Dota 2 Tournaments in 2022

When it comes to the best esports events around, few are as valuable or exciting as the many Dota 2 tournaments that take place. It’s easily one of the most popular competitive platforms in history, and every year, tens of millions of dollars in prize money changes hands. There’s a packed schedule coming in 2022, featuring the overwhelmingly lucrative The International and the prolific, top-tier Dota Pro Circuit.

If you’re interested in esports betting, you’ll need to know the best Dota 2 tournaments to target in 2022. To that end, we’ve compiled a handy guide featuring a breakdown of these all-important events. It’s a busy year ahead – here are the events to keep an eye on.

The Most Valuable Esports Tournament in History

In 2021, more than $60 million was won through Dota 2 tournaments. At the top of the pile stood The International 10, a remarkable tournament boasting a record-setting $40 million prize pool. It wasn’t just the biggest prize pool in Dota 2 history, but in the history of esports as an industry. While we know there will be another International event in 2022, we don’t know what the prize pool will be.


For Dota 2 betting, no tournament is bigger – it’s one of the most popular competitions in esports as a whole. Each year, millions tune in to watch the event live, and it’s covered by every esports betting site out there. In October, it was revealed that ‘The International 11’ would be held in ‘Autumn of 2022’. In 2021, The International 10 was hosted in October, and that’s in keeping with a trend – so we’ll likely see it drop around the same time.

If you want to make money betting on Dota 2, you cannot miss this tournament. The world’s finest Dota 2 teams descend on this event, and only one can walk away the ultimate victor.

Entering The Pro Circuit

In 2017, Valve announced a reformed and refreshed championship circuit, known as the Dota Pro Circuit. This prolific and high-tier tournament became a hugely popular and valuable competition within a very short period of time. It was backed by Valve, which provided a massive prize pool for tournament Majors, and featured competitors from all major regions. Furthermore, like many other esports tournaments, the Dota Pro Circuit boasted an intense, on-location LAN final.

The Dota Pro Circuit is one of the biggest esports leagues in history. (Image Credit: Dota 2 Esports)

There are Dota 2 tournaments, and then there’s the Dota Pro Circuit, arguably the most prolific league in the vertical. The tournament is split up over six regions, and in each region, the organisation of the competition is handled by high-ranking regulatory bodies. For example, in Western Europe, it’s DreamHack, and in North America, it’s ESL.

Over the course of an annual season, the play is split up into ‘tours’ that feature regional events. There are typically three Major events that take place, each boasting a massive $500k prize pool. At the end of the season, following all matches and Majors, the top twelve teams (by points ranking) will qualify for Dota 2’s The International 2022. There are many rules and regulations to this event, but one thing is for certain – the esports betting opportunities are unmatched.

For 2022, the ‘season dates’ are as follows:

  • First Season: Nov’ 29th – Dec’ 22nd, Jan 5th – 23rd
    • First Major: February 17th – 27th
  • Second Season: March 14th – April 24th
    • Second Major: May 11th – May 21st
  • Third Season: June 6th – July 17th
    • Third Major: August 4th – 14th

Dota 2, On An Olympic Scale

We can’t talk about all the Dota 2 upcoming tournaments without mentioning the 2022 Asian Games. This event has been officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee, with claims that this is the ‘second-largest multi-sport event’ after the Olympics themselves. Like the Olympics, this event is held once every four years, and it features the best Asian esports competitors that the region has to offer.

In 2022, one of the most highly anticipated Dota 2 tournaments will be held at the Asian Games. Right now, very little is known about the Dota 2 tournament being played at the Asian Games, aside from the fact that it will be played by the best Dota teams in Asia. They’re national teams, hand-selected by the Olympic Council of Asia, which is a board made up of forty-five individuals.

For these competitors, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as they’ll be representing their country on an extremely important stage. The 2022 Asian Games will be held between the 10th of September and the 25th of September.

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In The Mix

Of course, it doesn’t end with these three events – there are plenty more Dota 2 tournaments to come in 2022. Every year, the Dota 2 schedule is packed with high-end events, such as the ESL One regional competitions and the Dota 2 Championship League. These exciting tournaments boast tantalising prize pools, and they’re spread out over the course of a year.

There are also sporadic, ad-hoc events that take place, hosted by various organisers and supported by the best esports betting sites. As you can imagine, a platform this popular boasts unparalleled opportunities for esports betting.

Whether you’re new to betting or you’re an industry veteran, you can’t be sleeping on the top Dota 2 tournaments in 2022.