PGL Unveils Roadmap for 11 Tournaments in 2025-2026

Published: Apr 2, 2024

At the close of the Copenhagen Major 2024 on Sunday, March 31, tournament organizer PGL unveiled a host of new Tier 1 events for the next two years. Elaborated on in a release posted after the initial announcement, PGL committed to multiple Counter-Strike 2 events between 2025 and 2026, and more beyond.

As per the release, PGL will host at least 11 CS2 tournaments throughout the years 2025 and 2026, with more to come since then. The prospective schedule for these tournaments is as follows:

PGL 2025 Tournament Schedule:

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #1: February 10-24
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #2: March 31 – April 14
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #3: May 3-19
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #4: September 29 – October 13
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #5: October 18 – November 3

PGL 2026 Tournament Schedule:

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #6: February 16 – March 2
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #7: March 23 – April 6
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #8: May 2-18
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #9: August 3-17
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #10: September 28 – October 12
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #11: October 19 – November 2
pgl announces cs2 tier 1 events roadmap for 2025-2026
Image: PGL

The announcement of new tournaments comes following the new rules enforced by Counter-Strike 2 developer, Valve, which won’t allow tournament organizers to partner with teams starting with January 1st, 2025. This will come as a blow to organizations such as BLAST, whose Premier series of tournaments feature 12 partnered teams. 

In the wake of this rule change, PGL has announced it plans to “pave the way for more diverse and competitive CS2 events,” announcing these 11 tournaments as the first step. As per the release: 

“PGL’s ambition goes beyond merely increasing the number of tournaments; it aims to elevate the quality, excitement, and accessibility of competitive CS2 to new heights. We strongly believe that a larger number of tournament organizers will benefit everyone in the long run – teams, players, and fans worldwide.” PGL on their 11 announced tournaments in 2025-2026.

It’s a seemingly perfect time for PGL to make such an announcement. In early March, the company revealed it would host eight Dota 2 tournaments over the next three years. It followed up that announcement with a new partnership with Chinese tournament organizer Perfect World.

The move also strengthens PGL’s recent marketing as “the last independent tournament organizer” – a dig at its competitors such as Saudi Arabian-backed ESL FACEIT Group. PGL has deliberately styled itself as an alternative to the ever-increasing number of tournament organizers backed by venture capital, foreign investment, or bookmakers. This bold new announcement of almost a dozen tournaments just serves to enhance that image.

Given Counter-Strike’s status as the leading esports title in betting turnover, according to reports from esports data providers like Abios, PGL’s newly announced roadmap for 2025-2026 signals promising opportunities for CS2 betting enthusiasts.

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