Overwatch Betting Odds


Do Overwatch odds differ from sportsbook to sportsbook?

Because Overwatch is still so new, the Overwatch odds available to bet on matches can change dramatically from sportsbook to sportsbook.

The reason for this is simple – over time, bookies develop complex mathematical algorithms to help them make decisions with the creation of betting odds. The longer a game exists, the more time sportsbooks have to develop those algorithms. Eventually, all of the sites end up offering similar Overwatch odds.

Right now, is an interesting stage for exactly the same reasoning – sportsbooks have not yet had time to make up their minds on how to set lines on Overwatch matches. The approach one bookie has may be drastically different from the approach another one uses.

That means it is more important for intelligent gamblers to find great lines (an easy way to do this is our odds comparison tool at the top of this page) so you can make sure to get the best price when wagering.

The Latest Overwatch Odds

GameDate & Tournament
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01/03/2024 08:00
Overwatch Champions Series 2024 - Stage 1 Korea
Team Falcons
01/03/2024 09:30
Overwatch Champions Series 2024 - Stage 1 Korea
Sin Prisa Gaming
Poker Face
01/03/2024 11:00
Overwatch Champions Series 2024 - Stage 1 Korea
Vesta Crew
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Best betting platforms to bet on Overwatch

Bonus Offer
Editor Rating
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaFortniteRocket LeagueHearthstoneWarcraft 3KOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGHearthstoneSmiteWarcraft 3
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2FifaPUBGRocket League
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Starcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGRocket LeagueWarcraft 3KOG

What’s the best sportsbook for Overwatch betting?

It’s a bit too early in the lifespan of Overwatch for us to say with any serious confidence what the best sportsbook for Overwatch is.

For all esports, we find that Unikrn does a great job at covering a wide variety of matches, and they even offer in-game moving lines for some esports so you can bet during the course of a match.

Beyond Unikrn, we’ve noticed that these online sportsbooks have begun to offer lines on some Overwatch matches:

To our knowledge, there are no fantasy esports sites for Overwatch yet.

Where can I compare odds on Overwatch matches?

The absolute easiest way to compare odds for Overwatch matches is using the odds comparison chart at the top of this page (it won’t appear if no sites are offering active bets at the moment, but check back and it will automatically fill with odds when they’re available).

To become an expert Overwatch bettor, there are plenty of other things you can do. First off, familiarize yourself with the game. Live streaming sites like Twitch are ideal places to see what top talent looks like, and sometimes you can even watch streams of esports athletes on teams that you can bet on.

Possibly the most important thing you can do is play the game itself. Nothing will make it easier for you to evaluate talent and enjoy watching the matches than getting involved at the gameplay level. Even if you don’t spend the time to become very good, that experience will be tremendously valuable in improving your enjoyment of watching and betting on Overwatch matches.

Will Overwatch odds and betting options change over time?

Like any other esport or traditional sport, odds and betting options will of course develop over time. Sports with huge followings like football/soccer have a wide variety of bets available for each match. Sites allow you to bet on details of the game besides the final outcome, and you can place bets while a game is going.

Some esports like League of Legends and CS2 are already popular enough on sportsbooks that these more advanced options are beginning to appear.

Most esports experts believe that Overwatch will be the next big game, and it is reasonable to expect that over time those additional betting options will be available for it as well.

Over time, the best players and teams will become better known, betting strategies will become more apparent, and more accurate lines will be set. An intelligent gambler who wants to make money by betting on Overwatch may always be able to do it, but the easiest time to profit is probably now – before the bookies have figured out the finer points of the game.

The 2021 Overwatch League Summer Showdown

Make sure you keep an eye on the 2021 Overwatch League Summer Showdown.2021 Overwatch League Summer Showdown

This is the third tournament cycle of the Overwatch League, and it will bring with it the renewal of old rivalries and potentially new upsets.

If you want to get in on the fun, you should be quick about it. The event already kicked off on the 15th of July. The Summer Showdown finals are a double-elimination bracket that features two teams from the East Region and two teams from the West Region. Both West Region teams are travelling to Hawaii in order to play with the lowest possible latency against the teams based in Asia.

All of the games at the event bar the Grand Finals will be classic first-to-three Overwatch League games. In order to up the ante, the Grand Finals will be a first-to-four showdown. In keeping with tradition, the first map of each series is a Control map chosen by the higher seed but as the series progresses, new maps will be chosen by the losing teams.

The teams to watch at this event will be the Shanghai Dragons and the Dallas Fuel. They have had a season long rivalry with both teams dominating in their respective regions. These teams will certainly have the tightest Overwatch betting odds when they compete against one another.

The 2021 Overwatch League Countdown Cup

Another major event in the Overwatch League. The Countdown Cup runs from July 30th to August 1st, and it will see the continuation of all the most popular matches before the finale at the end of the year.

2021 Overwatch League Countdown Cup

The Countdown Cup is a single-elimination tournament taking place across three days. The first team to win three maps in a match will win, though the finals are first to four maps. The higher-seeded team selects the first map, then the losing side in each map picks the next one.
If you are interested in betting on this Overwatch event, you should take note of these tournament rules:

  • Hero Pools are suspended for all tournament matches—all heroes will be available.
  • Matches are first-to-three map wins until the finals, which will be first-to-four maps.
  • Higher-seeded teams pick the first map.
  • The losing team of each map picks the next map in the series.
  • In case of draws, the team that picked the previous map picks again.
  • Qualification: The 12 vs. 13 seed matches do not count for prizing.
  • Knockouts: The 5-7 seeds get to pick their opponent, with the 5 seed selecting first. Teams will select their opponents at the conclusion of the 12 vs. 13 matches on Sunday, August 2.
  • Quarterfinals: The 1-4 seeds get an automatic bye to this round, and the 1-3 seeds get to pick their opponent from advancing teams, with the 1 seed selecting first.
  • Semifinals and Finals: Fixed matchups based on progression through the bracket.