Stampylonghead Net Worth: How does Stampylonghead make money?

Posted on October 14, 2022 - Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Everyone will want to know what Stampylonghead’s net worth is. After all, this guy has managed to become hugely famous just for posting a bunch of family-friendly Minecraft videos. OK, so there’s a bit more to it than that, but we’re still keen to see how Stampylonghead makes his money.

So it looks like there’s an entire Stampylonghead empire set up that brings in its cash everywhere, from YouTube to merchandising and so on. Not bad, just for some gaming videos and that Stampy Cat character. So take a look below to see how the Stampylonghead net worth got to be so impressive!

Net Worth$20 million
Real NameJoseph Mark Garrett
Date of Birth13 December 1990
Twitch Followers21,300
YouTube Subscribers10.6 million

Stampylonghead Net Worth

Who is Stampylonghead?

Stamylonghead is an English YouTuber called Joseph Garrett. Born in Portsmouth in 1990, Garrett went to university to study video production with the hopes of being a game journalist. At the same time, he was playing around with his YouTube channel, where he moved from making up skits to doing some Let’s Play videos.

These videos started featuring the Minecraft game in 2012, and they quickly became hugely popular with the younger gaming generation. This meant that Garrett could leave his job as a barman and focus full-time on his Stampylonghead channel.

The channel features the cartoon character Stampy Cat as its focal point, and it has a very family-friendly theme. This has helped Stampylonghead get extra exposure in places like CBBC and Disney. The bulk of Stampylonghead’s content is still about Minecraft, but he has already proven himself to be one of the most successful first generation of YouTubers.

How does Stampylonghead make money?

Let’s face it, Stampylonghead isn’t going to be winning any esports tournaments anytime soon. He simply isn’t that kind of gamer. What you have instead is a pretty easy-going guy who’s massively into Minecraft and somehow manages to get lots of young kids to watch his videos. Let’s have a closer look at how Stampylonghead makes his money.

YouTube streaming revenues

Most of the highest-paid gamers will earn a fair share of their revenues from YouTube, which is definitely true of Stampylonghead. He started up his YouTube channel in 2011, and since then, he has managed to rack up a staggering eight billion views. At the time of writing this guide, Stampylonghead was the 45th most popular YouTuber in the UK alone. As such, it’s little surprise that even the most conservative estimates have Stampylonghead as earning anywhere up to $245,000 in YouTube revenues each year.

Other creative projects

Stampylonghead has made sure that his creative endeavours have branched out beyond his own YouTube channel. We saw him teaming up with Maker Studios to create his own edutainment series called Wonder Quest, and he’s made acting appearances in shows like Disney XD’s Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything. Beyond this, Stampylonghead has released a couple of books based on the Stampy character, and rumours are that he could even be set to appear in the long-awaited Minecraft film.


Such is Stampylonghead’s fame that he’s even managed to set up his own successful merchandising store online. This is the place where you can buy all of the Mr Stampy t-shirts, badges, bags and teddy bears you’ll ever need. All of this shows that it’s not just Ali-A’s net worth that has been supported by a little retail therapy!

Check back for more about the Stampylonghead net worth

By now, you’ll realise that it’s not just FGteeV’s net worth that has been made huge due to a little family-friendly gaming action. This is because Stampylonghead has made Minecraft hugely accessible to the young generation, and he is one of the pioneers of YouTube gaming.

What’s impressive is how Stampylonghead is maintaining his incredible work rate to keep the money coming in. After all, he’s still posting lots of Minecraft videos and a lot of other stuff. So keep it here to see what the Stampylonghead net worth could be next!

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