Is There a Betway Birthday Bonus?

Posted on December 9, 2022 - Last Updated on December 23, 2022

There are lots of reasons why people would want to get a Betway birthday bonus. After all, it would surely mean that this online betting site would simply give you lots of credit just for it being your birthday. But this doesn’t mean that Betway automatically has a deal like this. So, join us to see whether any birthday bonus actually exists at Betway!

What is a Birthday Bonus?

betway birthday bonus boost
There are countless promotions available at Betway, but is one of them a birthday bonus?

A birthday bonus would simply be a special offer put on by the online betting site that is only given to those registered customers whose birthday it is. So, if you were a Betway customer and your birthday was 28 November, then the next time that the 28 November came around, Betway would give you some kind of bonus.

Such a deal might be some free bets that you could use on the Betway esports betting platform, or it might even be a refund bonus. Remember that you have to accept whatever presents you get on your birthday gratefully!

How you can get the Betway Birthday Bonus

We’ve shown that a Betway birthday bonus is something that’s definitely worth getting. So here’s a quick walkthrough of the steps you need to take to get this deal:

  1. Register your Betway account: It’s quick and easy to sign up at Betway. Our guide shows you what you need to do and it’s here that you’ll have to enter your date of birth. All of this helps you get a little closer to your birthday bonus.
  2. Verify your identity: Next you have to verify your account by providing some proof of your date of birth and your place of residence. This usually means providing a scan of some photo ID such as a driver’s license.
  3. Wait until your birthday: Finally, you just have to wait until your birthday comes around. When the big day is finally here, Betway might reward you with some kind of birthday bonus.
  4. Now you might be able to use the bonus at the Betway casino or even on the esports bets at the sportsbook.

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Key Terms and Conditions of the Betway Birthday Bonus

While getting a deal like a birthday bonus is always nice, all special offers like this will tend to include some important terms and conditions. Here are the key features to keep your eye out for:

  • Wagering conditions: What you are allowed to do with any bonus credit before you can make a withdrawal
  • Time limits: How long do you get to use your birthday bonus
  • Qualifying bets: What you can use your birthday bonus on such as esports bets, casino games and so on

Alternative Promotions

betway birthday bonus sign up

Alongside deals like the Betway birthday bonus, you should be able to find plenty more offers at this awesome betting site, and there might even be exclusives that you can get on the Betway mobile app. Here are some top deals that you might find:

  • Esports betting sign-up offer: You might get bonus credit that you can use on your first esports bets
  • Bet clubs for existing customers: You might get promo credit for putting down a certain amount of bets each week
  • Odds boosts: Simple get better odds for betting on esports!
  • Free spins for the casino: Free credit for top slot games


Just because there might not be a Betway birthday bonus right now doesn’t mean that such a deal won’t exist in the future. After all, we have seen no shortage of Betway promotions that feature so many creative ways of getting a helping hand with your esports bets.

This has us pretty hopeful of the fact that Betway might put on a birthday bonus sooner or later. But until that time, make sure that you read our guide to see just how easy it is to find a birthday bonus casino or sportsbook!


Does Betway have a birthday bonus?

Not at the time of writing this guide. However, given the sheer quantity of other promotions at this betting site, we’re sure that Betway might have such a deal in the future.

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