Does Betway Have Aviator? Read Our Aviator Playing Guide!

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Welcome to our guide that answers the simple question, ‘Does Betway have Aviator?’ but by doing so, comes up with some fairly complicated concerns. Thankfully, we’ve unravelled the mystery to show you whether you can play Aviator at Betway in your country of residence.

Plus we’ll even give you some tips for getting more when playing this game and point out some alternative wagering options at Betway. So keep reading to see whether Betway has Aviator!

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Does Betway Have Aviator?

You’ll know that Betway is one of the biggest international online gambling brands in the world. Players come to its site and enjoy everything from bets on thousands of sporting events to playing an equally large number of online casino games. There’s even talk of there being a Betway birthday bonus to keep things interesting!

As such, it’s only natural to ask, ‘Does Betway have Aviator?’ After all, this game features at many other online casino sites, and it would be strange for a brand as big as Betway to miss it out.

However, we’ve got kind of mixed news here. This is because it looks like Betway has Aviator in certain countries like Zambia, but also that Aviator isn’t one of its featured games in other countries like the UK. Our advice is therefore to sign up to Betway and see if you can play Aviator there from your location.

What is Aviator?

Aviator is a simple game where you bet on how far a little rocket ship can travel before it explodes. The rocket ship travels diagonally upwards from the bottom-left and the further it gets, the higher the multipliers are. However, there is less chance of the rocket ship reaching the largest multipliers.

Your job is to make a prediction about how far the rocket ship will reach. You could play it safe by betting that the rocket ship will reach the 2x multiplier. This will get you a modest return as it’s a fairly likely outcome. Or you could add more risk by betting that the rocket ship will reach the 20x multiplier. This could give you huge returns, although it is much less likely to happen.

This shows that, like all casino games, Aviator is a game of chance. As a result, you have the opportunity to balance risk and reward, and it’s great fun too!

does betway have aviator cover
There are many ways to play at Betway, but is Aviator one of them?

How to Play Aviator

One of the biggest reasons as to why Aviator has become so popular is the fact that it’s so easy to play. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do:

  • Sign up to a casino site that features Aviator
  • Make a qualifying deposit and get your welcome bonus
  • Navigate to Aviator and enter in your betting stake
  • Select the multiplier that you predict the rocket ship reaches
  • Submit your bet and hope that the rocket ship makes it past your predicted multiplier

Aviator Gameplay Tips

While Aviator is simple to play, it can be all too easy to make some newbie mistakes. So here are a few tips to play the next time that you play Aviator at Betway:

  • Get that welcome bonus: Betway has a great welcome bonus that you can use on many of its casino games. Just remember to check the small print to see if it can be used on Aviator.
  • Keep your stakes modest: Remember that you only need a tiny stake on a decent multiplier to get a potentially massive return. Plus playing with small stakes is a nice way to ensure that those losses don’t hurt too much.
  • Ignore other players: Aviator features a section where you can see how much other players are wagering and winning. Our advice is to ignore this as past wins won’t have any impact on future results due to the fact that Aviator is based on a random number generator.

Signing up to Betway and Playing Aviator

We’ve shown you that there’s a fair chance that Betway might have Aviator in your country of residence. So we’ve included this handy guide that explains what you need to do to register your account at Betway and start playing Aviator!

  • Go to the Betway site and click on the green Register button
  • Fill in the registration form with your username and password, as well as personal details like your name, address and date of birth
  • Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email or mobile
  • Make a deposit with one of the accepted payment methods
  • Pick up your Betway welcome bonus that you can use as stakes for playing Aviator
  • Navigate to Casino section and browse the games until you reach Aviator
  • Start playing!

Much More to Enjoy at Betway

does betway have aviator esports
Betway has a fantastic esports offering.

We may have had a fairly inconclusive answer to the question, ‘Does Betway have Aviator?’ However, we are sure this brand has no shortage of betting options. The Betway esports betting platform is particularly strong with great odds on LoL, CSGO, Dota 2 and so on. We should note that Betway even sponsors top esports teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Beyond this, the Betway sportsbook has an excellent reputation for serving up competitive odds for all major sports like basketball, football, MMA fighting, etc. Just don’t forget to check out the Betway casino that is packed full of many more games just as enjoyable as Aviator!

Conclusion: Does Betway Have Aviator?

By now, you’ll understand that there’s no simple answer to the question of, ‘Does Betway have Aviator?’ This is because this online gambling site has different games and betting options depending on where you’re based. So while you might be able to play Aviator at Betway in some countries, the same isn’t true for other countries.

However, there’s nothing to say that Betway won’t decide to add Aviator in your location sooner or later. So our advice is to create an account at Betway, get that welcome bonus and keep checking back to see when Aviator finally appears on your screen!

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