Oddin.gg joins International Betting Integrity Association in move towards user safeguarding

Published: Feb 2, 2024

B2B esports oddsmaker Oddin.gg has officially joined the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) as per a release revealed yesterday (Feb. 1). With the move Oddin.gg further commits towards integrity and consumer protection with its partnership with the association.

As per the release, Oddin.gg joins around 50 other companies and 125 sports betting brands in the IBIA. The move also further confirmed the IBIA’s status as one of the largest and world-leading gambling integrity monitoring bodies.

Talking on joining the IBIA, Vlastimil Venclik, CEO at Oddin.gg, stated that:

“Joining IBIA is a significant milestone for Oddin.gg. It not only validates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in esports betting but also aligns us with a globally recognized leader in betting integrity. As we expand our operations in key markets like the United States, being part of IBIA’s robust monitoring network will enhance our capabilities in safeguarding the integrity of our esports betting products. This collaboration underscores our dedication to providing a safe and fair betting environment for our partners and their customers.”

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, further extolled the virtues of Oddin.gg’s joining of the association:

“IBIA is thrilled to have Oddin.gg as a member. Oddin.gg is a leading global player in the esports betting environment and the company’s decision to join IBIA reflects its desire to utilize the best integrity protection available globally for its esports betting products. Through our world leading betting integrity network, we will work in close collaboration to protect the esports betting products and services offered by Oddin.gg to its sportsbook partners.”

As a member of the IBIA, Oddin.gg joins the likes of GRID Esports, who became the first esports data firm with IBIA accreditation in 2022. That sought-after accreditation will likely be the next step for Oddin.gg. This nod would make Oddin.gg one of the foundational esports-focused members of the association.

Oddin.gg is a leading B2B esports betting oddsmaker and esports data provider, giving its clients an end-to-end betting experience through its platform. It offers live odds feeds, risk management, iFrame solutions, widgets, 24/7 content, live esports data, and marketing services.

The IBIA is a driving force on integrity within the licensed betting industry. Established in 2005, this not-for-profit association claims many of the world’s largest bookmakers within its ranks and is active across six continents. Its role in reporting and monitoring the activities of betting operators globally is incredibly influential, and in 2023 the IBIA reported 185 sports betting alerts to relevant authorities.

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