting to determine whether or not the popular streamer actually cheats. Now, thanks to the latest update in the oh-so-exciting story, the debate has been fully refreshed.

For many, this discourse has become tiring, with Nadia being unable to post anything without mass cries of her being a cheater erupting on social media. There are many ‘claimers’ scrutinising endlessly over second-by-second plays of Nadia’s streams, while the ‘deniers’ stand firmly behind her at every step of the way. Recently, Nadia undertook a Call of Duty tour, appearing at various locations to remotely stream her Call of Duty gameplay.

And it was during this tour that she found herself shadow-banned and locked out of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Is Nadia A Cheater? Is This Debate Growing Stale?

dr disrespect nadia
Dr Disrespect has suggested directly that Nadia is a cheater. (Image Credit: Sportskeeda)

On July 4th, Nadia streamed for an hour and a half and maxed out at 205 viewers. Then, she took a week away from the camera, and within a week of her return, she maxed out her viewership at more than 2.2k viewers. Since then, she has proceeded to blow up, picking up a peak viewership of 13k users on October 1st and rapidly rising to become, by profile alone, one of the best COD streamers. So, what happened in the interim?

Nadia, for the last few weeks, has found herself at the centre of one of the most widely-debated controversies in the history of Warzone. There are thousands claiming that she’s a cheater, just as many denying it, and ultimately, millions of players who likely couldn’t care less. It has been a source of widespread discussion, with many creators jumping on the bandwagon to secure a few views, the most prominent of which has been Doug ‘Censor’ Martin, a controversial creator in himself who used the debacle to effectively troll the internet.

On October 4th, Nadia appeared at the Full Squad Gaming studio, prepared to stream a session on Call of Duty: Warzone. However, she allegedly found herself to be ‘shadow-banned’, and worst still, she revealed that was subsequently locked out of her ‘main Activision account’. She explained that her Call of Duty tour was likely the reasoning behind this and not any potential cheating:

‘I’m not banned. I think I have signed in to too many accounts, and for some reason, the verification process is not letting me sign in. I should get my account back tomorrow.’

Of course, this then caused the ‘hacker hunters’ to pour onto social media in droves, crying jubilantly from the rooftops that Nadia had finally been caught in the act. Ultimately, it doesn’t seem as though that was the case, and the debate remains ongoing.

Is Nadia cheating? There are likely thousands of cheaters on the Call of Duty: Warzone platform, but it’s doubtful that she’s one of them. With claims that Warzone is dying since the Caldera update almost a year ago, one creator’s activities should be the least of everyone’s concerns.

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