Super Smash Betting Odds Explained – Complete Guide


Confused about using Super Smash betting odds? Then let our guide come to your rescue. We’ve created this guide to show you how odds work for betting on this fighting game, and we’ll reveal which bookmakers can be counted on to give you superior Super Smash odds. Plus with a quick look at some of the most popular betting markets, you’ll have everything you need to take your Super Smash Bros betting up a level.

super smash bros betting odds

Introduction to Super Smash Bros Odds

If you want to enjoy the best Super Smash betting odds, you just need to check out the above comparison. This quickly shows you how each of our approved bookmakers compare when it comes to putting on odds for this iconic fighting game. Don’t forget that we have similar comparisons for many other kinds of esports betting odds too.

Understanding Super Smash Betting Odds

Odds just refer to the probability of something happening. So in terms of Super Smash Bros, the odds could refer to one team beating another team, or a team winning an entire tournament.

While most bookmakers give you American and fractional odds, we think that decimal odds are the best option for beginners. This is because the higher the number is, the better chance that bet has of winning.

So if you saw Luminosity at odds of 2.00 to win a Super Smash game compared to 3.00 for Dignitas, you’d know that Luminosity were the favourites while Dignitas were the underdogs. Just remember that you get more returns from winning a bet on higher odds.

Significance of Super Smash Odds in Betting

Betting on odds is all about balancing risk and reward. This is because odds determine your chances of winning as well as what kind of payouts you get. After all, you won’t get much back from backing a sure-fire favourite, while you won’t win too many bets by constantly backing the underdog.

Popular Markets in Super Smash Bros

Super Smash is still a relatively young esport which means that you might face a limited number of betting markets for each game. However, you should still expect to get the following betting markets:

  • Match winner: Such as will Red Bull Esports beat FaZe Clan?
  • Outrights: This involves betting on the winner of a tournament such as whether Team Liquid can win in DreamHack.
  • Handicap bets: Here you will be putting the underdog at a points advantage while the favourite would be at a points disadvantage. This can be a good way of getting more returns when backing a favourite.
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Factors Affecting Super Smash Odds in Betting

There are so many variables that go into a game of Super Smash and all of these will be factored into how bookmakers come up with their odds. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Head to head records: How two teams have played against each other in the past can have a big influence over what happens in the future.
  • Player skill: There are some Super Smash players who are modern-day gaming legends and they could seriously affect their team’s odds.
  • Team ranking: This will be the primary influence on how the bookmaker sets the odds as their past form is a good guide to what happens next.

Strategies for Analysing Odds

You should always do your homework before putting down your Super Smash bets. One of the best things to do is to look for those value bets. These are when the bookmaker has either overvalued or undervalued its odds. By spotting these value bets, you’ll be able to put your expert knowledge to good use. The only way to do this is to know Super Smash Bros better than the bookmaker.

The Role of Bookmakers in Odds

You have to remember that all bookmakers include something called a betting margin in how they formulate their odds. This essentially means that the odds will be set up in a way that ensures the bookmaker doesn’t go out of business should everyone win their bets. However, it’s still worth shopping around because some bookmakers will lower their margins a little and even the slightest edge in the odds can pay off.

Where to find the best Super Smash Odds

You just have to check out our above comparison and you’ll instantly see the bookmaker with the best odds for your preferred Super Smash game. It’s never been easy to get superior odds for Super Smash Bros.

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Conclusion – You are ready to bet on Super Smash Bros

Our guide has shown you that Super Smash betting odds are actually pretty easy to understand. Plus we’ve revealed an easy way to find those bookmakers who’ll give you superior odds for each game of Super Smash Bros. This means that you just need to make your predictions, head to one of our recommended bookmakers and enjoy some awesome Super Smash betting.


Which type of odds is recommended for beginners in Super Smash betting?

Decimal odds are the recommended option for beginners in Super Smash betting. They are easier to understand as the higher the number, the better the chances of winning.

What are some popular betting markets in Super Smash Bros?

In Super Smash Bros, popular betting markets include match winner (e.g., Red Bull Esports vs. FaZe Clan), outrights (betting on the tournament winner, e.g., Team Liquid in DreamHack), and handicap bets (where the underdog receives a points advantage).