Zoie Burgher: What happened to Zoie?

Published: Sep 3, 2019 - Last Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Fame is often short-lived. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of esports. Look at Zoie Burgher. Once known as the “mother of egirls,” Burgher and her Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch accounts have gone quiet recently.

Burgher came to fame after her outrageous antics on Twitch caused her to get banned from the live streaming channel. Although she claimed to be a gamer, it was the fact that Burgher would play strip Call of Duty and then twerk in a bikini after each successful match that caused her online notoriety.

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Following her ban from Twitch, Burgher made the move over to YouTube. In turn, her channel picked up well over one million followers, as well as plenty of critics. These included the likes of the social media star Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le who created a diss-track that blasted Burgher’s antics and picked up over six million views as of April 2019.

Burgher’s hyper-sexual exploits on gaming channels also caused her to be subjected to endless “rant” videos that may have had the adverse effect of increasing her fame despite their calls to get her banned.

Beyond video streaming services like YouTube and Twitch, Burgher was also quick to use her social media channels to promote her own competitive gaming organization for girls. Luxe Gaming aimed to combine a competitive gaming team with a multimedia brand and talent agency.

The demise of Luxe Gaming

Luxe Gaming initially looked like an internet reality series where pro gamers, porn actresses and streamers like Abigale Mandler, Luxe Jelzy and OMGLove would wear skimpy clothing and live stream their gaming exploits. Although the concept was pretty dubious, it didn’t stop Rolling Stone magazine calling the project a “provocative streaming empire” that would grow as esports flourished.

But Luxe Gaming didn’t perform as well as Burgher planned. The organization dissolved in April 2018. Following the demise of her gaming “empire,” she has primarily been selling her wares in the form of adult content on Snapchat, as well as filling up her Instagram and Twitter accounts with selfies.


But what about the radio silence?

Ultimately, her Instagram account hasn’t been updated since February 2018. And although she seems more active on Twitter, Burgher seems to be preparing herself more for motherhood. Those 15 minutes just fly by, don’t they?

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