Roobet in Metaverse “Roobet Land” Expansion

Published: Jun 2, 2023 - Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

Roobet is a name that is on the tongues of many online gambling fans, specifically of the crypto type! Thanks to their influencer marketing campaigns and fun user experience, they have become a true force amongst online communities.

Famous for its games such as Crash, Slots, Sportsbook, and Live Casino, to name a few, fans have flocked to Roobet since 2019. Lockdown months happened, and we know what happened there, the Web3 boom, which was felt in the gambling scene also. Crypto gambling sites such as Roobet received a huge boost in users, as expected.

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Now, in 2023, four years later, Roobet is truly pushing the industry in new directions. “But what has Roobet done?” is probably running through your head.

Roobet Announce Metaverse Expansion

Roobet is not slowing down after their partnership with infamous 90s hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg, who back in March became their official ‘Chief Ganjaroo’. Snoop Dogg x Roobet was just another venture added to Snoop Dogg’s involvement with Web3.

roobet launches metaverse

Now Decentraland has teamed up with Roobet, to offer the Metaverse’s first real taste of crypto casinos. Decentraland has become a hub for revolutionizing the Metaverse experience, including fashion and art shows for users to enjoy in Virtual Reality.

The crypto gambling industry is fairly new and has many people scratching their heads. When we see big news like this current headline and the former with Snoop Dogg, it leaves people wondering how they can get involved.

“We’ve created a fun and secure space to hang out, which gives players the freedom to define their own experience. We know brands have been reluctant to put control in the hands of their community – but we’ve never been afraid to be first, and as we seek to revolutionize the future of entertainment, we’re excited to break free from traditional constraints and offer a truly community-centric experience that celebrates creativity, interactivity, and self-expression.The future of entertainment starts now, and at Roobet, we’re leading the charge.”

– Matt Duea, Roobet Co-Founder

Roobet Gets a Virtual Reality Makeover

So this leads us to the next point of interest, what can we expect from Decentraland x Roobet?

From June 2nd, players of Decentraland will be able to access ‘Roobet Land’ on both mobile and desktop. Decentraland is a great fit for this new venture considering they share the ethos of Roobet – favoring decentralized governance and community participation.

roobet metaverse launch party

There are several games playable once logged in, including a VR rendition of their crypto Crash game that will feature a competition over the weekend. Snoop Dogg recently released ‘HotBox’, his version, which has become a hit so far.

If you are new to the Metaverse then there are a number of ways you can explore it thanks to this new experience from Roobet. Players can enter the scavenger hunt to earn real cash prizes and also win digital wearable NFTs for your Metaverse character

Roobet is Revolutionizing Crypto Gambling

With all of this information in mind, this new announcement sounds exciting, to say the least!

Roobet has a strong commitment to keep their fans safe, whether that is on Decentraland or on their own crypto gambling site.

Sites like Roobet often receive some negative press, however, we feel these recent updates from the company are pushing the space in the right direction!

Images via Roobet/Metaverse Architects.

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